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SPOTLIGHT ON: July’s features announced

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SPOTLIGHT ON: July’s features announced

Hotel Designs has officially dropped its July editorial features, which are Soft Furnishings and Fabrics…

Throughout July, Hotel Designs’ Spotlight On features will look at two highly topical features, namely Soft Furnishings and Fabrics and all the trend forecasts in-between.

Soft furnishings

If 2017 wasn’t colourful enough, 2018 opened the floodgate even further for bold accents to come through; further moving away from monochrome and minimalism. Historically, when we have seen a colourful year in interior trends, what often follows is a period of refined textures – and with designing with nature in mind, could 2019 open up more earthy tones? We will find out!


In 2018, the ‘70s were a constant source of inspiration with many products launching a desert-chic look with patchwork effects making a return in fabrics. As technology continues to improve, so does the intricacy of design in fabrics.

If you wish to find out more, or know of a product that we should be talking about, please contact Zoe Guerrier on 01992 374059 or z.guerrier@forumevents.co.uk

Main image credit: Skopos

Top 5 stories of the week: Mountain-mad retreats, chart-topping hotel groups and cliff-hanging hotel design

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As our month of threading together the latest in fabrics and soft furnishings comes to a close, we wrap up another fast-paced week in the creative world of international hotel design with the top five stories of the last five days…

Following on from the successful Meet Up North networking event we hosted in Manchester’s King Street Townhouse, this week we’ve covered hotel design news from around the world. We’ve seen ambitious plans launching, hotel groups becoming leaders and Hotel Designs has announced its Spotlight On features for August. Here are the top five stories of the week, as selected by editor Hamish Kilburn.

1) Spotlight On: Hotel Concepts and Flooring & Carpets

Throughout August, Hotel Designs will be putting the spotlight on two massively talked-about areas of international hotel design, namely: Hotel Concept and Flooring & Carpets…

2) IHG becomes the UK’s leading luxury hotel operator

The story with the most views this weeks comes from a brand that is taking luxury travel to a new level – and fast! IHG has just been named the UK’s leading luxury hotel operator after a series of shifts and openings. The hotel group has confirmed the UK debut locations for its boutique brand Kimpton® Hotels & Restaurants and its recently launched upscale brand, voco™ Hotels. This move follows the announcement made in May of an agreement with Covivio (formerly Foncière des Régions), to rebrand and operate 12 high-quality open hotels in the UK and one pipeline hotel. Nine of the hotels join IHG’s brand portfolio today, making IHG the UK’s leading luxury hotel operator. The remaining three open hotels are anticipated to be added in the coming weeks…

3) Design hotel in the Dolomites will define a new model of mountain luxury hotels

The plan for the new Faloria Mountain Spa Resort, historical glamorous hotel based in Cortina, has finally been unveiled. A new design hotel in the Dolomites, the Faloria Mountain Spa Resort, is said to set a new standard in mountain luxury hotels. The project, signed by the architect Flaviano Capriotti, upgrades the resort to the highest hospitality standards, achieving the fifth star and presenting a new hospitality model: at crossroads between local tradition, innovation and comfort.

4) Opposites attract at Wyndham Grand Phuket Kalim Bay

Guestroom image with stunning ocean views

Nestled behind vibrant streets, where thousands of Gap-Year backpackers find shelter in cheap hostels, rises a luxury hotel with personality, style and unmatched ocean views. Editor Hamish Kilburn checks in to ‘a new kind of luxury’ at the Wyndham Grand Phuket Kalim Bay to see for himself how opposites in South East Asia can attract after all…

5) Waldolf Astoria Bangkok prepares for ‘Asia’s most anticipated hotel openings this year’

Image credit: AFSO

The anticipated opening of Waldorf Astoria Bangkok, designed by the award-winning André Fu is said to evolve the hotel landscape in Southeast Asia. The end of August will see the opening of what is said to be Asia’s most anticipated hotel openings of 2018. The grand Waldorf Astoria in Bangkok, meticulously designed by, André Fu, from AFSO who was named Designer of the Year for Maison & Objet Asia in 2016, captures the brand’s iconic image in the vibrant Thai capital.

