A message from ‘true bedmakers’ from Yorkshire

    We are Harrison Spinks, The True Bedmakers copy
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    A message from ‘true bedmakers’ from Yorkshire

    Designed and manufactured in the heart of Yorkshire, Harrison Spinks has been handcrafting the perfect night’s sleep since 1840. But that’s not all, as editor Hamish Kilburn finds out…

    Harrison Spinks represents ‘the best in British manufacturing’, using only the finest in luxuriously natural and sustainable fillings, award-winning, 100 per cent recyclable pocket spring systems and in-house woven FR chemical treatment free mattress fabric. Each mattress is expertly handcrafted to order using time honoured skills, creating a sleeping experience for your guests which cannot be equalled.

    We are Harrison Spinks, The True Bedmakers copy

    World leaders in sustainable comfort innovation, the brand’s aim is to provide guests with not only the most comfortable and supportive but a healthy and environmentally sound night’s sleep. The team are the proud recipients of not one but two Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in Sustainable Development and in 2019 gained a Carbon Neural+ accreditation.

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    From growing its own natural and sustainable fillings and rearing sheep for their woolly fleeces on its 300 acre North Yorkshire farm, to designing and manufacturing 100 per cent recyclable, glue free Cortec™ pocket springs and weaving 100 per cent FR chemical treatment free mattress fabric in-house, the brand’s team are described as ‘true bedmakers’.

    Launched in autumn 2020, the Sprint rolled mattress collection allows hoteliers to offer their guests an environmentally sound, comfortable and supportive night’s sleep. Each of the three models within the collection marries blends of sustainable fillings and innovative spring systems, helping to achieve the ideal balance of comfort, support and body temperature management. Alongside this collection sits the luxurious Signature Collection with pocket spring counts ranging from 3400 – 19750, delicate blends of sumptuous sustainably sourced fillings such as cashmere, silk and mohair work in harmony with its unique and 100 per cent recyclable Cortec™ spring systems and highly flexible contouring Micro springs. A world first and a new dawn for comfort technology, the revolutionary Cortec™ pocket springs feature in every Harrison Spinks Hospitality bed. Unique and ground breaking, these smaller and finer springs are the team’s secret to superior comfort. Contouring to your body with accuracy and precision, with the absence of glue meaning that not only is every spring system 100% recyclable but also each spring is able to work individually for maximum efficiency. Whichever model you choose your guests will experience the perfect night’s sleep.

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    Each Harrison Spinks Hospitality mattress is zero to landfill and 10 per cent recyclable. As a business we’ve committed to going glue, foam and FR chemical treatment free and this ethos runs through the brand’s entire hospitality range.  Driving change we pledge to recycle every mattress we produce that contains Cortec™ springs, in 2021 opening its mattress recycling plant, ensuring all the components are recycled through the appropriate channels. So not only will the guests sleep well, the hoteliers will sleep soundly too.

    Harrison Spinks is one of our Recommended Suppliers and regularly features in our Supplier News section of the website. If you are interested in becoming one of our recommended suppliers, please email Katy Phillips.

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    Hamish Kilburn / 23.08.2021


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