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a hypnos bed in guestroom at billesly manor

Case study: Simply the best for the beds of Billesley Manor Hotel & Spa

730 565 Pauline Brettell
Case study: Simply the best for the beds of Billesley Manor Hotel & Spa

Steeped in history, but with a very contemporary take on luxury, it made perfect sense for Billesly Manor Hotel & Spa to plump for a Hypnos bed when looking for the perfect nights sleep…

a hypnos bed in guestroom at billesly manor

Billesley Manor really is the perfect peaceful sanctuary from the outside world. Each guestroom and suite has been designed with luxury, style, and comfort in mind. So, when it came to selecting the beds, only the best would do, and specifying a Hypnos Bed fulfilled all the criteria.

Recently refurbished, the 16th-Century, four-star Billesley Manor Hotel and Spa boasts 71 beautifully designed guestrooms and sits in 11 acres of magnificent countryside just outside the medieval town of Stratford-Upon-Avon. Combining heritage charm with modern luxury is not the only thing this alluring Elizabethan Manor is famous for. Legend has it that in 1599, Shakespeare penned his comedy ‘As You Like It’ at Billesley Manor, having married Anne Hathaway at All Saints church which sits in the grounds, some years earlier.

four poster hypnos bed at billesley manor

Image credit: Hypnos / Billesley Manor

“As a hotel, sleep is one of the most important components of our guests’ stay, and so it was important that we got it right,” said Stephen Fearnley, General Manager FIH, Billesley Manor Hotel and Spa. “Hypnos Contract Beds were selected and asked to supply their most luxurious mattress, the Lansdowne Cashmere with Classic Divan Bases and Flexi Bases. This specification provides ultimate comfort and luxury for our guests and supports our mission to provide the very best in sleep in the UK.”

hypnos bed with floral headboard in guestroom at Billesley Manor

Image credit: Hypnos / Billesley Manor

“We believe it is incredibly important to opt for natural fibres where possible, said Carolyn Mitchell, Sales and Marketing Director, Hypnos Contract Beds. “Our Lansdowne Cashmere mattress combines wool and cashmere for the highest degree of comfort and luxury. Our mattress design allows independent movement of each pocket spring, meaning the mattress adjusts to the sleeper’s body shape. At the same time the natural fibres help regulate body temperature to create the perfect climate for quality sleep. We are delighted that Billesley Manor chose to provide their guests with the ultimate sleep experience.”

As the go-to name in sleep comfort, Hypnos Contract Beds is trusted to deliver the all-important component for a perfect nights’ sleep at hotels around the world. Hypnos believe in creating comfort with integrity and were the first UK bed manufacturer to become carbon neutral, an accolade achieved over a decade ago. In 2020 Hypnos received the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Sustainable Development.

So whether it’s the season for a midsummer night’s dream, or the winters tale, you can rest assured that this partnership will give you a perfect nights sleep along with everything else on offer at Billesley Manor.

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Main image credit: Hypnos / Billesley Manor

We are Harrison Spinks, The True Bedmakers copy

Year in Review: How Harrison Spinks will go Net Carbon Zero by 2023

730 565 Hamish Kilburn
Year in Review: How Harrison Spinks will go Net Carbon Zero by 2023

World leaders in luxury sustainable comfort, Harrison Spinks is a heritage bedmaker that has been at the forefront of sustainable bed making for 180 years. Innovation drives our business and is contributing to saving the planet, with every decision made rooted in sustainability, as Editor Hamish Kilburn learns when reflecting on the brand’s year…

We are Harrison Spinks, The True Bedmakers copy

For some time now – 180 years to be precise – Harrison Spinks has been ahead of the curve when it comes to technology, sustainability and innovation in bed making. In 2021, the brand went further than it has ever gone in its commitment to the circular economy and announced that it will become Net Carbon Zero by 2023. And here’s how it’s going to achieve that ambitious task.

The brand’s Beyond Circular approach focuses on ethical and sustainable design, committing to an entirely recyclable, reusable and zero to landfill production to ensure we continue to lead the way in sustainability and change the way the world sleeps. This year, Harrison Spinks published our first annual Sustainability Report, proudly stating it is a Carbon Neutral plus manufacturer. It included details such as offsetting more than 3,500 tonnes of carbon in the last year but, even more importantly, it detailing how the brand is leading the way in sustainable innovation. From its circular-by-design approach to how it is reducing and recycling with the objective to become Net Carbon Zero by 2023.

Every handmade mattress manufactured is 100 per cent glue, foam and FR chemical treatment free and 100 per cent recyclable. Each product is handcrafted, in the brand’s factory in Leeds, England, to the highest standards by its master craftspeople using time-honoured skills and only the best luxuriously sustainable materials available.

Harrison Spinks Handcrafting copy

Image credit: Harrison Spinks

The Pocket Spring machines are designed in-house by the brand’s own engineers, which in turn allows the brand to manufacture its award-winning pocket and micro pocket springs, all with glue less technology, meaning each spring system can be fully recycled at end of life.

The Harrison Spinks sustainable story starts at the farm, just outside York, where the brand grows its own hemp and flax. In 2021, Harrison Spinks also partnered with British Wool to launch a new scheme that traces the origin of the wool used in its mattresses from farm to factory. This allowed consumers to fully understand where the wool in the products they are purchasing comes from and giving them peace of mind that the farmer has received a fair price.

The brand also uses synthetic fillings and these are all 100 per cent GRS, 100 per cent recyclable and made from recycled plastic bottles. In addition, it is the only bed manufacturer to weave the fabric it uses to cover our mattresses in house on our state of the art weaving looms. This fabric is 100 per cent FR chemical treatment free and adds a natural finish to the perfect night’s sleep.

Each year 5.8m mattresses in the UK end up being burnt or disposed of in landfill sites. In short, brands like Harrison Spinks want to put a stop to this. As a result, it has pledged to recycle all its mattresses that contain our Cortec spring technology. In 2021, the brand opened its own recycling centre, working towards our vision to be the most sustainable bed manufacturer in the world.

2021 has also been a hugely successful year with multiple product launches in our Hospitality division. The Sprint Collection, offering three mattress types featuring multiple layers of sustainable and synthetic fillings alongside the brand’s innovative pocket spring systems all available in a rolled format, should you wish, for ease of installation. The Signature collection, a range of six mattresses, all featuring sustainably and supremely comfortable natural fillings.

And in October the brand launched the Exclusive Collection, a range of four mattresses that are the ultimate definition of handmade luxury, with the very finest natural fillings, handmade to order, and all 100 per cent recyclable.

Harrison Spinks Hospitality Beds Division now offers the most comprehensive hospitality collection available with pocket counts from 750 through to 42,000, essentially a mattress to suit every hotel. Harrison Spinks works with some of the most prestigious names in the industry to understand their requirements, while helping every customer to improve their own green footprint our mission is to deliver the ultimate sleep experience for every guest.

With unrivalled sustainability credentials, 180 years of manufacturing excellence and multiple Queens Awards, Harrison Spinks are proving themselves to be “the true bedmakers” and will continue we hope to change the way the world sleeps in 2022 and beyond.

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Main image: Harrison Spinks

Hypnos Chillington Sept 2021__17A9891

Live from HIX: Hypnos unveils new mattress in Hospitality Origins Collection

730 565 Hamish Kilburn
Live from HIX: Hypnos unveils new mattress in Hospitality Origins Collection

First unveiled at the Independent Hotel Show, the stylish and sustainable Hospitality Origins Collection by Hypnos has been turning heads at HIX Event. Editor Hamish Kilburn heads over to stand 28 to learn more about the brand’s second new product, the Woolsleepers Pillow Top mattress…

Hypnos Chillington Sept 2021__17A9891

Hypnos Contract Beds is at HIX Event launching the second new product from its sustainable and stylish Hospitality Origins Collection. Introducing the Woolsleepers Pillow Top mattress.

This latest addition offers supreme comfort with integrity, thanks to its luxurious and comfortable built-in pillow top layer. In addition, the no-turn mattress features natural, ethically sourced materials of the highest quality, meaning hotel guests will enjoy a luxurious night’s sleep on an honest bed. 

Designed with the hotel’s housekeeper in mind too, the Woolsleepers Pillow Top mattress requires no turning, minimising housekeeping and offering a practical, time saving solution for hoteliers without compromising on comfort and ethics. The mattress also features 1,000 ReActivePro pocket springs for a luxurious feel while evenly distributing weight across the expanse of the bed, providing optimum support for hotel guests. 

Each Woolsleepers Pillow Top mattress is made using up to 660g of 100 per cent British Wool that’s fully traceable to its origin from Red Tractor Assured farms. This super-fibre is naturally antibacterial, breathable and responds to natural fluctuations in body temperature by wicking away moisture, making it a perfect material for beds.

The new collection embodies sustainable style at its greatest and each mattress can also be paired with Hypnos’ range of chic headboards, bed bases and a wide choice of fabrics, from neutral shades through to deep, rich hues.

“Every one of our mattresses and beds in our Hospitality Origins Collection is made using only the finest natural materials, meaning they’re 100 per cent biodegradable and recyclable at the end of their life.” – Carolyn Mitchell, Sales and Marketing Director at Hypnos Contract Beds.

“Hypnos is no stranger to pushing boundaries and as such we are constantly innovating our design and bed creation processes and our latest product offering is a testament to this approach,” explained Carolyn Mitchell, Sales and Marketing Director at Hypnos Contract Beds. “As a brand that prides ourselves on crafting sustainable sleep solutions, we are delighted to be able to offer environmentally-conscious hoteliers a robust, hygienic and supremely comfortable bed that’s been made using sustainable fillings with our new Woolsleepers Pillow Top mattress.

“With sustainability and the environment increasingly in the spotlight, and consumers placing more emphasis on the provenance of where things come from or how they’re designed, we’ve made it our mission to not just give eco-conscious guests a great night’s sleep on a sustainable mattress, but to also support hoteliers in delivering their eco-conscious commitments too. After all, every one of our mattresses and beds in our Hospitality Origins Collection is made using only the finest natural materials, meaning they’re 100 per cent biodegradable and recyclable at the end of their life. It’s the perfect bed for hoteliers who are trying to be greener and take greater control over their environmental footprint.”

Extending Hypnos’ existing Origins story to the hospitality sector, the brand-new collection, consisting of three luxurious, durable mattresses, represents a new era of sustainable sleep solutions for hoteliers, that offers eco-conscious guests the ultimate in comfort with integrity.

Indeed, Hypnos has been on a decade-long sustainability journey, achieving many pioneering firsts, from becoming the world’s first bed company to be carbon neutral to the development of sugar cane packaging.

> Since you’re here, why not read about Cult Hotels and Hypnos’ recent collaboration in pursuit for sustainable luxury?