Edinburgh hotel Launches ‘Living Art’ concept allowing guests to purchase soft furnishings

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Radisson Collection Hotel, Royal Mile Edinburgh announces that guests staying in Designer Suites can purchase artworks and soft furnishings from top-Scottish designers…

This month, Hotel Designs has been putting the spotlight on hotel soft furnishings. With the aim to help make the ‘hotel look’ achievable in the home, Radisson Collection Hotel, Royal Mile Edinburgh has recently launched a ‘Living Art’ concept where guests staying in four of the hotel’s nine design suites will be able to purchase select items that catch their eye. The hotel is renowned for sheltering striking rooms designed by leading Scottish fashion stars, interior designers and artists and, following many requests, it has launched the initiative to help amplify exceptional design further.

The four chosen suites were curated by Scottish fashion designer Judy R Clark and leading Scottish textile designer Hatti Pattisson in each designer’s personal style, with items created in their studios. Guests booking to stay will have the chance to order any items by the two designers that they desire. Guests not staying in the chosen suites need not miss out, the two designers will have rolling window displays in the hotel or can be visited at their local studios.

Guestroom with soft hues of greys and purple chair

Image caption: Superior Room

Pieces of history overlooking the Royal Mile, Judy R Clark’s rooms are outfitted with antique bespoke furnishings, luxurious tactile fabrics and modern amenities. Guests can relax on opulent velvet chairs, look out towards the writer’s museum and scribe their own correspondence at an antique desk.

Sumptuous soft furnishings in suite

Image caption: G&V Hatti Pattison Bedrrom

Boasting some of the best views in the city, the Garden Paradise Suite and Castle Suite by Hatti Pattisson channel the city’s dynamic architecture, featuring bursts of floral colour and oceanic shades in the bedroom. Her lampshades, cushions, paintings and fabrics adorn each room.

Part of the Radisson Collection, the 136-room hotel is a design-led, five-star lifestyle hotel located in the heart of the Edinburgh’s Old Town just steps from Edinburgh Castle, Grass Market, The Royal Mile, The Museum of Scotland and The Scottish National Gallery as well as the famous Princes Street and upmarket George Street.

Main image credit: G&V Hatti Pattison Living Room

Top 5 stories of the week: Meet Up success, interview with Wyndham and designing with purpose

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Editor of Hotel Designs Hamish Kilburn reflects on a busy week in the world of international hotel design with the top five stories…

“Manchester is a shrinking violet,” said no designer, ever! This week, we invited you up to Manchester to take part in our tried and tested networking event! The inaugural Meet Up North was a complete success in further bridging the gap between hoteliers, architects, interior designers and key-industry suppliers. If you haven’t already done so, check out our facebook page where you can see all the images from the evening.

As well as socialising in one of Manchester’s hottest hotels, I also found the time to sit down with Dimitris Manikis who is the new Managing Director of Wyndham Hotels (EMEA). Aside from having what I believe to be the coolest glasses in the industry, Manikis also has some big plans for the brand and his energetic personality, I feel, will steer him in the right direction as the brand enters a new exciting chapter.

As well as all this, contributor Michelle Tonta explained why designers should be designing with purpose…

1) HD Meet Up North took hotel design networking in the north to new heights

Image caption: Tangerine Photobooths

On Wednesday, more than 200 of the industry’s leaders and visionaries from within the hotel design gathered on the terrace of King Street Townhouse in Manchester for the first ever Meet Up North. Sponsored by Marca Corona, the event, which boasted an unparalleled perspective of the Manchester sunset, welcomed hoteliers, architects, interior designers and key-industry suppliers.

2) In conversation with: Dimitris Manikis, President and Managing Director (EMEA) for Wyndham Hotel Group

Left: Dimitris Manikis Right: Hamish Kilburn

Left: Dimitris Manikis Right: Hamish Kilburn

I met Manikis in a quaint, tucked-away boutique hotel in Soho, London. Wearing what I believe to be the most fabulous glasses in the industry, Manikis’ beaming ear-to-ear smile led me to believe that I would click with him instantly. My first impressions of Manikis was that of surprise. Surprised that someone can remain so calm while carrying the weight of 460 hotels in more than 40 markets in the EMEA (and counting) on his shoulders. We both laughed as we compared glasses and sat down to discuss how he plans to maximise the performance of the group.

