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    As 2017 sees bold colours and motifs continue in soft furnishings, David Harris, managing director of luxury fabric specialist, Kobe UK, takes a look at some of the vibrant new colours and designs in upholstery fabrics.

    The latest trends include collections where each fabric has an individual identity. Rich, dark greens are back in fashion, especially botanical patterns and jungle printed jacquards, woven with metallic yarns, paired with the young, modern look of natural materials, wood, cork or marble.

    Bright floral designs, such as Kobe’s Clemence from its Boutique collection, are also very popular right now. Upholstery fabrics that can be supplied with FR treatments and those created from 100% natural fabrics in art and craft styled patterns, are an ideal addition to any hotel interior and can be perfectly matched with soft furnishings in shimmering gold or sunny yellows.

    Clemence from Kobe's Boutique collection

    Clemence from Kobe’s Boutique collection

    For a stunning look which creates a room to remember, geometric shapes in furniture are also in style with upholstery fabric woven in both timeless and on-trend colours, such as vivid green or intense fuchsia.

    Kobe – Volterra

    With matt velvets making a great come back in interiors everywhere, we’ve featured the colour green in Kobe’s lush velvets, such as Volterra, which can be combined with other soft furnishing fabrics to be truly on trend. Don’t be afraid to experiment with dark colours to create a mood of mystery as the latest room trends head for drama and elegance. Choose sumptuous Henry in moody blue, opulent gold, or the fiery glow of dark red, or luxurious aubergine.

    Kobe Henry

    Kobe Henry

    For the more traditional interior there are fabrics woven in matt and shiny yarns, with beautiful paisley patterns making an entrance this year such as Adore which creates a multi-dimensional effect on the damask pattern, in eight colours.

    Soft supple chenille upholstery fabric in easy-to-care-for material is also fashionable in both rich and neutral shades. Cocoon is a highlight of the Essente collection and can be used for both curtains and upholstery. Its chenille in 100% polyester is finished with an FR domestic back-coat, so ‘ready to go’ and features a palette of 36 shades ranging from neutral cream, beige and pale grey, warm blue, brown and rose to vibrant lime, orange and red.

    Adore Kobe's Boutique collectionWhatever design and style, it’s always exciting to create something new. For those searching for interior inspiration, today’s new collections include an extensive range of upholstery shapes and fabrics, from tradition to contemporary, soft and bright to dark and dramatic.

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    Daniel Fountain / 14.07.2017

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