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    Technology expert Jason Bradbury reviews Eccleston Square Hotel in the future

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    Healing heating, holographic entertainment and a toilet that tells you your food printer what snacks to make, technology expert and futurist Jason Bradbury spent a night future gazing in the technologically enhanced 19th Century luxury of Eccleston Square Hotel, London… We’re living back to front. As technology marches inexorably forward, gaining speed at an exponential rate, […]

    Top 5 stories of the week: Suites in the sky, defining trends and X marks the spot in Toronto

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    In the same week Hotel Designs’ announced a new floating hotel in Edinburgh, a mountain of so-called 2019 trends and major openings were among the highlights of this weeks headlines, as editor Hamish Kilburn reports…  January arrived, and what inevitably followed was a plethora of emails of which each subject claimed to have the answers to this year’s […]

    Checking in to Hotel X – the luxury Canadian hotel that stands alone

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    Situated adjacent to Lake Ontario, a shimmering glass tower shelters a new kind of luxury in Toronto. Edited by Hamish Kilburn, Vincenzo Ferrara reviews Hotel X… Juxtaposing the neighbouring buildings in the Liberty Village area, which were once cut off from the rest of the city of Toronto, Hotel X Toronto is the new sought-after boutique kid on […]

    Editor checks in: December 2018

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    Colouring outside the trendy lines… The sun is falling on 2018 – and this particular sunset is filtered in a warm, peachy orange glow, also known as Living Coral or Pantone 16-154. Despite December traditionally being a month of reflection, it’s also a time to sprinkle a hint of optimism on the horizon as the industry […]

    MINI VIEW: CANVAS Dallas Hotel reopens

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    The newly branded CANVAS has been reimagined by Studio 11 Design to paint a fresh industrial-chic perspective on the boutique hotel in Dallas that previously lacked colour and character…  Guests checking in to the newly launched CANVAS Hotel Dallas should expect color outside the lines as they enter into a space where art and hospitality collide […]

    Checking in to Matetsi Victoria Falls – Zimbabwe’s answer to luxury

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    Travelling 7,500 miles to Zimbabwe, editor of Hotel Designs Hamish Kilburn learns more about the design direction of one of the country’s most luxurious hotel offerings, the award-winning Matetsi Victoria Falls… Beyond the baobab trees – which are said to be sacred among the locals because of the natural healing powers they lock within their […]

    Editor checks in: November 2018

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    And that’s a wrap! Show Season 2018 was a delicious cocktail of all the freshest, and tastiest, ingredients. Served up in a number of containers, each event unique in its structure, content and general look and feel. Sheltering insights of the future as well as game-changing product launches, the whole season has been one to […]

    Top stories of the week: MOB talks, Brit List countdown and celebrating Manchester’s decadent playground

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    With less than a week until interior designers, hoteliers, architects and key-industry suppliers descend on BEAT London for The Brit List 2018, editor of Hotel Designs Hamish Kilburn breaks down the top five stories of the week…  There seems to be a lot of uncertainty in the air at the moment – mainly around the political situation […]

    Checking in to Hotel Gotham, Manchester’s decadent playground

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    As Manchester continues to turn heads on the hotel design scene, editor of Hotel Designs Hamish Kilburn checked in to check out Hotel Gotham’s bold and decadent interiors – all sheltered within a former bank… Ever since its bold entrance onto the unapologetically loud Manchester scene in 2015, Hotel Gotham’s alluring charm has tantalised many […]

    MINIVIEW: The Academy, London

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    Editor of Hotel Designs Hamish Kilburn joins Alexandra Champalimaud herself to take a closer look of the new London boutique hotel that is on everyone’s lips at the moment… Located in London’s more literary neighbourhood of Bloomsbury, The Academy Hotel, has revealed details of its million-pound interior design refurbishment. The hotel, which is part of YTL Hotels’ […]

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