3) Designing fabrics and soft furnishings with purpose

Threading together design and sustainability, textiles expert Michelle Tonta explains why sustainable development should be on the minds of all designers when innovating new fabrics, soft furnishings and even flooring.

4) Art, heritage and culture sheltered in one of Europe’s first Hyatt Centric hotel

The interior design of the newly opened Hyatt Centric Gran Via Madrid seamlessly blends art, heritage and culture. The new lifestyle brand from Hyatt has entered the European market with a five-star hotel developed from a historical city landmark built in 1920’s located on the famous Gran Via.

5) Serious five-star soft furnishings goals

All month, Hotel Designs is shining the spotlight on Soft Furnishings, Fabrics and Textiles. Here are some five-star examples of hotels that nailed their soft furnishings first time around…

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Serious five-star soft furnishings goals

1024 681 Hamish Kilburn

All month, Hotel Designs is shining the spotlight on Soft Furnishings, Fabrics and Textiles. Here are some five-star examples of hotels that nailed their soft furnishings first time around…

Getting the finer details in the soft furnishings right when it comes to creating an iconic design hotel is vital if you want your guests checking in to your hotel to linger for longer. From small, charming hotels in the country to extravagant palatial buildings, here are top examples of hotels that our editorial team believe got it right first time around.

1) Palazzo Versace Dubai

Image credit: Versace

The hotel that originally planned to open the world’s first refrigerated beach (that’s right, that record is yet to be claimed) blended together the best of hotel design and the catwalk. Here, Donatella Versace and her team injected bling into the guest rooms without even having to use gold. The interiors of this hotel opened to be as timeless as the fashion brand itself!

2) The Swan Southwold, England

Image caption: Project Orange

The Swan Hotel has occupied its current site in the renowned Suffolk coastal town since the 17th Century. Ale has also been brewed on site for more than 650 years and is now the heart of Adnams coastal campus brewery and distillery. The brief for Project Orange was to recreate The Swan as the jewel in the Adnams crown, as the gateway to the brewery complex and as a premium coastal hotel with a vibrant food and drink offer. The Adnams brand and core values are to be at the heart of the new proposals. Project Orange took risks from start the finish in the interior design of the hotel. The result, a highly modern, yet comfortable, hotel that projects the building’s buzzing personality, with the occasional welcome surprise – just look at those bed posts!

3) Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Image caption: Hilton Hotels

In 2015, HBA London completed the interiors of a hotel that went on to completely challenge and change hotel airports forever. No longer was the hotel airport and resting place at a landing strip on the fringes of a city. Lead designer at the time Constantina Tsoutsikou used its iconic location when imagining the interiors. In the oversized atrium, for example, the furniture if viewed from above is designed to replicate an areal point of view of the city, the same perspective that guests would have coming into land at the airport. Genius!

4) Kameha Grand Zurich

Image credit: Kameha Grand

When designing a ‘chocolate suite’, it’s difficult not to become cliche. However, the Kameha Grand Zurich, with its clever interiors, boldly fuses together a playful luxury pad that’s always in the heart of the action.

5) The New York Edition

Image credit: Edition Hotels

Everyone’s favourite home-from-home in the city that doesn’t sleep, the New York Edition’s signature style was created by Ian Schrager. With a further eight openings this year alone, the edition brand, under the creative direction of Schrager, is arguably taking over and redefining the luxury market, one hotel at a time! “All of the Edition hotels are unique, original and one of a kind, embedded with a sense of time and place,” said Schrager.

Main image credit: Edition Hotels

Designing fabrics and soft furnishings with purpose

800 571 Hamish Kilburn

Threading together design and sustainability, textiles expert Michelle Tonta explains why sustainable development should be on the minds of all designers when innovating new fabrics, soft furnishings and even flooring…

I, like many designers, adore rich textural surfaces and luscious fabrics, but whilst colour, print and pattern are key principles of fabric selection for interior designers, sustainable development and practice is without a doubt the rising focus in today’s modern design.