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Main image credit: Hypnos

We are Harrison Spinks, The True Bedmakers copy

A message from ‘true bedmakers’ from Yorkshire

730 565 Hamish Kilburn
A message from ‘true bedmakers’ from Yorkshire

Designed and manufactured in the heart of Yorkshire, Harrison Spinks has been handcrafting the perfect night’s sleep since 1840. But that’s not all, as editor Hamish Kilburn finds out…

Harrison Spinks represents ‘the best in British manufacturing’, using only the finest in luxuriously natural and sustainable fillings, award-winning, 100 per cent recyclable pocket spring systems and in-house woven FR chemical treatment free mattress fabric. Each mattress is expertly handcrafted to order using time honoured skills, creating a sleeping experience for your guests which cannot be equalled.

We are Harrison Spinks, The True Bedmakers copy

World leaders in sustainable comfort innovation, the brand’s aim is to provide guests with not only the most comfortable and supportive but a healthy and environmentally sound night’s sleep. The team are the proud recipients of not one but two Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in Sustainable Development and in 2019 gained a Carbon Neural+ accreditation.

Harrison Spinks Handcrafting copy

Image credit: Harrison Spinks

From growing its own natural and sustainable fillings and rearing sheep for their woolly fleeces on its 300 acre North Yorkshire farm, to designing and manufacturing 100 per cent recyclable, glue free Cortec™ pocket springs and weaving 100 per cent FR chemical treatment free mattress fabric in-house, the brand’s team are described as ‘true bedmakers’.

Launched in autumn 2020, the Sprint rolled mattress collection allows hoteliers to offer their guests an environmentally sound, comfortable and supportive night’s sleep. Each of the three models within the collection marries blends of sustainable fillings and innovative spring systems, helping to achieve the ideal balance of comfort, support and body temperature management. Alongside this collection sits the luxurious Signature Collection with pocket spring counts ranging from 3400 – 19750, delicate blends of sumptuous sustainably sourced fillings such as cashmere, silk and mohair work in harmony with its unique and 100 per cent recyclable Cortec™ spring systems and highly flexible contouring Micro springs. A world first and a new dawn for comfort technology, the revolutionary Cortec™ pocket springs feature in every Harrison Spinks Hospitality bed. Unique and ground breaking, these smaller and finer springs are the team’s secret to superior comfort. Contouring to your body with accuracy and precision, with the absence of glue meaning that not only is every spring system 100% recyclable but also each spring is able to work individually for maximum efficiency. Whichever model you choose your guests will experience the perfect night’s sleep.

Since you’re here, why not read our review of The Cave Hotel, one of many hotels that shelters Harrison Spinks mattresses?

Each Harrison Spinks Hospitality mattress is zero to landfill and 10 per cent recyclable. As a business we’ve committed to going glue, foam and FR chemical treatment free and this ethos runs through the brand’s entire hospitality range.  Driving change we pledge to recycle every mattress we produce that contains Cortec™ springs, in 2021 opening its mattress recycling plant, ensuring all the components are recycled through the appropriate channels. So not only will the guests sleep well, the hoteliers will sleep soundly too.

Harrison Spinks is one of our Recommended Suppliers and regularly features in our Supplier News section of the website. If you are interested in becoming one of our recommended suppliers, please email Katy Phillips.

Main image: Harrison Spinks

Bed trends: A post-pandemic insight into future guestrooms

730 565 Hamish Kilburn
Bed trends: A post-pandemic insight into future guestrooms

One of the hardest-hit trades during the pandemic has been the hotel industry, however things are looking up with bookings for UK staycations jumping by a record 300 per cent following the announcement of the lockdown roadmap in February[1]. To celebrate our ‘beds’ feature for August, we ask Richard Naylor, Group Sustainable Development Director at Hypnos Contract Beds, to share his expertise on design and materials trends and offers insights into how hotel design could adapt as we begin to welcome guests back…

As we begin to move to a ‘new normal’ it’s time to consider how the events of the last 12 months will have an effect on factors like design, as interior designers are encouraged to think outside the box to deal with the challenges posed by the post-pandemic hospitality industry.


Learning to adapt their designs according to post-pandemic lifestyles, interior designers may re-evaluate some of the more common items or materials traditionally used in their hospitality projects. Considerations such as replacing rugs and carpets with tiles and stone, will make open spaces easier to manage and clean during busy customer change-over times, whilst still retaining style thanks to the vast array of options on the market.

In addition, opting for antimicrobial textiles and bleach-cleanable fabrics on larger items like beds and upholstery will ensure peace of mind for visitors whilst choosing materials with natural antimicrobial properties like copper, brass, bronze, or copper-nickel for high-touch surfaces such as light switches, sockets and door handles, will safeguard them from germs, keeping both staff and hotel guests safe.

Hypnos Residence mattress

Image caption: Hypnos Residence mattress

Although the pandemic has made us hyper conscious of cleanliness and hygiene, the basics shouldn’t be overlooked as restrictions ease, especially when it comes to guest room beds. Fitting a mattress protector that encapsulates the top and sides of the mattress will help to prevent stains and odours and ensure the bed lasts longer.

The pandemic has also encouraged many of us to re-connect with nature, and this is something that should be a consideration for designers as they look to incorporate elements of Biophilic design into their hospitality design schemes. Opting for natural materials like the ethically and sustainably sourced wool used in Hypnos’ Beaumont and Ashbourne and Lansdowne Cashmere ranges is one way to bring elements of the natural world into guest bedrooms without compromising on the luxurious feel that guests seek from a hotel stay.

Utilising in-room tech

Smart technology is something that has emerged within the hospitality industry, but we could begin to see a rise in the use of these kinds of technologies in a post-pandemic world.

Reducing the need for contact with surfaces like upholstery or switches will be of increasing importance in room design. Technology like voice activation is ideal in this ‘new normal’ world as it would enable guests and housekeepers to control everything from blinds and curtains, to lights and electrical items, without needing to physically touch surfaces. All great for reducing the spread of potential germs.

Image caption: Hypnos Beds were specified inside Corinthia London. | Image credit: Corinthia London

Image caption: Hypnos Beds were specified inside Corinthia London. | Image credit: Corinthia London

Furthermore, single point controls whereby guests control all room features from a single tablet, or from an app on their phone, is another way to minimise contact. Similarly, infrared taps in bathrooms and self-cleaning sanitary ware offers a no-touch solution for guest bedrooms, empowering guests to feel reassured of their safety and comfortable in their environment.

Add to this the provision of technology to minimise contact during check-in, which is something that is already in place in some hotels, and it could really help guests to feel safe and at ease.

For hospitality establishments that don’t already have it, moving over to check-in apps and keyless door entry, which negate the need for larger, manned reception desks, will allow them to rethink existing spaces and re-work them for the needs of the modern, hygiene-conscious hotel guest.

Image caption: Hypnos Sanctuary mattress

Air quality & space

Something that shouldn’t be overlooked in the overall design and layout for a hotel or guest room is ventilation and space. Ventilation and air quality, whether that’s through natural ventilation and increased access to private outside areas like balconies, is of the utmost importance.

The addition of advanced air filtration systems to ensure clean, sanitised air in both public areas and private guest spaces is something that more hospitality establishments need to factor in to their design or consider investing in.

Whilst guest bedroom design and layout will always be important, communal hospitality areas, such as lobbies, could see some of the biggest changes, with designers opting for more open, spacious schemes, allowing greater room for social distancing and wider thoroughfares for guests.

Sustainable design

An undeniable benefit of the last year has been the reduced environmental impact that has resulted from people across the globe having to stay at home. With sustainability once again in the spotlight, it is clear that it will continue to be a key booking decision for guests and consequently should be front of mind for interior designers working on hospitality projects.

Whilst products and décor should be robust and hygienic, the provenance of where they come from or how they’re made shouldn’t be overlooked. By working with moral companies with a sustainability focus, hoteliers can ensure that they are doing their part in creating safe but also ethical interiors, something of increasing importance to consumers.

As the world’s first Carbon Neutral bed manufacturer and only bed manufacturer to have been certified for a decade, Hypnos has led industry change on carbon reduction and was recently awarded ‘The Planet Mark – Carbon Neutral Certification’ and a Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Sustainable Development for its commitment to environmentally-friendly design, sourcing transparency and ethical bedmaking. The company was also awarded the Global Recycled Standard which is given to companies who use recycled materials from socially and environmentally responsible manufacturing processes.

By specifying products like Hypnos’ no-turn Beaumont mattress, designers can not only reinforce the significance of making sustainable choices, but design choices like this are also another way to maintain high hygiene standards. The low-maintenance design of the Beaumont means that housekeepers can limit contact with the hotel bed, ideal for post-Covid life where cleanliness, safety, and attention to detail will be of utmost importance. The mattress needs only seasonal rotation and has been manufactured to be 20% lighter than Hypnos’ other hotel mattresses meaning it can be turned with ease when required. The sewn-in topper guarantees a luxurious feel for hotel visitors, and when coupled with the versatile design of Hypnos’ Zip and Link beds which can be quickly and easily split from a king-size to two single beds, this will limit the need for room changes and allow for flexibility with room allocation.

Working with the right partner

Whether designing for a boutique hotel, or an up-scale international branded hotel, managing refurbishments and new furniture installations effortlessly and efficiently with cost, safety, timings and logistics in mind can be challenging, especially with the added pressures of the pandemic.

Understanding the complexity behind renovations and refurbishments, particularly for large scale developments Hypnos works closely with hospitality providers and designers to offer its unique Eight Step Sleep Plan – a thorough consultation and step-by-step process which supports hospitality provider’s or designers from their initial enquiry right through to completion.

These changes may be a departure from pre-pandemic hotel design but nevertheless, are important considerations for hoteliers and designers to ensure a safe and stylish environment for visitors and tourists to return to the hospitality sector.

Hypnos is one of our Recommended Suppliers and regularly features in our Supplier News section of the website. If you are interested in becoming one of our recommended suppliers, please email Katy Phillips.

Main image caption: Hypnos was specified inside a wildlife reserve in Kent, England. | Image credit: Port Lympne Hotel & Reserve

image of Louise Sawyer Bacou inside her London Studio

In Conversation With: Furniture designer Louise Sawyer Bacou

730 565 Hamish Kilburn
In Conversation With: Furniture designer Louise Sawyer Bacou

To kickstart our month putting ‘beds’ under the editorial spotlight, editor Hamish Kilburn speaks to furniture designer Louise Sawyer Bacou, Director at La Maison London, to understand the details, challenges and triumphs that came when confronting one of her most bizarre briefs to design a bed literally unlike any other…

image of Louise Sawyer Bacou inside her London Studio

As far as handcrafted furniture designers go, Louise Sawyer Bacou is on top of her game. Director of La Maison London, she has some impressive projects under its belt. Ilse Crawford commissioned the studio to fit out all of the bedrooms inside the iconic Babington House as well as Soho House New York. Compliment to the studio being able to sensitively answer just about any brief, the furniture designer and her team were tasked to furnish the rooms inside The Crazy Bear Hotel in Beaconsfield and add sensitive drama inside The Reading Rooms in Margate. And if that wasn’t enough, Bacou’s bespoke furniture pieces helped ‘set the scene’ recently in the popular Netflix feature film, Rebecca.

