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  • Reasons why you might sleep better in a hotel room

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    Reasons why you might sleep better in a hotel room

    With new research showing that 34 per cent of Britons admitted booking trips or holidays just to catch up on sleep, Silentnight Group’s sleep expert Dr Nerina explains why this might be…

    When we’re checking out of a hotel, we often feel rested, refreshed and ready to return to our normal lifestyle.

    This is usually down to the fact we’ve had better quality sleep than we would have had in our own beds at home. According to new research, 34 per cent of Britons admit booking trips or holidays just to catch up on sleep, so guaranteeing a great night’s sleep for guests is a top priority for the hotel industry. But what exactly is it about a hotel environment that leads guests to enjoy better sleep? As the UK most trusted bed brand, Silentnight know what matters when it comes to changing how people sleep for the better.

    The perfect escape

    As a hotel guest, you’d never walk into your room and find toys, dirty washing and a cold mug of tea on the side. Hotel rooms are clean, calming and clutter-free environments that are designed for relaxation and a great night’s sleep without the constant reminders of your busy life.

    Silentnight’s Sleep Expert, Dr Nerina says “Bedrooms should equal rest and relaxation so it’s important to declutter and tidy up. When traces of work, the laundry basket or children’s toys are out of sight, you’re able to leave the day behind and enter into a deep sleep.”

    During a hotel stay, guests can fall asleep and wake up without a to-do list on their minds, allowing them to truly rest, unwind and enjoy their stay.

    Image credit: Silentnight Group

    The perfect environment for sleep

    Hotel rooms are well equipped for quality sleep. Many hotel rooms are fitted with air conditioning, and it’s been proven that rooms at a cooler temperature can help you fall asleep quicker and wake up feeling more refreshed. Lighting can also have a significant impact on sleep so many hotel rooms have black out curtains or blinds to help you drift off easily.

    “There’s an optimum temperature for good sleep and it’s around 19°C. Remember; this is all about how you feel and what you need. The same can go for darkness in the room: it’s important to be able to create a level of darkness that feels right for you.” Dr Nerina says.

    Providing these options for your guests is a great way to ensure the best possible night’s sleep away from their home environment.

    Options to rest your head

    Not only do hotels allow guests to personalise the temperature and lighting, they often provide many options for guests to rest their heads, too.

    Most hotels provide guests with a variety of pillow firmness choices so they can find the perfect solution for their sleep. Having the correct firmness rating for a pillow can help ease any aches and pains and promotes healthy spinal alignment. Replacing pillows at home when they’ve become tired and flat is often overlooked, whereas in the hotel industry, pillows are upgraded regularly which can ensure guests always have the best quality slumber.

    That fresh sheet feeling

    Everyone knows how good it feels to sleep on fresh bedding. Hotels have stringent cleaning policies, which have become increasingly important in light of the recent pandemic which means bedding is washed very regularly. That means a hotel guest will probably experience fresh sheets much more in a hotel than they might do at home.

    Replacing bedding is another task that can be easily neglected at home, and it can sometimes be the cause of a troublesome night’s sleep. Dr Nerina advises, “if you wake up feeling unrested and uncomfortable, it could be time for some new bedding. Bedding plays a massive role in the quality of sleep by providing all-important comfort.”

    Hotels should replace and clean bedding including duvets and sheets often to keep them in the best condition for their guests.

    Mattresses made for the best sleep

    People and sleep come in many forms and too many people are compromising on their sleep. Inspired by a nation of unique sleepers, Silentnight make it their mission to change how you sleep for the better. A hotel’s priority is the comfort of their guests. The best hotels will invest in top quality mattresses to form the basis of a great night’s sleep.

    Mattresses should provide both comfort and support, so guests can sink-in and drift off easily. With over 70 years of experience, Silentnight Group’s range of hospitality mattresses from the UK’s most trusted bed brands are the perfect solution for a great night’s sleep. They tick every box for quality and safety with all of our products are tested to the highest of UK standards, for complete peace of mind.

    Wake up and smell the coffee

    Surely the best part about a hotel stay is breakfast the next morning? Eating breakfast isn’t just important to stop you going hungry and giving you energy for the day ahead, it also improves the quality and quantity of your sleep.

    “Breakfast is really important because eating breakfast activates your circadian clock and allows your body to produce the sleep hormone melatonin,” Dr Nerina says. “People who eat a proper breakfast find it less difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep, wake up with more energy and are less inclined to hit the snooze button.”

    Whether it’s for a fleeting visit or a longer break, work trips or family fun, a hotel stay can be a haven in the midst of busy living for guests. A good night’s sleep is crucial so hospitality providers should pay extra attention to guaranteeing five-star sleep for their guests.

    Main image credit: Silentnight Group

    Hamish Kilburn / 26.08.2020


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