Once perceived by many as just a passing trend, sustainable design has never been more important than it is today, but also, never before been so widely discussed. Shocking scenes in BBC’s Planet Earth II portrayed the devastating effects of plastic waste and global warming, prompting a national awakening to the consequences of our actions.

In a global effort to preserve the environment, new research indicates a rise in eco-friendly holidays, with increasing numbers making hotel choices based on its eco-friendly credentials. It is now prevalent that creatives and designers must design with purpose, marrying together stylish aesthetics with design processes that work in harmony with the environment, and not against it.

Woven textile designer and member of Cockpit Arts, Carmen Machado, is just one creative maker taking an active stand on the environmental issue of ocean waste. Machado’s practise consists of repurposing abandoned marine debris, namely ghost netting, and transforming this into unique, hand-woven textiles, suitable for upholstery as well as stand-alone art.

Image caption: Carmen Machado

Machado’s grid-like textiles truly capture the essence of the beach with the bright colours of the sun-bleached netting coming through within the weave. Again, whilst Machado has applied her innovative design process to create furniture and wall hangings, one could argue this interesting response to ocean waste would make for stunning interiors in a beachside boutique hotel. This would simultaneously raise awareness of the issue at hand.

grid-like textiles from Carmen Machado

Image caption: Grid-like textiles from Carmen Machado

Of her work, Machado says: “As an artist and concerned marine lover, my biggest interest is to find a way to both spread awareness about the truth of what we are doing to our oceans and give these materials a new life.”

“Together we set a new standard in large scale bio-based 3D printing, towards a more personal, beautiful and sustainable future” says Dutch company, Aectual. Using huge robotic 3D printers, Aectual prides itself on creating large-scale customisable sustainable floors. The smart robotic technology uses recyclable bioplastic (made from plants) to print the framework, which means there is zero waste in the process.

Manufacturing process of 3d Printing at Aectual

Image caption: Manufacturing process of 3d Printing at Aectual

The fact that this 3D-printed mould material can be fully recycled back into the print cycle presents unparalleled design opportunities for the hotel interior design industry. Originally launched during Dutch Design Week 2017, Aectual has created floors for the likes of Amsterdam Schiphol airport and the Loft Ginza Flagship store in Tokyo. This begs the question of why this sustainable approach has not yet been applied beyond public spaces, and into the world of hotel interiors.

Another fascinating method that could be applied to textile interiors is printing fabrics with ink made from soot particles! It may sound unbelievable, but, in response to the burdening issue of air pollution in India, Graviky Labs, a startup consisting of savvy MIT Media Lab graduates, last year developed a revolutionary technology, KAALINK, that converts carbon emissions from chimneys and vehicles into ink. The outcome has been named AIR INK – a range of markers and inks for designers and artists.

This ingenious transformation from pollutants to tools for art prompted product designer, Kelly Maj Gijsen, to approach the Graviky Labs team and ask if they had yet created ink for textile purposes; they hadn’t. This is where the collaboration began, and Gijsen worked with the team to create a version of Air Ink for use on fabrics. With these inks, Gijsen then produced a range of patterned scarves using 100 per cent organic cotton and dying  the fabrics with natural ingredients such as turmeric, indigo and pomegranate.

These are just three examples of innovative approaches with a nod to the environment in design today, and while the processes have not yet been practiced within the space of hotel interior design, the breadth of opportunity and scope for designing with a purpose is endless. We may not have a Stella McCartney of the interior fabrics world, raising awareness of ethical design, but that certainly doesn’t mean that it should be forgotten about.

These examples also show that sustainable design and process need not mean basic, as some assume, but has the potential to produce textile and surface design that is suitable for, and viable within the luxury interiors market.

Main image credit: Carmen Machado

SOFT FURNISHINGS: Colour, clean identity and a sprinkle of inspiration from musical icons

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Simon O’Mahony, Managing Director of Mitre Linen, explains how soft furnishings, linen and colour can help a hotel stand out from the crowd…

Hospitality is a congested market, and customers are increasingly discerning with a huge range of options to choose from. In short, it’s crucial to stand out by having a clear identity which extends into every room of your hotel. Having a well-defined offering clearly positions your business and makes it more appealing to particular customers. What’s more, using colour can help bring the values of your business into every room.