As impressive as these projects are, it was her bespoke – and slightly unusual – four-poster, double bunk bed that the studio designed and made for Serangoon House in Singapore that really captured my attention. The client, Satinder Garcha, the CEO of Garcha Hotels, was inspired by images of a Louis XVI-style bunkbed, which the studio had designed for its Made In House range. “He explained that, from the basis of what he’d seen, he’d like to have a four-poster bed made which could also function as a freestanding bunkbed and which could take a large mattress size,” Bacou explains. “This bed would be for his new hotel opening in Singapore with the idea that it could both accommodate numbers of up to four, when large families were travelling  together etc, and could also present itself as an elegant four poster bed for when a room was being booked for one or two people.”

To mark the start of Hotel Designs putting the spotlight on ‘beds’ this month, here is my exclusive interview with Bacou, in which I learn how the designer’s ambition – not to mention her endearing inability to say no to clients – led her to complete one of her most unusual projects.

Hamish Kilburn: What were your first thoughts when you were were approached by The Garcha Group with this brief?

Louise Sawyer Bacou: ‘Inventive’ was my first thought; ‘complex to achieve’ my second; followed by a slow-motion moment while I tried to calculate all the numerous technical considerations a bed like this would require.

HK: And how did this project stretch your limits as a furniture designer?

LSB: The challenge was extended further when the bed that Garcha chose from our range, to style the new design from, was the ‘Cherub Bed’– a symphony of Rococo S curves without any of the obvious straight lines that might easily lend themselves to a two-tier structure.

Luckily though, I like a challenge and so bolstered by Garcha enthusiasm to have the idea realised, I set about to use all the tools at my disposal to make this work. Satinder is definitely a visionary which this good for design, as this type of person will always re-write the rules to have something new created.

HK: Culturally speaking, how was this brief different to any other that you have faced before?

LSB: Working in culturally diverse places, like London or Singapore, will always induce a creative, cross pollination of ideas – it’s something I’ve always been attracted to, so working on this project has allowed me to explore a fusion of ideas from two continents which I’ve loved.

There are times when what we do at La Maison London is quite purist, stylistically and technically – we use old-school methods and knowledge to achieve furniture that has an authentic language but when these same tools are used to push the envelope, it’s exciting to create designs that hold some of the old intrinsic values but are also reimagined as part of a new story.

HK: What were the main challenges you were confronted with during this project?

LSB: The first challenge was how to marry the aesthetic of a four-poster bed with the functionality of a bunk bed when each would usually work from quite different height perspectives. I had to find a balance between the two by using the lines of the bed to allow both scenarios to work, while taking into account the ergonomics of its use as a bunk bed. I may have made that sound simple but it took time.

Another challenge was that the style of the bed, to be Rococo, as it had no obvious lines that presented themselves for the columns. I created these columns to work aesthetically but also to allow them to have the best inherent strength for the bed, structurally, as a freestanding piece. These columns have also been reinforced with internal metal rods (for good measure) which run the length of the bed offering extra stability.

The challenge is always to find the harmony between form and function so that each aspect is enhanced by the other.

“I would like to use the skills and knowledge I’ve acquired over the years to create more re-envisioned pieces.” – Louise Sawyer Bacou, Director, La Maison London.

Side image of the four-poster double bed

Image credit: Mel Yates

HK: Is there any furniture challenge you cannot solve?

LSB: I’m going to say no because I like design challenges. Going forward, I would like to use the skills and knowledge I’ve acquired over the years to create more re-envisioned pieces.

HK: With such a statement bed, how did you then confront the rest of the interior design?

LSB: The bed is the statement piece that holds the conversation in each room. I’ve chosen furniture, fabrics and palette that support the bed’s leading role and adjusted the story within the varying bedroom sizes.

The larger rooms lend themselves to a more opulent feel that the space allows, for the smaller rooms we’ve curated for a balanced feel. The furniture chosen for each room is beautifully crafted and finished to compliment the over all bespoke look we are aiming for.

Colour always has its own story and is linked to the tonality of light within any region so, for this project in Singapore and especially for the fabrics, I’ve used a palette of bejewelled colours to accent which has been a joy to work with.

HK: What was the most valuable lesson you learned during this project?

LSB: There have been many valuable lessons on this project – which is still a work in progress as the photos seen here show the prototype which has been just made for the mock up rooms. I think the biggest lesson came about, not least, because of the period we find ourselves in, globally.

There have been times when the metaphoric tides (and actual tide – read Suez Canal) seemed to work against the usual flows of production which depends on the smooth interactions across multiple borders (for all of us). Unusual situations came from many angles but I was amazed that everyone involved – from the team in Singapore, to the teams of craftspeople we’ve work since years, to teams in logistics – all worked, at every step of the way, to problem solve, to find ways through with a ‘can do’ attitude. This is something I will take with me: The ingenuity of people to create better outcomes in all outcomes.

Main image credit: Mel Yates

Feature // Is Covid an opportunity for cleaner, greener hotels?

730 565 Hamish Kilburn
Feature // Is Covid an opportunity for cleaner, greener hotels?

Following an engaging discussion about sustainability with Bill Bensley at Hotel Designs LIVE, we asked session sponsor Silentnight Group how Covid-19 will impact the industry’s stance on hygiene and eco-friendly behaviour. Sales Director, David Lawenson writes…

The past seven months has been challenging for the hospitality industry. The current global pandemic has hit the industry hard and reopening has been a confusing and staggered process. At a time where the current topic of the moment is cleanliness, could the post-pandemic environment be an opportunity for cleaner, greener hotels?

David Lawrenson, Sales Director of Hospitality at Silentnight Group believes that it could be the push that businesses in the hospitality industry needs to choose sustainable options. “Sustainability promotes a healthier environment, both inside and outside of a hotel property, and given the recent pandemic, this has never been more relevant.”

Image credit: Silentnight Group

In recent years, sustainability has shifted from a niche concern to a mainstream opportunity, and current trends are being driven towards sustainable practices. In response, we have seen a big shift in the way brands in other industries are responding to sustainability, and it could be time for the hospitality industry to follow. Becoming carbon neutral could soon be the minimum for hospitality suppliers, and there will be movement towards businesses becoming carbon negative too.

Silentnight Group are proud to be carbon neutral, and through their eco-friendly product development, progressive work practices and their partnership with the Marine conservation Society, they are determined to make the world a greener place, maintaining their position as a trusted mainstream brand at the same time. As a mass market manufacturer simply switching to ‘naturals’ like cotton or wool was not a commercial option for Silentnight.

Angela Moran Product Strategy Director at Silentnight explains: “Instead we took inspiration from the likes of Nike, Adidas and Patagonia and take single use plastics and turn them into new products. Whilst there is much media hype demonising plastic following Blue Planet, it’s not so much plastic per se, but the littering of plastic, particularly single use, that’s the problem.

“Circular economy thinking makes perfect sense for any business because ultimately it’s about being a resource efficient business. In nature there is no waste as everything is re-cycled. We’re taking another industry’s waste product and converting it into new comfort fibres, therefore adding value by making new consumer goods.”

Taking inspiration from the principles of the circular economy, Silentnight’s innovative Eco Comfort filling contains intelligent fibres made from recycled plastic bottles. Not only does each mattress prevent 150 plastic bottles from entering the waste stream, but the high-tech design process offers greater breathability and is available at an affordable price point. Thus far, the Eco Comfort filling has prevented a staggering 105 million plastic bottles from entering landfill and oceans.

Silentnight’s Eco Comfort 1200 Pocket mattress has been awarded a ‘Which? Best Buy’ 5 years running and is the brands best-selling mattress online, proving that sustainable design doesn’t always mean paying a premium for the consumer or sacrificing sales as a brand.

It could be said that the pandemic has handed the hospitality industry the opportunity to harness sustainable practices. With the many changes required due to government legislation, potentially fewer guests permitted into hospitality venues and a need to focus on being a resource efficient business, it could be a perfect time to introduce small changes that together, could have a big impact on the environment.

Silentnight Group, which provides sustainable sleeping solutions for the hospitality industry, was a session sponsor for Hotel Designs LIVE, which took place on October 13, 2020.

Main image credit: Silentnight Group

Hypnos achieves ISO Standard for quality management

730 565 Hamish Kilburn
Hypnos achieves ISO Standard for quality management

Royal warrant holder and award-winning British bedmaker Hypnos has announced that its Castle Donington site has achieved compliance with ISO 9001, the international standard that specifies requirements for an effective Quality Management System (QMS)…

This ISO 9001 accreditation is further proof of the company’s commitment to top-class design and craftsmanship to build the most comfortable, stylish and sustainable beds on the market and to ensure its operations are run with high quality systems and high quality assurance in place. 

Image credit: Hypnos

The standard means that the company’s Castle Donington site, where its specialist contract beds and mattresses are made for the hospitality market, delivers to a consistently high quality level and standard, and continually measures and improves every aspect of its operations.

Darren Machin, Quality and Facilities Manager at Hypnos, said: “Delivering the most comfortable beds made in an environmentally and socially responsible way has been at the heart of what we do for over a decade.

“By gaining ISO 9001 accreditation and assurance, we can prove to our customers that we always strive for our products and service to meet the highest expectations and consistency in our sustainable designs and production. So whether it’s pushing the boundaries of bed-making to achieve the best possible design, considering the environmental impact of everything we do, or caring about the people we work with, our customers can have the utmost confidence that they will truly have a, comfortable bed made with the upmost integrity when they purchase from us.

“Our dedication to crafting quality mattresses and beds has been at the heart of our business for over 100 years and it’s this ongoing commitment that has seen us collaborate with suppliers to source more traceable and certified materials in our products.  Qualifications such as this really do play such an important role in the development of a business, helping to drive training and learning, and reinforcing rigorous inspection standards by the quality team. It very much aligns with the dedication, care and authentic craft of bed making that our entire work force has so we’re very proud to have achieved it.

“As we grow and expand in the UK and overseas, across a wider range of contract interior markets, including hotels, serviced apartments, student living and co-living, it will be more important than ever to be able to demonstrate this level of dedication to design, sustainability, quality, and customer service via internationally-recognised standards such as this.”

To gain the accreditation, which reinforces the trust Hypnos has earned from supplying homes, hotels and palaces around the world, the company had to assess every area of its hospitality business and manufacturing processes at the Castle Donington site, and develop formal procedures to continuously improve its operations and ensure excellence at every level. As a result of this ongoing attention to detail and quality, Hypnos is able to assure consistency across its sustainable designs and its methods of production, ensuring comfort and a good night’s sleep are always delivered.

