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    Signbox have seen a significant increase in demand for their digital wallpaper, as more and more companies come to appreciate that this innovative yet cost-effective display treatment can completely transform the look and feel of the office environment. The effect is all the more dramatic now that Signbox have installed a ‘state of the art’ industrial ink jet printer that prints large format graphics at a high resolution of up to 1728 dpi – fine art quality.Any image or graphics can be used to create digital wallpaper – increasingly it’s the ideal solution for new build, contemporary and refurbished interiors. The finished visual effect is striking and can be used to create a fun, stimulating, inspiring or simply aesthetically pleasing workplace environment. It’s a popular option for partition walls, walkways, breakout, meeting and reception areas.

    To cater for the demand for digital wallpaper and other large format display solutions, Signbox have recently formed their EG (Environmental Graphics) Division. Commenting on this development, Mark Bartlett, Managing Director of Signbox, said, “The new division was formed to meet the rapidly rising demand for digitally printed environmental wallpaper. And so that we could be highly competitive on price we invested a six-figure sum on a new Durst Omega 1 industrial ink jet printer. This is a quantum leap in large format print quality, producing truly stunning results”.

    Daniel Fountain / 14.03.2012

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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