Colour experts Pantone have outlined eight key palettes which will lead colour trends in 2018. Understanding and integrating these into hotel rooms will help to emphasise the luxurious decadence of a countryside spa or add a splash of vibrancy to a city centre base. What’s more, using soft furnishings and linen to celebrate these trends is an attractive and luxurious alternative to a complete overhaul, without the associated expense. These eight trends are:


Playful colours are for those who don’t take life too seriously. With a palette dominated by yellows and lime greens, these shades can work brilliantly in informal communal spaces such as coffee bars and dining spaces. Bringing this trend into individual rooms can add a zest of bright playfulness, whilst throw cushions are the ideal way of adding a spark which can still be moved to reveal the blissful tranquillity of classic white bed linen.


Pantone suggest that Discretion is Playful’s more responsible elder sibling, offering refinement and subtlety to quality hotel spaces. Led by rustic elderberry and fern tones, Discretion is a vital part of the luxurious accoutrements of bespoke accommodation. Use it to draw the eye to finishing touches such as Mitre Linen’s Chatsworth or Reflections bed runners.

Heritage Serenity range from Mitre

Image caption: Heritage Serenity range from Mitre Linen


Taking its name from lush greenery, the Verdure palette is all about emphasising health and vitality. Perfect for spas, country retreats and eco-conscious premises, typical Verdure colours include paler celery greens and organic berry purple. The Comfort Enigma massage couch cover from Mitre Linen is ideal for offering Verdure’s serene and relaxing qualities, whilst Nova towels are available in mint green tones for a delicious alternative to classic white spa towels.


Far-fetched but not inconceivable, this palette is all about recreating the fragrances of a Moroccan bazaar or the sights and sounds of a bustling Beijing backstreet. Warm, earthy and terracotta tones dominate here, highlighted with carefully chosen rose and peach items. Why not try using Mitre Linen’s Mocha sheets and valances as a basis for your exotic oasis and draw customers’ eyes with contrasting finishing touches.

Hint: Before committing to the far-fetched palette – make sure it suits your location – will guests expect an exciting and exotic experience?


Are you feeling brave? The Resourceful palette explodes with bold contrasts of rich velvet blues and classic burned oranges. Redefining classic 1960’s London chic, Resourceful requires flair and creativity to integrate into your hotel rooms and can be built around signature pieces of period furniture. Dazzle patterns are also great for creating pulsating clashes that make for memorable spaces.

Of course, this palette isn’t necessarily associated with rest and relaxation, so party-oriented boutiques and socially-driven aparthotels are Resourceful’s key markets. Build a bold backdrop with the geometric pattern of Mitre Linen’s Essentials Sweden curtains or introduce the rich blues of the Essentials Spectrum navy collection.


As the name may suggest, TECH-nique celebrates the rise of technology and the way this influences our lives. Frosted colours dominate here, as do hot flamingo pinks and turquoise tones. TECH-nique embraces utilitarian and simple design and is the efficient way to add quirk to entry level rooms. Use sparingly and rely on the enduring appeal of clean and crisp whites in order to carry this palette.


Intricacy is an abundance of neutral metallics with flourishes of dramatic berry red and yellow. Ideal for glorifying a penthouse suite or creating dramatic dining and entertaining spaces, Intricacy needs to be led by bold furniture choices and celebrated with the luxurious feel and striking looks of Mitre Linen’s Sovereign bedspreads.


Pantone’s final palette is easily their most bold. Intensity is… intense. Blacks and golds make for intensely strong looks for that strictly presidential vibe. Whilst obviously not suitable for an entire room, carefully using Intensity can create dramatic dressing spaces and premium, luxurious suites.

Nostalgia Sky runners from Mitre Linen

Image caption: Nostalgia Sky runners from Mitre Linen

What’s fashionable for hotel rooms in 2018?