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Industry insight: a special sleep experience during Covid

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Industry insight: a special sleep experience during Covid

Chris Ward, Group Marketing Director at Hypnos Contract Beds, looks at how in addition to having Covid-compliant practices, hotels can offer a more discernible experience to guests by providing premium experiences that have sustainability at their heart…

As most people in the UK and around the world are remaining at, or closer to home in ‘the new norm’, how can hospitality businesses continue to attract guests and encourage them to return?

Accommodation providers have always sought to deliver the right experience to guests. Even now in the midst of the Covid pandemic, this hasn’t changed. So, although it is imperative to make every operational aspect Covid-compliant, guests still want to experience all the perks that make their stay special and memorable. This of course includes a comfortable, beautiful and sustainably-made bed that will provide the best possible night’s sleep.

Instill confidence

The need to ensure the highest levels of hygiene has meant that hoteliers have had to rework all communal areas to enable social distancing. From lifts to lobbies and restrooms to restaurants, place markers, reduced touchpoints, hand sanitising stations and more frequent cleaning regimes are all becoming common sights. Changes to how services are delivered to and inside guest bedrooms are also in the frame too, including the provision of a clean and hygienic – yet comfortable and durable – bed. Indeed, the bed is the foundation to the perfect sleep environment, so bed and mattress hygiene needs to be prioritised without compromising on the touch of luxury and comfort that discerning guests will expect.

This is why hoteliers should use fine-quality beds and mattresses that have in-built anti-bacterial, anti-allergy and anti-bed bug treatment in the fabric of all its sleeping surfaces. All durable and supremely comfortable Hypnos Contract Beds come with these features so that guests can feel reassured that they will have a healthy, restful and luxurious stay – thereby helping hoteliers to secure all important positive reviews and repeat visitors.

Image credit: Monet Garden Hotel

The green touch

Before Covid emerged, having sustainability credentials was already a key requirement for any reputable organisation to meet and satisfy increasing consumer expectations for a more ethical lifestyle. The hospitality industry is no exception, and hotels wishing to attract discerning guests have been continually looking for ways to operate more sustainably. Whether it’s eliminating single-use plastics or reducing their carbon footprint, the drive to become more environmentally-friendly could be seen in well-known chains as well as smaller boutique operators.

Although companies are now needing to balance environmental goals with survival, it doesn’t mean that hoteliers should abandon the ‘green’ agenda altogether, especially if the retention of sustainable practices enables them to offer customers the hospitality experience they are looking for. In fact, those who don’t continue to assess how they can lower the impact of their operations on our planet could simply lose guests who feel they have failed to meet their high environmental standards.

It’s one of the reasons why Hypnos prides itself on creating comfort with integrity.  All our beds focus on low-carbon sustainable designs, meaning our mattresses and beds are recyclable and need never go to landfill.

Working together

The current pandemic has brought into focus the fact that ‘we’re all in this together’. This way of thinking can also be applied to help accommodation providers to deliver sustainable services to guests. By working together with suppliers, they can ensure that not only are they doing the utmost to operate sustainably on their own premises, but that the products and services supplied to them truly support their efforts to meet environmental goals.

As a family-run British business, Hypnos works closely with its hospitality partners of all sizes across the world to provide beds that have been made adhering to the very highest environmental and ethical standards. Only natural, sustainable fibres are used in all of its mattresses, with no nasty chemical-based foams, making them recyclable at the end of their life and boosting the circular economy. These kind of sustainable sleep solutions allow Hypnos’ hospitality partners to bolster their own green credentials which are vitally important to modern, discerning guests.

All over the world, hospitality accommodation providers are facing the prospect of operating in a brand new way for the short and medium term at least. As the sector looks at adjusting to a new type of ‘normal’, there’s no doubt that building confidence and trust for guests will be of paramount importance. By providing a safe, comfortable and sustainable night’s sleep, hospitality businesses can go a long way to ensuring a safe and rich guest experience and meeting their expectations.

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Reasons why you might sleep better in a hotel room

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Reasons why you might sleep better in a hotel room

With new research showing that 34 per cent of Britons admitted booking trips or holidays just to catch up on sleep, Silentnight Group’s sleep expert Dr Nerina explains why this might be…

When we’re checking out of a hotel, we often feel rested, refreshed and ready to return to our normal lifestyle.

This is usually down to the fact we’ve had better quality sleep than we would have had in our own beds at home. According to new research, 34 per cent of Britons admit booking trips or holidays just to catch up on sleep, so guaranteeing a great night’s sleep for guests is a top priority for the hotel industry. But what exactly is it about a hotel environment that leads guests to enjoy better sleep? As the UK most trusted bed brand, Silentnight know what matters when it comes to changing how people sleep for the better.

The perfect escape

As a hotel guest, you’d never walk into your room and find toys, dirty washing and a cold mug of tea on the side. Hotel rooms are clean, calming and clutter-free environments that are designed for relaxation and a great night’s sleep without the constant reminders of your busy life.

Silentnight’s Sleep Expert, Dr Nerina says “Bedrooms should equal rest and relaxation so it’s important to declutter and tidy up. When traces of work, the laundry basket or children’s toys are out of sight, you’re able to leave the day behind and enter into a deep sleep.”

During a hotel stay, guests can fall asleep and wake up without a to-do list on their minds, allowing them to truly rest, unwind and enjoy their stay.

Image credit: Silentnight Group

The perfect environment for sleep

Hotel rooms are well equipped for quality sleep. Many hotel rooms are fitted with air conditioning, and it’s been proven that rooms at a cooler temperature can help you fall asleep quicker and wake up feeling more refreshed. Lighting can also have a significant impact on sleep so many hotel rooms have black out curtains or blinds to help you drift off easily.

“There’s an optimum temperature for good sleep and it’s around 19°C. Remember; this is all about how you feel and what you need. The same can go for darkness in the room: it’s important to be able to create a level of darkness that feels right for you.” Dr Nerina says.

Providing these options for your guests is a great way to ensure the best possible night’s sleep away from their home environment.

Options to rest your head

Not only do hotels allow guests to personalise the temperature and lighting, they often provide many options for guests to rest their heads, too.

Most hotels provide guests with a variety of pillow firmness choices so they can find the perfect solution for their sleep. Having the correct firmness rating for a pillow can help ease any aches and pains and promotes healthy spinal alignment. Replacing pillows at home when they’ve become tired and flat is often overlooked, whereas in the hotel industry, pillows are upgraded regularly which can ensure guests always have the best quality slumber.

That fresh sheet feeling

Everyone knows how good it feels to sleep on fresh bedding. Hotels have stringent cleaning policies, which have become increasingly important in light of the recent pandemic which means bedding is washed very regularly. That means a hotel guest will probably experience fresh sheets much more in a hotel than they might do at home.

Replacing bedding is another task that can be easily neglected at home, and it can sometimes be the cause of a troublesome night’s sleep. Dr Nerina advises, “if you wake up feeling unrested and uncomfortable, it could be time for some new bedding. Bedding plays a massive role in the quality of sleep by providing all-important comfort.”

Hotels should replace and clean bedding including duvets and sheets often to keep them in the best condition for their guests.

Mattresses made for the best sleep

People and sleep come in many forms and too many people are compromising on their sleep. Inspired by a nation of unique sleepers, Silentnight make it their mission to change how you sleep for the better. A hotel’s priority is the comfort of their guests. The best hotels will invest in top quality mattresses to form the basis of a great night’s sleep.

Mattresses should provide both comfort and support, so guests can sink-in and drift off easily. With over 70 years of experience, Silentnight Group’s range of hospitality mattresses from the UK’s most trusted bed brands are the perfect solution for a great night’s sleep. They tick every box for quality and safety with all of our products are tested to the highest of UK standards, for complete peace of mind.

Wake up and smell the coffee

Surely the best part about a hotel stay is breakfast the next morning? Eating breakfast isn’t just important to stop you going hungry and giving you energy for the day ahead, it also improves the quality and quantity of your sleep.

“Breakfast is really important because eating breakfast activates your circadian clock and allows your body to produce the sleep hormone melatonin,” Dr Nerina says. “People who eat a proper breakfast find it less difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep, wake up with more energy and are less inclined to hit the snooze button.”

Whether it’s for a fleeting visit or a longer break, work trips or family fun, a hotel stay can be a haven in the midst of busy living for guests. A good night’s sleep is crucial so hospitality providers should pay extra attention to guaranteeing five-star sleep for their guests.

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Hypnos receives prestigious Queen’s Awards for Sustainable Development

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Hypnos receives prestigious Queen’s Awards for Sustainable Development

Ethical British bedmaker, Hypnos, is celebrating after receiving the prestigious Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in Sustainable Development for its pioneering commitment to sustainable and ethical manufacturing…

Hypnos has been awarded The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in Sustainable Development. 

This respected achievement is the second Queen’s Award for the company after it won one in 2017 for International Trade.

Hypnos’ latest accolade comes after a decade long commitment to sustainable production and operation, and in recognition of a series of ground-breaking sustainable innovations and design. Indeed, Hypnos’ beds are some of the most sustainable in the industry being 100 per cent foam free and 100 per cent recyclable. They also use only natural and sustainable materials, such as FSC and PEFC certified timber, meaning its beds need never go to landfill sites. 

Highly celebrated, the Queen’s Awards is only given to those who can demonstrate outstanding sustainability achievements and whose environmentally-sound products and management of the company benefits the environment, society and the economy.

Image credit: Hypnos

James Keen, Chief Executive Officer at Hypnos, said: “Through passion, dedication and commitment we have created a wide-ranging, impactful sustainability plan that is industry-leading and reaches every area of the business. We are incredibly proud that our work here has been recognised with this Queen’s Awards, our second within three years.

“Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do and we’re not afraid to challenge the way the bed industry does things for the benefit of the environment and communities around the UK and the world. In fact our Partnership with Red Tractor is a prime example of this. This industry-first collaboration with them has allowed us to use 100 per cent British wool that’s traceable right back to Red Tractor assured farms, creating a new level of authentic traceability.” 

Image caption: Hypnos uses 100 per cent British wool that’s traceable right back to Red Tractor assured farms | Image credit: Hypnos

The ethical manufacturer’s green operating practises were also taken into consideration as part of the award win. Hypnos was the first bed maker to comply with the internationally recognised PAS2060 Carbon Neutrality standard, as well as the ISO 14001 environmental management systems. In addition the company has installed a biomass heating system to help save around 74 tonnes of carbon a year, all of which were seen favourably as part of its sustainable efforts.

 James Keen, adds: “This award is a great honour and really shows the value of investing in and in operating your business ethically. It’s certainly inspired us to do even more to develop our sustainable plans for the future and we’re already working on some interesting concepts for the years ahead.”

