A better night’s sleep with Naturalmat

Naturalmat was founded on one key belief – when it comes to where we sleep, natural is better. We take a look at why you should consider going all-natural…

the lambswool mattress by Naturalmat in front of open doors and windows

Whilst a bedroom’s visible design features might seem the most likely to stick in the minds of hotel guests, it is invariably the quality of the mattress they sleep on – and by extension the quality of sleep – that will live longest in the memory. “I had the best night’s sleep in years” is hard to beat when it comes to driving repeat visits and referrals!

Today’s guests expect not only comfort, but provenance, sustainability and a ‘buy well, buy once’ ethos to every element of the guestroom design. Devon-based bed and mattress manufacturer Naturalmat provide all four and have been handmaking natural fibre mattresses for hotels since 2010.

naturalmat mattress on a bed next to a lake

Image credit: Naturalmat

There are a number of reasons that top hotel chains around the world – including Hoxton and Six Senses – furnish their rooms with Naturalmat mattresses. But when it comes down to it, the starting point will always be ‘do they help guests sleep better’?

Natural materials have a number of attributes that make them perfectly suited to where we sleep. Not only do they add a soft, comfortable layer to pocket sprung mattresses, they also provide exceptional temperature regulation and hypoallergenic properties – which all contribute to more settled and comfortable sleep. Hoxton’s open house hotels in London, New York and Paris opt for Naturalmat’s Avon mattress, which combines hand nested pocket springs with the support of natural latex and the temperature control of their signature, certified organic West Country wool.

a cross section through a Naturalmat mattress showing the natural fibres and structure

Image credit: Naturalmat

From food to beauty products, hotel guests are on the lookout for anything that brings them into close contact with chemicals, toxins or any other unappealing substances. Awareness of the importance of organic certifications and natural alternatives has never been higher. Naturalmat was founded over 20 years ago on one key belief – when it comes to where we sleep, natural is better. From the use of organic certified materials, including coconut fibre from organic coconut plantations, to chemical free solutions to the typical fire retardant chemicals used in mattresses, this is still the case two decades on.

flatlay of Naturalmat sustainability report for 2022

Image credit: Naturalmat

Whilst the rest of the industry scrambles to jump on the sustainability bandwagon, Naturalmat have had a planet-friendly approach from day one. All of its beds and mattresses are handmade in Devon in a solar-powered workshop, from materials that are biodegradable or recyclable. It is these factors and more that contributed to the brand winning a coveted Queen’s Award for Sustainability.

You can find out more about the industry leading sustainable approach to mattress making and ambitious future goals in the Naturalmat 2022 Impact Report.

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Main image credit: Naturalmat