Pantone’s Colour of The Year rings throughout the fashion world and 2018’s colour is Ultra-Violet. As Pantone state: Enigmatic purples have also long been symbolic of counterculture, unconventionality, and artistic brilliance. Musical icons Prince, David Bowie, and Jimi Hendrix brought shades of Ultra Violet to the forefront of western pop culture as personal expressions of individuality.”

In such a competitive and unpredictable hospitality environment, maybe adding some Bowie to your bedrooms isn’t a bad idea.

Anantara Mai Khao Jim ThompsonSuite Living

Anantara Mai Khao Phuket villas features Phuket’s first Jim Thompson silk-inspired villa

800 534 Hamish Kilburn

Jim Thompson shared his love of Thailand by bringing hand-woven Thai silks to the world, complementing perfectly the Anantara passion for authentic luxury…

The finest textiles from the famed Jim Thompson collection enhances the splendid two-bedroom villas already available at Anantara Mai Khao Phuket Villas.

A sweeping sanctuary nestled in 389 sqm of tropical Bill Bensley gardens, the Two Bedroom Royal Villa by Jim Thompson is just steps from Mai Khao’s white-sand beaches and Anantara Mai Khao’s many delights. Two bedrooms and a living room overlook a private 67-sqm pool with a spacious sun deck, while a traditional Thai sala extends over the serene lagoon.

Drawing inspiration from the natural surroundings of Mai Khao, the villa impeccably blends Jim Thompson fabrics into its designs. The living room is filled with fabrics shaded blue and white for a nautical feel, offset by woods with sandy hues. Both bathrooms tempt with terrazzo bathtubs and open-air, but secluded, showers. The villa’s flooring is natural Thai Makha, a rare hardwood highly prized for its gorgeous patina and unique grains. Classic Thai Pikul flower designs adorn the internal doors and mini bar. Elegant Thai artwork and carvings leave no question of the Jim Thompson Villa’s Thai heritage.

Anantara Mai Khao Jim Thompson Suite

Image caption: Anantara Mai Khao Jim Thompson Suite

The master bedroom’s centrepiece is Jim Thompson’s Heliconia Dreamin’, inspired by the exotic Heliconia flower that still flourishes at Jim Thompson’s former home, creating a vibrant lightness that extends to the swimming pool and sala. The twin bedroom features Floriental, a whimsical print of birds and butterflies frolicking among peonies, for a playful atmosphere overlooking the pool and gardens.

“We have a passion for enhancing our pool villas so that guests can enjoy the full beauty of Anantara Mai Khao, inside and out,” explains Nikolaus Priesnitz General Manager of Anantara Mai Khao. “The Two-Bedroom Royal Villa by Jim Thompson offers a secluded retreat with luxury amenities and is ideal for families, while highlighting the gorgeous designs of a truly beloved Thai treasure.”

The sumptuousness extends beyond the exquisite design. Welcomed with flowers and fresh fruit juices on arrival, guests can proceed directly to the Two Bedroom Royal Villa by Jim Thompson so that they can unpack and settle in while checking in. Along with the Anantara Spa products provided in every villa, a complimentary set of the Bvlgari Guest Collection awaits, as well as the renowned Anantara personalised Villa Host service.

In all of July we are exploring Soft Furnishings and Textiles & Fabrics as our ‘Spotlight On’ features. If you have a project, or product, in this area of the market that you would like Hotel Designs to review, please get in touch with editor Hamish Kilburn (h.kilburn@forumevents.co.uk). 


TREND ALERT: Jewel colours shine this season

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As part of our spotlight this month on soft furnishings and fabrics, Jewel colours are said to be an in-season trend at the moment…

Here is a sneak peek at a selection of new designs that will be on display at this year’s Decorex International. The pieces have been selected because of their sultry, jewel-like colour, a said-to-be trend of the season. These popular hues – especially in soft furnishings and fabrics – not only add intrigue and interest to a room’s design, but they also offer a dramatic way to make any interior pop.

Image credit: Clockwise from top left: Dub pendant large from Innermost, Willersley bedside from Di Design, Capriccio wallpaper from Blackpop, Rita does Jazz cushion from The Monkey Puzzle Tree ,The Siren wall light from Curiousa & Curiousa, Asymmetrical maroon flatweave from Ptolemy.