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Hypnos sows the seed for conservation

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Hypnos sows the seed for conservation

British bed manufacturer and Royal Warrant holder, Hypnos Beds, has donated and planted 200 tree saplings to Castlefield Wood…

In partnership with Queens Award-winning Chiltern Rangers, a Buckinghamshire based social enterprise committed to protecting the Chilterns landscape with the community, Hypnos Beds has donated and planted 200 tree saplings to Castlefield Wood. 

As part of its decade-long commitment to supporting the environment and boosting sustainability within the industry, Hypnos’ recent donation to the Chiltern Rangers is a part of its carbon offsetting programme, to support carbon neutrality. To date, the bedmaker has gifted over 1,500 trees since November 2014, and there are plans to donate even more in the future.

Throughout the course of the day’s (January 13) event, volunteers from Hypnos, Chiltern Rangers, and local school children from Castlefield School, were tasked with raking, cutting back trees and litter picking. The aim of the day was to improve the woodland edge, creating a greater habitat for wildlife. Much of Castlefield wood was destroyed in storms during 1990, but with a programme of replanting and regeneration, it is a much needed Local Wildlife Site.

“As one of the region’s most environmentally-conscious manufacturers, we understand the necessity to protect our local environment,” said James Keen, managing director of Hypnos Beds. “Since becoming the world’s first carbon-neutral bedmaker nine years ago, we’ve been committed to providing the very best in sustainability to our customers.”

John Shaw, managing director of Chiltern Rangers, said: “Protecting and enhancing the Chilterns environment and landscape with the help of our local communities are our priorities. This includes ensuring sites like Castlefield Wood are home for all types of wonderful wildlife for many years to come.

“We’re incredibly delighted by Hypnos’ donation, and the relationship and commitment shows great promise for the future. As an organisation that focuses on sustainable environmental programmes, we knew that Hypnos Beds’ core values align implicitly with our own.”

By donating and helping to plant the trees, Hypnos is hoping to encourage other manufacturers to invest in the physical landscapes surrounding them and take an interest in the importance and upkeep of local biodiversity as part of their community.

Andrew Kann, headteacher at Castlefield Primary School, was delighted by the event and believes the children will learn a lot from the experience, and commented: “As a school in the local area, the children are going to benefit from playing a part in the planting of the saplings and returning to watch them grow into trees, as well as what wildlife might create long-term homes of the woodland area as a result. We feel it is vital that children grow up understanding nature and the importance of green issues, and this generous tree donation will help us to ensure they are being taught about the importance of sustainability for the future of our environment.”

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Corinthia London sells luxury penthouse for £10m on one condition

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Corinthia London sells luxury penthouse for £10m on one condition

The perfect night’s sleep costs £10,750,000 apparently, according to one lucky person who purchased the penthouse of the Corinthia London as long as it was furnished with a Hypnos Mattress... 

For most guests, the perfect night’s sleep is priceless, but as Corinthia London recently found, £10 million pounds is a good place to open the bidding.

The London based hotel, which was designed by G.A Design and recently won Hotelier of the Year at The Brit List Awards 2019, secured the £10,750,000 sale of its luxury penthouse on one condition – that every bed in the suite would be furnished with a Hypnos mattress along with the hotel’s luxury linen and throws. Once the stipulation was accepted, the multi-millionaire buyer confirmed the sale within 72 hours.

According to the Evening Standard, the businessman who purchased the property had previously viewed properties around Mayfair and Chelsea, but opted for The Corinthia because that is where he had enjoyed his best nights’ rest.

The purchase of the 3,703 sq ft trophy home is ‘the biggest deal in Whitehall in the last five years’ according to Simon Deen, Director & Partner at Aston Chase, the estate agents who managed the sale.

Chris Ward, Group Marketing Director at Hypnos Beds, said: “We are renowned for supplying high quality beds to some of the world’s most stunning, luxury hotels, helping them to offer an amazing sleep experience to their guests. This particular negotiation is testament to the long-lasting affect that a Hypnos bed can have on a guest, in this case, clinching a multi-million-pound sale.”

Hoteliers looking to achieve this level of comfort and satisfaction can look no further than Hypnos. The bedmaker’s commitment to the perfect night’s sleep goes far beyond comfort and encompasses its long-running commitment to sustainability.

As the world’s first carbon neutral bedmaker, Hypnos’ mattresses and beds are 100 per cent foam free and use only natural and sustainable fibres that are 100% recyclable at the end of their life and are free from harmful and allergy-related chemicals.

For more information on how you can bring the perfect night’s sustainable sleep for your guests or residents, visit the Hypnos website.

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In Conversation With: Mark Tremlett, co-founder of Naturalmat

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In Conversation With: Mark Tremlett, co-founder of Naturalmat

With ‘the bed’ continuing to be the first and arguably most important furniture element to get right when designing any hotel experience, editor Hamish Kilburn sits down with Mark Tremlett, co-founder of Naturalmat, to understand how it has uniquely become one of the world’s leading bed and mattress manufacturers for the hotel industry…

20 years ago, when Britney Spears, Steps and Ricky Martin were dominating the UK pop charts, Naturalmat’s interesting narrative began in rural Devon, where its headquarters remains to this day.

And like all great manufacturing stories, it started with a family business. Mark Tremlett and his father were boat builders, working to design luxury superyachts at their base in Topsham, on the picturesque banks of the River Exe.

Despite consumers investing a lot of money in high-quality interiors, using bespoke fixtures and fittings, let alone the cost of each vessel, the father-and-son duo saw a fundamental issue with the conventional beds that were being specified in the marine industry. “I saw that people were still sleeping on poor quality polyurethane foam mattresses underneath it all,” explains Tremlett, the co-founder of Naturalmat. “This is not a great material to use on a boat (or any bed) as it’s not breathable, leading to issues of damp and mould, and doesn’t give the most comfortable experience.”

Fine-tuning his entrepreneurial skills, Tremlett teamed up with Peter Tindall to develop a mattress that made full use of the organic sheeps’ wool that was naturally in thick supply in the West Country, combined with coconut fibre and natural latex. “This made for a superior night’s sleep, greater longevity and an all-round more comfortable experience for the owner,” he adds.

Following success in the marine industry with the innovative and practical bed solution, Tremlett settled down and began a new journey, fatherhood, which inspired the next branch of Naturalmat’s portfolio to grow.

In 2001, after noticing the lack of sustainable, durable and functional materials on offer when searching for an appropriate cot for his new-born baby, Naturalmat Nursery was formed. “Materials wise,” Tremlett explains, “we have not changed that much for the mattresses. The core organic and natural fibres that you find in our marine mattresses will also be found in our nursery, domestic and hotel mattresses.” The result was a breathable, organic and comfortable mattress for a market that was, prior to Naturalmat’s entrance, screaming out for innovation.

The next turn in the story came in 2008 when Tremlett was approached by Simon Woodroffe who was developing the YOTEL concept. With smaller sized rooms, which the hotel brand refers to as cabins, the stars aligned, which led to Naturalmat further expanding globally and entering what is now its largest market; the international hotel industry. “Simon was looking for a sustainable, organic sleep solution that worked in his compact spaces, but didn’t cut corners on comfort,” explains Tremlett. “We worked together and became the bed consultants for his business.” Following the milestone partnership, more opportunities emerged, such as working with Qbic, Six Senses Resorts, Z Hotels, Hoxton Hotels and more.

Image credit: Naturalmat

Each and every Naturalmat mattress and bed is made by hand in the company’s purpose- built factory in the same site where Tremlett began his venture in 1999. “We believe that people, not machines, make a superior, longer lasting product,” he adds. “Our team ensure every stitch, every fibre, every tufting button and every cover is painstakingly created, teased and checked.”

“When we started, I was making mattresses on my old table tennis table in a small corner of our boatyard.” – Mark Tremlett, co-founder of Naturalmat.

With demand at an all-time high, the company’s British infrastructure also had to grow. “What has changed is the size and space that we need to make all our ranges,” says Tremlett. “When we started, I was making mattresses on my old table tennis table in a small corner of our boatyard. We now have almost 40,000 sq/ft of dedicated space and are

building another new 25,000 sq/ft. We also now design and make a full range bed bases and headboards so our upholstery skill set and our knowledge of fabrics has had to develop to achieve this.

Another unique strand to the fabrics of the company is the method of sourcing its materials. “Our organic lambswool comes from Soil Association certified farms in Devon, Dorset and Somerset,” says Tremlett. “We buy direct from organic farmers, to ensure the highest quality. Buying direct also gives the farmers a better return than taking it to market, so we are supporting our local farming community.”

By keeping a close eye on its supply chain and manufacturing, all the way to delivery, Naturalmat is able to guarantee a great quality product every time, and also meet the needs of hoteliers who have specific requirements. “When a mattress leaves our factory, we are confident it will give years of long lasting comfort,” adds Tremlett.

While the industry is slowly starting to design more consciously and responsibly around the environment, with thanks to a number of catalysts – the obvious being the David Attenborough effect – Naturalmat’s core DNA is, and has always been, to create sustainable and comfortable products. Largely, if not wholly, as result of the company remaining firm in its eco and quality ethos, Naturalmat has become a market-leader in several sectors. “I think that everybody is very conservative at heart and changes just take time to come about,” adds Tremlett. “Also the price initially would have put people off, but now the value of making a sustainable product is much more important in the buying decision than it ever used to be.”


Hamish Kilburn: On a scale of one to 10, how eco-friendly do you consider your lifestyle to be?
Mark Tremlett: A solid 8/10

HK: Where do your product development ideas usually come from?
MT: Our products are created in answer to two big problems that are universal issues. 1) How do we live more sustainably? 2) And how do I get better sleep?

HK: What other eco products on the market are you impressed by at the moment?
MT: We are always keeping an eye on the latest eco technologies and considering how they could be applied to our products. I have been very impressed with some of the emerging fibres and fabrics that we have seen at design and trade shows. We have been playing around with Pinatex, a sustainable alternative to leather that’s made from pineapples. I could see that upholstering a stylish bed!

HK: Can you name one trend you wish never returns?
MT: Supermarket fruit and vegetable plastic packaging – please can we make this an endangered species.

HK: Becoming a parent inspired a new direction in your business. What do you hope your child/children learn from you?
MT: Try hard, work hard, have fun and it will all be ok in the end.

HK: Is the bed still the most important element of a hotel experience?
MT: If I said anything other than yes, I would by lying.

Image credit: Naturalmat

Through conversations that are happening at the moment on the international hotel design scene, the industry seems to be surfing on the crest of the wave when it comes actively designing eco-friendly hotels, but is the future landscape of international hotel design one that is layered with eco hotels? Tremlett seems to believe so. “Whereas for many years eco travel appealed to a niche consumer, it is now very much in the mainstream,” he explains. “The environment is a universal concern and increasing numbers of people are making positive changes to their everyday lives with this in mind, from choosing a reusable cup, to organic furnishings, to locally sourced restaurants, to an eco- friendly trip. It makes sense that the demand for eco hotels will only continue to grow, and that existing hotels will feel a pressure to make more environmentally friendly choices.

