Headboards with luxury from Mille Couleurs

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    Mille Couleurs are widely renowned for their beautiful bespoke products, creating rooms that envelop you with style and irresistible comfort. With Mille Couleurs London you can add a touch of luxury to your environment without the luxurious price tag, whether you’re opting for the simple elegance of antique furniture or need a bespoke design for a more contemporary feel.

    Our headboards are upholstered with the best quality materials available and with premium attention to detail. They offer soft luxury with a smooth finish, with a sleek, modern design, handcrafted individually and precisely. We can fit just the space around your bed, from floor to ceiling or even wall to wall. We also offer wall lights and sockets neatly fitted on the headboard.

    Our craftsmen bring creativity and essential technical skills of the highest level to each and every product – with graduates in interior decoration and upholstery from Geneva and Paris. Each headboard is handmade to the highest standards in the UK.

    Our luxurious handcrafted headboards will bring unrivalled style, glamour and comfort to your hotel room.

    Daniel Fountain / 02.02.2012

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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