Image credit: Clockwise from top left: Calypso dining chairs in Capri – Aquamarine with Wallis embroidery from Beaumont & Fletcher, Aime and Idylle a Rio fabrics from Misia, Casamance, Joyce Cabinet from Pinch, Federico armchair from Gillmore Space, Red sofa from Decca.

For more than forty years Decorex has been the show of choice for the UK and international high-end interior design trade. It is the annual showcase for over 400 exhibitors, from up-and-coming brands to established exhibitors, who present new collections to the 1,400 interior designers, manufacturers and buyers who attend.

For more insight into soft furnishings and fabric trends, click here.


Rugs to take centre stage at Decorex 2018

641 480 Hamish Kilburn

For more than 40 years, Decorex International has been the show of choice for the luxury interior design market, and the go-to destination for the design-minded looking to discover new styles and trends. This year, the event returns to Syon Park from the 16th to the 19th September, and will see rugs designed from across the world bringing an international flavour.

Premium quality rug brands offer the chance to brighten any interior space with original, exquisite designs, and pieces which are made to last.

Sourcing the highest quality materials everywhere from China to India, to Kathmandu, each of the pictured exhibitors offer a bespoke service, producing totally original designs for every taste and client, from private residences to commercial projects.

Rug brands that will be exhibiting at Decorex include: Crucial Trading, Amy Kent, Moquetas Rols, Ptolemy Mann, Sahrai, Knot Rugs, Classic Rug Collections, and Mahout.

Hotel Designs is a recognised media partner for Decorex.


Fabrics in a line

SPOTLIGHT ON: Soft furnishings & textiles/fabrics

1024 425 Hamish Kilburn

Throughout July, Hotel Designs will be putting the spotlight on two super-important areas of hotel interior design, namely: soft furnishings and fabrics/textiles…

Next month, Hotel Designs will be threading together all the news, features, products and conversations from soft furnishings and fabrics and textiles.

2017 confirmed our predictions in that the re-emergence of bold colours and motifs in soft furnishings would happen; moving away from the monochrome and minimalistic trends of the year before. 2018 looks like a return to minimalism, albeit with a slightly bolder tone, emphasising the influence of technology and fashion.

In regards to fabrics/textiles, we have seen the rise in Bauhaus prints, along with blocky and bold patterns coming to the fore. Vibes from the 70s are also creeping back, tying in perfectly with big and bold trends seen in colour and design.


If you’re a supplier in either of these categories and want your products to reach more than 41,000 hoteliers, interior designers and architects per month, there are plenty of ways you can get involved with these features next month, from supplying an opinion piece to working with us on a targeted mini-series.

If you wish to find out more, please contact Jennie Lane on 01992 374098 or j.lane@forumevents.co.uk

Boutique chairs - Kobe opinion Soft furnishings

Soft Furnishings Focus: Kobe – Upholstery colours, designs for 2017

1000 637 Daniel Fountain

As 2017 sees bold colours and motifs continue in soft furnishings, David Harris, managing director of luxury fabric specialist, Kobe UK, takes a look at some of the vibrant new colours and designs in upholstery fabrics.

The latest trends include collections where each fabric has an individual identity. Rich, dark greens are back in fashion, especially botanical patterns and jungle printed jacquards, woven with metallic yarns, paired with the young, modern look of natural materials, wood, cork or marble.

Bright floral designs, such as Kobe’s Clemence from its Boutique collection, are also very popular right now. Upholstery fabrics that can be supplied with FR treatments and those created from 100% natural fabrics in art and craft styled patterns, are an ideal addition to any hotel interior and can be perfectly matched with soft furnishings in shimmering gold or sunny yellows.

Clemence from Kobe's Boutique collection

Clemence from Kobe’s Boutique collection

For a stunning look which creates a room to remember, geometric shapes in furniture are also in style with upholstery fabric woven in both timeless and on-trend colours, such as vivid green or intense fuchsia.