In regards to the future, as well as being specified for the Conscious Bedroom concept that Harris & Harris will be unveiling next month at the Independent Hotel Show London, Naturalmat continues to innovate its products to cater for growing and evolving demand. “Our customers have been asking us for better bedding, so we are about to launch our new range of 500 thread count GOTS certified organic cotton bedding,” Tremlett explains. “We are buying direct from source and have been very fussy about the level of what we want, it has taken ages but we will be launching this in the Autumn.”

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Main image credit: Naturalmat

Student Deluxe - Hypnos

Hypnos debuts at student accomodation conference

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International Sleep Solutions provider and Royal Warrant holder, Hypnos Contract Beds, debuted its dedicated, new student mattress, the Student Deluxe™, at this year’s Property Week Student Accommodation Conference.

Designed with practicality and comfort in mind the Student Deluxe™, offers a single sided pocket sprung construction with natural and blended comfort layers which provide superior levels of comfort, as proven through pressure mapping analysis, ensuring a great night’s sleep for busy students. Strength and durability have also been taken into consideration with engineered torsion side supports, allowing the bed to withstand regular seated use.

To maintain its longevity, the Student Deluxe™ also features integrated rotation labels to assist students in rotating the mattress correctly, meaning it does not need to be completely turned over, keeping maintenance to a minimum. Furthermore, the mattress also comes complete with Hypnos’ 5-year guarantee, anti-bed bug, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial protection, and meets the latest fire safety accreditations.

Stephanie Girvan, Business Development Manager for Hypnos Contract Beds, comments: “Our debut at the Property Week Student Accommodation Conference 2017 provided us with a great opportunity to engage with attendees and teach them all about the heritage and sustainable ethos of Hypnos, whilst experiencing the luxury and quality synonymous with our beds first-hand.

“Our products speak for themselves, thanks to their high-quality production and design. We also aim to accommodate the user as much as possible by providing a hassle-free installation service for student accommodation providers. This is not only time-efficient, but also cost-effective and supports our aim of making the procurement and installation of their sleep solution as simple and hassle free as possible.

“As a hospitality bed specialist, we combine traditional skills with modern techniques to produce supremely comfortable beds that are stylish and practical for each property.”

As the largest event of its kind in the UK, the Property Week Student Accommodation Conference presents a unique opportunity for businesses to meet more than 800 universities, operators, developers, investors and innovators in the industry, and discuss, debate and celebrate the sector.

As a family-run business, Hypnos has been crafting bespoke, luxury beds and mattresses around the world for more than 100 years. Testament to its skill and heritage, the company received its Royal Warrant status in 1929, which acts as a mark of British craftsmanship, highlighting its quality. The bedmaker also remains the only global bed manufacturer to have been awarded carbon neutral status for its UK factories as well as achieving FSC and PEFC certifications, ensuring timber is sourced from managed forests.

Furthermore, all beds Hypnos makes are100% recyclable at the end of their life, meaning nothing goes to landfill sites.

For more information about the Student Deluxe™, please click here. . .

Hypnos Contract Beds

Product Spotlight: Hypnos’ space-saving Safe&Secure bed base

538 377 Daniel Fountain

Award-winning, specialist hospitality bed manufacturer and Royal Warrant holder Hypnos Contract Beds, has launched its innovative Safe&Secure™ Bed Base to deliver practicality, security and space saving solutions for the hospitality industry.

Hypnos has partnered with ASSA ABLOY Hospitality, the global leader in hotel security technology to offer a discretely hidden Elsafe electronic safe built into a Hypnos bed base and secured behind a beautifully upholstered security panel. The safe is concealed from view, revealed only by pushing the panel. The pull-out Elsafe drawer safe is big enough to house a laptop – ideal, for the business traveller.

The built in safe provides hotel guests with peace of mind knowing that their valuables are secure and is the ideal electronic safe solution for properties who want to maximise convenience for their guests and encourage the use of an in-room safe

The innovative Safe&Secure™ bed base has the safe incorporated as standard giving hoteliers more room inside the wardrobe for other essential items and can be teamed with any mattress, head board or fabrics from the Hypnos Contract Beds range, this allows hoteliers to take comfort and practicality to the next level, with the option to choose additional security features as well as maximising in-room storage. Available also as a zip & link split bed base, the Safe&Secure™ can be teamed with other bed bases from the Hypnos Contract beds range incorporating additional storage options too.

John Woolley, Managing Director at Hypnos Contract Beds Limited, comments: “We know that security is crucial to hoteliers, with guests expecting a secure space to lock away their valuables and important items. Our new Safe&Secure™ Bed Base meets this demand, offering guests the ultimate in peace of mind by enabling high-value items to be discreetly and safely locked away.

“As the ASSA ABLOY Hospitality Elsafe is securely incorporated into the bed base, it is the ideal solution for hoteliers looking to provide unrivalled security and protection for their guests. The bed base is also available with all of our popular mattresses, headboards and fabrics, meaning hoteliers can combine security with style and comfort, customising every aspect of their beds to create standout pieces that meet any interior design scheme.”

For more information about Hypnos, or to view the full product range, please visit www.hypnoscontractbeds.com.

Hypnos at Decorex

Decorex 2017: Successful show for Hypnos, exhibiting to thousands

1024 768 Daniel Fountain

Multi award-winning British bed manufacturer and Royal Warrant holder Hypnos, exhibited its latest collections to thousands of attendees at this year’s Decorex show in London.

From September 17th–20th, Hypnos showcased its latest innovations to interior designers, including the Regal Signature no turn mattress, a luxury, handcrafted product and the new Paris sofa bed, specifically designed to meet the demands and rigours of the hospitality sector.

The bed manufacturer also showcased its Continental split divan, Alpaca topper and stylish Eleanor headboard, along with the company’s latest fabric collections.

Clare Taylor, Marketing Manager at Hypnos, comments: “Unveiling our new range of products and fabrics at Decorex was a huge success. We were able to showcase our latest innovations to thousands of interior designers, demonstrating first hand just how versatile our range is.

“The Hypnos brand is synonymous with luxury, quality and the ultimate in comfort and support, enabling designers and accommodation providers to trust that our products will ensure their clients get a great night’s sleep.”

Hypnos specialises in the production and installation of supremely comfortable, hygienic and safe mattresses, beds and sofa beds for the hospitality and retail markets. It also provides a supreme range of design-led, comfort focused beds for retailers and designers.

It is this dedication and attention to detail which has won Hypnos numerous awards, including the prestigious Queens Award for Enterprise for International Trade and most recently the National Bed Federation’s 2017 “Bed Manufacturer of the Year” accolade.

Furthermore, the Hypnos brand is reinforced by a rich heritage and royal warrant which has been appointed by HRH the Queen. It is this reputation for superior quality and expertise that has allowed Hypnos to cement this prestigious reputation both in the UK and around the world.

Hypnos - Queen's Award for Enterprise

Hypnos celebrates prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise

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Hypnos chairman, Peter Keen, and group managing director, Stephen Ward, swapped the sights of Hypnos for the grand scenes of Buckingham Palace, when they attended a ceremony to celebrate receiving the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise for International Trade with Her Majesty the Queen.

The award is only presented to those who demonstrate the highest levels of excellence within their field and Hypnos, which was bestowed the accolade in recognition of its substantial growth internationally, was invited to a private ceremony in London where Queen Elizabeth II met with select companies who received an award.

Peter Keen, Chairman of Hypnos, comments: “Attending an event at Buckingham Palace with Her Majesty the Queen in celebration of The Queen’s Award for Enterprise for International Trade was a truly special day and a remarkable moment in the history of our business, which has been operating for over 100 years.

“This award is widely regarded as one of the most significant honours a business can receive, so we’re incredibly excited and proud to have achieved this and it’s all down to the hard work and effort of the entire company. We’ve come a long way in the past five years and have invested a significant amount of time in to growing and developing our global footprint. Our efforts have allowed us to secure a strong international position, whereby 120 retail stores around the world have our product and we can serve our global hotel customers through our 20 international manufacturing licensees.

“As a UK operated family-run business, it’s incredibly exciting to see that our family values and the quality of our offering and products is valued around the world.”
Hypnos, which has held a Royal Warrant since 1929, supplies ethically made and sustainable beds and mattresses to some of the UK’s and world’s finest homes, palaces and hotels. The business also has a strong CSR focus and is the only UK bed manufacturer to be awarded carbon neutral status and both its Princes Risborough and Castle Donington factories have achieved FSC and PEFC certification, ensuring timber is sourced from managed forests.

+44 (0) 18443 48200

Litchfield Sofabed - Hypnos

Hypnos launches new range of sofa beds for hospitality sector

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Award-winning British bed manufacturer and Royal Warrant holder Hypnos is celebrating the launch of its new range of sofa beds specifically designed to meet the demands and rigours of the hospitality sector.

Made for practicality, sofa beds offer a comfortable seat as well as the option of converting a double or single occupancy room into a family or multi-occupancy one in just a few moments.

The new range from Hypnos comprises six different models, all of which have been stylishly designed to create a series of traditional and contemporary sofa beds. Available in a range of sizes, from a single seater chair bed to a corner unit, the range offers hoteliers a versatile working and lounging area in their guest rooms. Furthermore, each sofa bed can be tailored to suit the aesthetic and tone of the suites in which they will sit, using Hypnos’ specialist hospitality fabric collection, or the client’s own choice of fabric, thereby allowing them to take control of the design and offer their guests a unique sleep experience that is not only practical, but also highly stylish.

Litchfield Sofabed - HypnosCustomers can pick their perfect sofa bed inspired by some of the most iconic and desirable places in the world which share their name with the products in the range, including London, Paris, Milan and Manhattan. Paying homage to two of the UK’s most stunning cities, Lichfield and York complete the collection, which has been designed for Hypnos’ customers worldwide.

As experts in creating beds for the hospitality industry, Hypnos has made its new sofa beds with handy, in-built storage features. Designed to be a multi-use product, these new sofa beds offer a wide range of benefits to hoteliers and the housekeeping teams who can keep key items within them.

Clare Taylor, Hypnos Contract Beds Marketing Manager, said: “Our latest range of sofa beds offers an all-round solution to our customers, providing them with the comfort their guests seek, alongside the quality and design hoteliers need for a stylish looking guest suite or room.

“All of our sofa beds are highly durable and backed by a 5 year guarantee. They are also protected by our state of the art hygiene treatments as well as being 100% recyclable at the end of their life,” she added.

For more information on the full Hypnos range, or to download the Sofa bed brochure, please visit www.hypnoscontractbeds.com

EasyLink by Hypnos

Product Spotlight: Hypnos launches EasyLink for hospitality industry

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Award-winning British bed manufacturer and Royal Warrant holder, Hypnos, has launched its new linking bar innovation, EasyLink specifically for the hospitality sector.

