Case Study: Hypnos goes riverside in The Lowry Hotel

Located on the banks of the River Irwell, The Lowry Hotel is intuitive, iconic, and individual — the award-winning luxury hotel dominates the skyline with its curved, glass-fronted façade, rooms with stunning views, all underscored by luxurious Hypnos comfort…

hypnos mattress on the bed in the presidential suite at The Lowry hotel

The Lowry Hotel is spacious yet intimate, with carefully placed artwork providing moments to pause and converse. With an interior that makes you feel like you are stepping into the home of an eccentric collector, it is a place to escape, a sanctuary away from the general bustle of life. The 165 generously sized guestrooms and 12 stunning suites don’t disappoint. The modern furnishings reflect the architectural design, with attention to guest comfort being at the forefront, as each is furnished with a luxurious Hypnos mattress.

“Hypnos Contract Beds work with hospitality clients all over the world, to ensure guests have the ultimate sleep experience, night after night,” said Carolyn Mitchell, Sales and Marketing Director, Hypnos Contract Beds. “As a family owned business, it is vital we also leave a lasting legacy for future generations. Therefore, every bed we make is not only designed for ultimate comfort; it is also recyclable ensuring we continue to deliver comfort with integrity.”

junior suite at The Lowry Hotel with Hypnos mattress

Image credit: Hypnos

“Being able to gain a peaceful night’s sleep is arguably one of the most important things, ” said Adrian Ellis General Manager, The Lowry Hotel. “At The Lowry Hotel, we have selected Hypnos to supply and deliver luxurious mattresses for all our guest rooms. The indulgence of an excellent night’s sleep helps us to provide that special touch that makes an overnight stay extraordinary.”

The Lowry delivers a tangible sense of something a bit different from the moment you step through their polished glass doors – it is a step into luxury in a refreshing way. Importantly it is a luxury that is not just about what is visible on the surface, but every element has been considered to ensure that  sleep, wellness and rejuvenation are an integral part of the guest experience.

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Main image credit: Hypnos