Kobe – Volterra

With matt velvets making a great come back in interiors everywhere, we’ve featured the colour green in Kobe’s lush velvets, such as Volterra, which can be combined with other soft furnishing fabrics to be truly on trend. Don’t be afraid to experiment with dark colours to create a mood of mystery as the latest room trends head for drama and elegance. Choose sumptuous Henry in moody blue, opulent gold, or the fiery glow of dark red, or luxurious aubergine.

Kobe Henry

Kobe Henry

For the more traditional interior there are fabrics woven in matt and shiny yarns, with beautiful paisley patterns making an entrance this year such as Adore which creates a multi-dimensional effect on the damask pattern, in eight colours.

Soft supple chenille upholstery fabric in easy-to-care-for material is also fashionable in both rich and neutral shades. Cocoon is a highlight of the Essente collection and can be used for both curtains and upholstery. Its chenille in 100% polyester is finished with an FR domestic back-coat, so ‘ready to go’ and features a palette of 36 shades ranging from neutral cream, beige and pale grey, warm blue, brown and rose to vibrant lime, orange and red.

Adore Kobe's Boutique collectionWhatever design and style, it’s always exciting to create something new. For those searching for interior inspiration, today’s new collections include an extensive range of upholstery shapes and fabrics, from tradition to contemporary, soft and bright to dark and dramatic.


T: 01344 771653
F: 01344 771663
E: salesuk@kobe.eu

July Focus: Mitre’s Chris Tame – ‘How to accessorise hotel rooms’

1000 430 Guest Blog

Every establishment is unique and it is often the little touches that can make all the difference to a guest’s experience.

The increasing credibility of travel review sites has made the hospitality market even more competitive, so it is important to stand out for all the right reasons.

Here Chris Tame, Mitre Linen’s National Sales Manager, provides us with his six expert tips how to accessorise your rooms in order to create a warm welcome, a wonderful stay and a lasting impression…

1) Soft furnishings: Beautiful soft furnishings can transform a room and instantly make a guest feel welcome. Whether you want to ignite a certain sense of style or reinforce your brand identity, refreshing your curtains, cushions and bed runners will help create that all-important great first impression.

2) Include a blanket or throw: A deliciously soft cashmere or woollen throw or blanket can add a touch of glamour to a room as well as making guests feel at home. Guests love snuggling into a little comfort and will appreciate this little gesture.

3) Pillow menu: The right pillow can make all the difference to a good night’s sleep and, in a competitive market place, personalisation is the key to standing out. Why not offer your guests a pillow menu to allow them to pick their ideal pillow? This is a unique and personal gesture and will help provide your guests with a fantastic night’s sleep, tailored to their requirements.

4) Offer practical bedroom accessories: Complement each bedroom with practical amenities that will provide your guests with all the essentials to make their stay as easy and comfortable as possible. From quality hair dryers to irons and ironing boards, sometimes these little extras can be a necessity.

5) Offer guests a bathrobe and slippers: Allow your guests to feel completely pampered and indulged by leaving a sumptuous bathrobe hanging up in the room. Nothing says luxury like a velour bathrobe and a pair of matching slippers. For that extra-personal touch, embroider your bathrobes with your brand name to help reinforce your identity throughout their stay.

6) Include complimentary toiletries: Guests love a quality selection of quality complimentary shampoos, conditioners, shower gels and body creams in their bathrooms. Adding them to a room shows attention to detail and will add a touch of luxury to that special hotel experience.

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Forward Features: HD to focus on soft furnishings in July

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In July, Hotel Designs will be focussing on soft furnishings – curtains, cushions, furniture coverings and anything else made of cloth to decorate rooms and spaces.

2016 saw the re-emergence of bold colours and motifs in soft furnishings; moving away from the monochrome and minimalistic trends of 2015. This trend looks like continuing in 2017 and with our numerous Directory clients in this field, we will be looking at products, projects and some of the best examples within hotels.

Our clients in this sector include Gallery Direct, Style Library, Kobe, Altfield and Sekers – you can see a full list of our clients here.

If you want to get your company and products in front of an audience of interior designers, procurement specialists and hoteliers for a month of focussed editorial, this is a fantastic opportunity.

If you wish to find out more, please contact Jennie Lane on 01992 374098 or j.lane@forumevents.co.uk