Following consultation, Hypnos has developed its latest innovation in response to the increasing demand from housekeepers for Zip and Link beds that are easier and safer to use, and quicker to transform room function.

EasyLink by HypnosWith EasyLink, linking bars are placed on top of the bed base instead of the bottom, meaning housekeepers no longer have to lift the bed to access the linking bar underneath the bed base, or have an unsightly linking bar on the front. Housekeepers will be able to operate the new linking bar by standing up, rather than kneeling to operate external and under linked options, making the job more comfortable and safe to do.

Clare Taylor, Hypnos Contract Beds Marketing Manager, said: “As a trusted supplier to some of the largest independent hotels, groups, spas and resorts in the world, Hypnos holds a reputation for innovating products that meet the requirements of our customers in this sector. Our latest innovation, EasyLink, offers a discreet solution of linking that doesn’t take away from the aesthetics of a bed base, and has been developed specifically with housekeepers in mind. What’s more, we’re delighted to offer this new product as our standard linking option, available to hoteliers at no additional cost.”

For more information on the full Hypnos range, please visit www.hypnoscontractbeds.com

Geberit teams with the Sleep Geek to uncover secrets to a good night’s rest

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Hotel Designs partners Geberit have teamed up with The Sleep Geek as part of a national campaign.

Central to the campaign was a radio broadcast with independent sleep practitioner, educator and environment analyst James Wilson, aka the Sleep Geek. During the radio interviews, which aired on 33 stations around the country to more than four million listeners, the Sleep Geek used results of a Geberit survey into people’s sleeping habits to offer tips on reducing night time disturbance.

The research revealed that 90% of Brits wake at least once a night, with 1 in 10 people waking five times or more. The number one reason for waking is to use the toilet, with 80% of people struggling to get back to sleep following a visit to the bathroom. During the radio interviews, the Sleep Geek explained how the bathroom environment can have an impact on people’s ability to get back to sleep after going to the toilet.

Sleep practioner James Wilson - aka the 'Sleep Geek'

Sleep practioner James Wilson – aka the ‘Sleep Geek’

He said: “Turning the bathroom light on to navigate your way to the toilet sends a message to the brain that it’s time to wake up. This corresponds with the research which revealed that 40% of people turn on the light when they wake to go to the toilet. Add to this the shock of sitting on a cold toilet seat and it becomes clear that we don’t stand much chance of keeping our brains in sleep mode.”

The campaign incorporated online resources, including a dedicated landing page on the Geberit AquaClean website. Here, consumers could hear more from the Sleep Geek, and learn more about the benefits of Geberit AquaClean Mera and Geberit Monolith Plus. Both products feature an orientation light while the Geberit AquaClean Mera also has a heated seat and a super quiet flush to ensure disturbance is minimised.

The Geberit Sleep campaign also attracted a large audience on social media channels, including a Facebook competition to win a luxury sleep hamper.

“Using a number of very effective marketing tools, including radio and online, the campaign highlighted how the bathroom can be designed as a night time environment to help reduce disruption to sleep patterns,” commented Raffaela De Vittorio, Marketing and Brands Director, for Geberit. “While we can’t guarantee a good night’s sleep, products such as Geberit AquaClean Mera and Geberit Monolith Plus offer ways to make the bathroom environment as comfortable and relaxing as possible, even in the middle of the night.”

For more information call Geberit on 01926 516800 or visit www.geberit.co.uk/sleep

Hypnos Balmoral - fire risks

Hypnos Guest Blog: Are your properties a fire risk?

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As a guest accommodation provider in the hospitality industry, an important part of your responsibility is to consider the risk of fire to your property and its contents. This involves thorough investigation into the furniture and fabric used within the guest’s bedroom, paying particular attention to the bed.

It’s vital that all furnishings meet the correct UK fire retardant standards and no corners are cut. In the event a fire breaks out in your property, a fire door will act to contain the spread to that room, but your fire retardant furnishings could be the key to slowing down the speed of ignition and helping to protect your guests from serious harm.

John Woolley, managing director at Hypnos Contract Beds, discusses the importance of fire retardancy and why furniture and beds specifically, should be at the forefront of a formal risk assessment for all providers of hospitality accommodation.

What is fire retardancy?
A fire retardant is a substance that reduces the flammability of materials and delays their combustion. It’s paramount that products, such as furniture, have certain levels of protection against fire to ensure people’s safety and protect them, whether that’s in a domestic or a commercial setting. If somebody falls asleep smoking a cigarette in bed for example, having a fire retardant bed will help to slow the rate at which the fire and smoke spreads, keeping damage to a minimum and most importantly saving lives.


Why is it needed?
The possibility of a fire breaking out in a guest’s bedroom is something that every hospitality manager must prepare for and take steps to mitigate the risk. As any good hotelier or guest accommodation provider will appreciate, the consequences for having furniture that doesn’t meet the required UK fire regulatory standards are huge and something that should strictly be adhered to, to ensure the safety of your guests.

How do the requirements for domestic and commercial furniture differ and are all products fire retardant?
In the UK, the fire safety requirements for domestic upholstered furniture are well established, having been in place since 1989. However fire retardant regulations for beds used in a commercial environment are more stringent. Domestic and contract furniture must both pass the BS EN 5971 and BS EN 5972 standards. Furniture for the contract market must also pass the BS 6807 test, which is more commonly referred to as the Source 5 (Crib 5) test and proves medium resistance to ignition. All beds that meet this will clearly display the fire retardancy source 5 (Crib 5) label.

Buying or maintaining a bed that isn’t compliant with commercial fire retardant standards is not only an offence which can lead to prosecution in the event of a fire, but it also puts customers’ lives at risk. And although it’s a supplier’s duty to ensure that furniture is fit for purpose, ultimately the responsibility to ensure all furniture falls in line with industry fire regulations and meets the requirements carried out by a formal fire safety risk assessment, lies with the hospitality accommodation provider.

It is also important to note that, as a hospitality accommodation provider, purchasing beds and mattresses from domestic furniture retailers, or from abroad where fire retardancy standards can differ to those in the UK, can cause repercussions if they are proven to be non-compliant.

Hypnos Balmoral - fire risks

What are the requirements for furniture in the hospitality sector?
Firstly, commercial establishments are required to use beds, mattresses and sofa beds designed specifically for the contract market, meeting the BS 7177 and BS 7176 source 5 (Crib 5) fire retardancy standards as outlined above.

Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire) (Safety) Order 2005 (RRFSO), users of commercial premises are legally required to carry out a fire risk assessment on the building and its contents. The results of this set the required fire safety levels for the products to be purchased and used, which must be adhered to. The BS 7176 and BS 7177 standards for fire safety of upholstered furniture is used to assist in the specification of fire safety levels for mattresses, mattress pads, divans and bed-bases located in different end-use environments. Typically, hotels and other commercial accommodation are listed as medium hazard, however some hotels and establishments fall under a high hazard category and so the products specified here must contain higher retardant properties. Products should be accompanied by a statement such as ‘this item complies with the ignition resistance requirements of BS 7177 Medium Hazard’.

What are the consequences for not meeting standards?
While the economic allure of a cheap bed may seem like a good idea to some, failure to conform to UK fire standards and legislation could place commercial operators at high risk of prosecution and cost them much more in the long run.

Is all commercial furniture included in the standards?
The RRFSO, mentioned previously, covers the general fire safety of a building and includes all sectors and all furniture. Under this, the requirements for seating, mattresses, beds and curtains are more specific for each and, depending on what hazard level the building falls under – low, medium, high or very high hazard – products must be specified accordingly.

For more information on fire safety, fire retardancy or to discuss our hospitality products and services, please contact your local Area Sales Manager or visit www.hypnoscontractbeds.com
T: +44 (0) 1332 497111 | E: info@hypnoscontractbeds.com

British bed manufacturer and Royal Warrant holder, Hypnos, has launched a brand new fabric collection designed specifically for the hospitality sector

Product Spotlight: Hypnos launches new design-led fabric collection

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Award-winning British bed manufacturer and Royal Warrant holder, Hypnos, has launched a brand new fabric collection designed specifically for the hospitality sector, including designs developed with industry leading decorative fabric supplier and fellow Hotel Designs Directory members Panaz.

Featuring a total of 60 fabrics, the new collection has been created to combine Hypnos’ signature luxury style with ultimate functionality. The collection also incorporates colour trends for the upcoming seasons including soft pastels such as Highland Sky, fresh earthy tones such as Highland Willow, and rich jewel tones, including Highland Purple and Red, as indicated by research carried out amongst Hypnos’ comprehensive database of interior designers.

Suitable for use on divans, headboards, sofa beds or a combination of all three, the fabrics are all compliant with BS7177 Source 5, BS7176 and all European fire safety regulations. All of the fabrics are durable for use in a hospitality setting and the Panaz selection of fabrics is also waterproof, anti-microbial, anti-fungal and stain resistant.

Clare Taylor, Hypnos Contract Beds Marketing Manager, said: “As a trusted supplier to some of the largest hotel groups, spas and resorts in the world, Hypnos holds a reputation for manufacturing products that meet the highest standards and requirements for products for this sector. Our new fabric range combines all Hypnos’ traditional features, with an increased focus on design, gained through insight from interiors experts. The collection really is testament to our pursuit of the perfect hospitality sleep solution.

“Each fabric has been rigorously tested to meet the most stringent of UK and European fire and safety standards, and include numerous other benefits that are key to helping hoteliers offer their guests the most comfortable, hygienic, safe and stylish night’s sleep possible.”

The new range also boasts 60 colour swatches ranging from deep luxurious Reds to contemporary cool greys and sky blues, offering shades to suit all styles of interior décor and making the collection the most on-trend, durable, sustainable and safe fabric range for the hospitality sector.

For more information on the new fabric collection or the full Hypnos range, please visit www.hypnoscontractbeds.com

Family Business Award win 2016 - Hypnos Beds

Hypnos celebrates double award win

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British bed manufacturer, Hypnos, is celebrating after scooping two prestigious industry awards, Most Highly Renowned Luxury Bed Company at the Lux Hospitality Awards 2016, and Family Business of the Year for the South and South West Region at the Family Business Awards.

The business, which has held a Royal Warrant since 1929 and remains a close family-run business now in its fifth generation of family members, supplies beds, mattresses and sofa beds to some of the world’s largest hotel chains including IHG and Marriott and to some of the finest hotels such as Corinthia Hotel London and JW Marriott in Dubai. The prestigious Lux Hospitality Award was given to Hypnos for its success in the industry, its UK and international growth and for creating supremely comfortable beds designed to enhance sleep quality within the hospitality market, including stylish centrepieces for boutique hotels and serviced apartments.

The Family Business of the Year Award adds to the company’s list of accolades after it was honoured with the title for its family ethos and strong values which include ethically sourcing the materials used to make all its beds, as well as giving back to the community as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility policy which includes educational school tours, tree planting programmes and charitable donations.

