Miniview: Singer Palace Hotel – a look inside Rome’s artfully stitched sanctuary

Step into a symphony of modern Italian design as the Singer Palace Hotel in Rome, where we explore this artfully restored Art Deco masterpiece…

singer palace hotel

Rome thrums with history, its ancient streets echoing with the footsteps of emperors and artists. But nestled amidst the grandeur, a contemporary gem hums a quieter, more modern tune. The Singer Palace Hotel, a meticulously restored Art Deco masterpiece, offers a masterclass in marrying history with contemporary Italian design.

From the moment you step into the lobby, a sense of curated luxury unfolds. The original, spectacular Arabescato Corchia marble staircase, a testament to the building’s 1930s heritage, takes centre stage. It’s a showstopper, a graceful spiral that sets the tone for the experience to come. Juxtaposed against this historical elegance is a sculptural check-in desk, adorned with vintage Singer sewing machines – a subtle nod to the building’s past life as the European headquarters of the iconic brand.

singer palace hotel lobby

Image credit: Singer Palace Hotel

This artful blending of areas continues throughout the hotel. The rooms, havens of tranquillity, feel more like private residences that a typical hotel space. Modern Italian furnishings, bathed in warm, inviting light, provide a tough of contemporary sophistication. The use of rich fabrics and textures through the space add a layer of depth and visual interest. Each room has the ability to be changed into suites, furthering the hotels opportunity to tailor the experience exactly to the guests needs.

singer palace hotel rooftop restaurant

Image credit: Singer Palace Hotel

But the true design lies in the details. Tucked-away courtyards, glimpsed from the glass elevator, offered unexpected bursts of greenery, transforming the urban heart of Rome into a tranquil oasis. The rooftop terrace, with its two-level restaurant and bar, provide a breath taking panorama of the city, while maintaining an intimate and stylish ambiance. The beauty of these two terraces lies in their ability to offer a completely different experience from the other, whilst only being a few steps away.

Yet, despite the expansive views, the space maintains an intimate and stylish ambiance. Clever use of lighting, with soft pools illuminating conversation areas and strategically placed spotlights highlighting the cityscape, create a sense of both drama and warmth.

singer palace hotel room

Image credit: Singer Palace Hotel

The Singer Palace isn’t just a hotel; it’s a meticulously crafted experience. The interior design, a harmonious marriage of past and present, whispers of Italian heritage with a contemporary flair. It’s a place where history buffs can appreciate the perfectly preserved architectural elements, while design aficionados will revel in the thoughtful curation of modern Italian pieces. It’s a testament to  how intentional design can be transformative, creating a space where the walls resonate with an unforgettable and distinctive melody.

The beauty of the Singer Palace goes beyond aesthetics. It’s a place that understands the needs of the modern traveller. The seamless blend of historical charm and contemporary functionality creates a space that feels both luxurious and inviting. It’s a place where you can step back in time, yet feel completely at ease in the present. It’s a carefully crafted sanctuary in the heart of the Eternal City.

Main image credit: Singer Palace Hotel