Hypnos’ Marketing Director, Chris Ward, comments: “Winning these awards is great for the company and they show that our performance, the quality of our offering and also the ethical production of our beds, is being recognised by those in the industry.

“We supply supremely comfortable beds to hotels and serviced apartments around the world and we’re over the moon to have received recognition through awards such as this. Not only do they help us to differentiate ourselves from our competitors, they also help us to showcase our brand values, as well as our strong family ethos and encourage us to continue to strive to create stylish yet practical sleep solutions for the hospitality industry.”

The family-run company received the spate of award wins for the comfort, quality and style of its beds, as well as its ethically and environmentally friendly design, which uses sustainable materials including FSC or PEFC certified timbers that have been sourced from managed forests, meaning all beds are 100% recyclable at the end of their life. Hypnos is also the first carbon neutral bed maker in the country, has passed the rigorous Sedex Ethical Trading Audit and has invested in a dedicated service and business to collect, dispose and recycle old beds, turning them into recycled raw material for re-use in other industries.

For more information about Hypnos, or to view the full product range, please visit www.hypnoscontractbeds.com

Tewkesbury Park

Tewkesbury Park completes second phase of extensive renovations

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The second phase of a two-year renovation at Tewkesbury Park has been completed at a cost of £4 million, with the addition of nine luxury suites, two meeting rooms, an Orangery and a cocktail lounge.

Cleverly utilising the property’s historic features, by employing the original structures and grand fireplaces, the décor is regal, yet contemporary, without pretentiousness. Besides the generous bedrooms where king-size and twin beds await, bathrooms are palatial, with the addition of opulent slipper bathtubs taking pride of place in the bathrooms of King Richard III and King Edward IV Suites.

Luxuriously appointed by reputed interior designer, ADS-Design, who have skilfully drawn upon the historical legacy of Tewkesbury Park by working to subtly weave in the area’s story. All suites, along with the new meeting rooms take their namesakes from key characters who fought in the 1471 Battle of Tewkesbury. Besides the famous historical link, HD Directory members Zoffany – alongside Osbourne & Little – fabrics and soft furnishings reflect the Tewkesbury surroundings; warm soft country tones complement carefully sourced contemporary fixtures and fittings, conveying a rich and distinguished countryside ambience.

Further new additions include the sumptuous Orangery and Cocktail Lounge, along with the Duke of Gloucester and Earl of Warwick meeting rooms, which have dramatically been transformed by celebrated interior designer, Jane Clayton & Company.

Photography at Tewkesbury Park, Spring 2016

Photography at Tewkesbury Park Hotel, Spring 2016

Besides the multi-million pound new additions, the first phase saw all 85 guestrooms receive a complete refurbishment with plush new interiors, new beds from HD Directory members Hypnos and 40″ inch flat screen TVs. Executive doubles and twins are ideal for corporate guests, while family and interconnecting rooms are perfect for leisure guests. Conference and banqueting suites accommodate up to 200 guests. Work to the main foyer and reception is still being carried out and is scheduled for completion in late spring. Two brand new spa rooms will be completed early summer.

Commenting; Patrick Jones, the new general manager, said: “We are thrilled with the results so far, the hotel is undergoing a complete renaissance and deserves to be brought back to the magnificent property it once was. The McIntosh Family who bought the hotel in 2014, are to be congratulated for having the vision and belief in its potential and staff. Not only are we a great leisure hotel, with our 18-hole golf course and leisure club, but with the investment that has been poured into our meeting facilities, coupled with our superb location, logistically we are perfect for the corporate user.”

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HRH Duke of York opening Hypnos contract factory

HRH Duke of York opens new Hypnos contract factory

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Luxury bed manufacturer Hypnos welcomed HRH Duke of York on Wednesday, to officially open its new contract factory in Castle Donington.

The state-of-the-art premises on Station Road houses the contract arm of the business which produces beds and mattresses for the hospitality market, including some of the world’s leading hotel chains, such as the Marriott, Corinthia, InterContinental Hotels Group and Premier Inn. It also caters to the independent boutique hotel market, making a range of products which meet the diverse and bespoke needs of this sector.

With environmentally friendly technology, showrooms, design studios and training facilities, the premises has received an investment of over £750,000 to help Hypnos meet growing demand for its beds in Europe and around the world, as well as fast growing UK market segments, such as the serviced apartment sector.

Hypnos has held a Royal Warrant since 1929. The founders – the Keen Family – were honoured to show Prince Andrew around the newly acquired site. A prestigious gathering of local dignitaries, staff and key Hypnos family business members greeted HRH Duke of York. He was taken on an informative and educational tour of the factory, gaining an understanding of bed making and the importance of sleep, before he unveiled a commemorative plaque and officially opened the site.

HRH Duke of York opening Hypnos contract factory
Hypnos moved to the new 39,000-sq-ft premises at Castle Donington following substantial business growth, and currently 162 people are based there. Acting as the new facility for Hypnos’ global operations, overseeing and directing activity for a network of 19 manufacturing partners, the site is key in enabling the business to meet international demand and supply hospitality sleep solutions to customers around the world.

Group Managing Director, Stephen Ward said; “We are extremely honoured to have HRH officially open our new factory. We are very proud that we have been able to take Prince Andrew around our new premises and show him how our beds are made. He met some of our staff and saw the intricate lengths we go to, to create high quality beds and mattresses. It was a very exciting day and a landmark in our business growth.”

Whilst growing and expanding, Hypnos has been careful not to lose its focus on CSR and sustainability which has always been extremely important to the business. The Castle Donington factory runs on a biomass heating system which was installed as part of the company’s ethos and commitment to protecting the environment. This renewable heating source runs on wood pellets meaning no fossil fuels are used. Hypnos aims to save 74 tonnes of carbon a year through this system.

For more information about Hypnos, visit www.hypnoscontractbeds.co.uk

Hypnos Beds

Hypnos Beds financial results reveal year of growth and expansion

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The latest financial figures have been released by award-winning bed manufacturer Hypnos, revealing a period of considerable growth and expansion across the UK hospitality and retail markets, and also internationally.

The British-based business, which has been making luxury beds and mattresses for more than a century, has focused on developing its portfolio of global hoteliers and retailers which has led to an overall turnover for the Group of £47.3 million, a 29% increase on 2015.

The directors of Keen and Toms Holdings – which own Hypnos Limited and Hypnos Contract Beds Limited – are putting the growth down to the continued development of dedicated and focused teams, strategies and processes which efficiently manage Hypnos’ increasing operational scale.

Hypnos Beds
This international approach has seen Hypnos develop its retailer network throughout Europe; create a new range of beds for the USA, made under license there and extend its USA retailer network; as well as increase the number of international licenses to make hotel beds, thereby strengthening Hypnos’ reach and capability to supply international chains like Marriott throughout the world.

John Woolley, Managing Director at Hypnos Contract Beds Limited said; “Our contract division has continued to see great success not only across the UK, but internationally too, with the company supplying both new and existing key accounts across the globe.

“This has contributed towards the Hypnos brand as a whole becoming more and more recognised around the world, and our reputation for superior quality and expertise in the UK bed market has now been cemented internationally. We are reaping the rewards of this success and are delighted to report another year of significant revenue growth, which has resulted in a very solid financial performance with improved margins, and profit growth of more than 78% in like-for-like operating profit.

“The business continues to perform extremely well with further significant growth being delivered in the current year. We had a 5 year plan for the business which we actually achieved in 4 years and our new plan reflects the need to maintain the focus on our performance in the areas where we’ve been successful, and to apply more focus to new markets and new opportunities that we have identified.

Whilst growing and expanding, Hypnos has been careful not to lose its focus on CSR and sustainability which has always been extremely important for the business. It was the UK’s first bed manufacturer to be awarded carbon neutral status and both UK factories have achieved FSC and PEFC certification, ensuring timber is sourced from managed forests. The business regularly undertakes tree planting exercises with local schools, as well as carrying out educational school tours to teach young people about the benefits of a good night’s sleep. The business ensures – wherever possible – that this responsibility to the environment and local communities is imitated overseas.

For more information about Hypnos, please contact www.hypnoscontractbeds.co.uk

Hypnos Beds

Hypnos MD echoes concerns over fire safety regulations at home exchange properties

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Award-winning British bed manufacturer Hypnos has pledged its support for proposed regulations to ensure properties advertised on home exchange sites, such as Airbnb, meet appropriate fire safety standards.

Home exchange websites allow users to list, find and rent properties or spare rooms across the globe. Such websites have seen a huge growth over the past year, with an increasing number of guests opting for short-term properties available on online marketplaces, rather than regulated hotels and serviced apartments.

However Ufi Ibrahim, chief executive of the British Hospitality Association (BHA) recently advised a House of Commons committee that home exchange websites are enabling professional landlords to operate on an industrial scale, avoiding fire safety regulations that commercial properties must legally adhere to, therefore putting guests at risk.

John Woolley, MD Hypnos

John Woolley, MD Hypnos

John Woolley, managing director at Hypnos Contract Beds Limited, echoed the concerns of the industry: “The possibility of a fire breaking out in a property is something that any property owner needs to prepare for and take steps to reduce the risk. It’s therefore crucially important that products, such as furniture and bedding, have certain levels of protection against fire to ensure guest’s safety and keep them protected.

“Although properties may not be listed as hotels or serviced apartments by name, the reality is that in circumstances where landlords continuously rent out their properties to guests, questions should be raised around the regulations they adhere to and if it does in fact count as a commercial property.

“Ultimately, the strict requirements that are in place for commercial properties are there to protect guests. For properties unofficially acting as hotels and serviced apartments, it’s important that there is legislation in place to protect users who may unknowingly be putting themselves in danger.”

In the UK, fire safety requirements for domestic upholstered furniture are well established, having been in place since 1989. However fire retardant regulations for furniture used in a commercial environment are far more stringent. In a commercial setting, there is a legal requirement to ensure all mattresses, beds and sofa beds meet strict UK and EU fire regulatory standards. This includes meeting the Crib 5 BS6807 standard which guarantees that a product has been specifically tested for high resistance to ignition. Every single bed that complies with this rigorous standard will clearly display the fire retardancy Source 5 (Crib 5) label.

Hypnos Beds
And more recently, the Furniture Industry Research Association (FIRA) has developed a new ‘fire standard’ specifically for contract beds. The new standard looks to enhance the BS EN1725 test methods currently used for domestic beds, reflecting the fact that beds used in the hospitality market are subject to far more rigorous use.

Hypnos Contract Beds Limited specialises in engineering beds for the hospitality sector. Its products meet high standards of fire, bed bug and hygiene protection, as well as offering an unrivalled level of durability and sublime comfort.

For more information about Hypnos, please contact www.hypnoscontractbeds.co.uk