Four fresh collections from Sekers

As Spring approaches, Sekers Fabrics is thrilled to announce the launch of four fresh collections to its vast portfolio of products. Introducing Garcia, Manero, Yellowstone and Zavian, each offering luxury, durability, and style for the contract market…

sofa and cushions in shades of purple in Sekers Garcia fabric collection

First to be welcomed into the Sekers fold, Garcia is a remarkable collection featuring two complementary semi-plains: Ambiente, a striking two-tone bouclé and Selva, a luxurious soft chenille. What sets Garcia apart is its commitment to sustainability, as it is made from recycled polyester, fully aligning with the Global Recycled Standards.

In the spirit of its Spanish namesakes, Ambiente meaning ‘environment’ and Selva translating to ‘forest’, both designs cater to environmentally conscious designers seeking the perfect fit for the hospitality and leisure markets. Available in a versatile palette of 14 colours each, ranging from bright jewel tones to soft neutrals creating a coordinated and flexible collection for upholstery and accessory application.

Incorporating Aquaclean, an advanced nano technology finish, Garcia ensures maximum protection against even the toughest spills and stains, from red wine to marker pen, without having to resort to specialist cleaning. Plus, with its added anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties, it maintains freshness and cleanliness.

outdoor tables and seating under olive tree with chairs in manero fabric by Sekers

Image credit: Sekers

Next up is Manero, a luxuriously durable faux-leather collection. Manero stands as a testament to sophistication, offering a palette of 25 sumptuous colours from deep blues to earthy naturals. Crafted for contact upholstery and accessories, Manero is FR inherent and complies with all relevant UK, USA, and IMO standards for upholstery.

Engineered to withstand the elements, it provides waterproof protection alongside chemical resistant, antibacterial properties, and UV resistance for lasting durability. With an impressive Martindale abrasion rating of 200,000 rubs, it’s the perfect choice for adding elegance, style, and resilience into high-traffic environments such as leisure, hospitality, marine and healthcare settings.

brown corner couch in Yellowstone fabric from Sekers

Image credit: Sekers

Take in the beauty of Yellowstone, a luxurious faux-suede collection capturing the breath-taking beauty and rugged textures of Yellowstone National Park. Embrace nature’s vibrant palette through 24 stunning colours, echoing the tones found in the Grand Prismatic Springs and the park’s earthy landscapes. From deep cerulean blues and fierce orange to vivid yellow and soft browns, each shade narrates a story of the park’s distinct beauty.

Crafted with Aquaclean advanced nano technology, Yellowstone brings both beauty and practicality to interiors. Its innovative finish ensures protection against the toughest stains and spills, ideal for high-traffic environments within the contract market. Suitable for upholstery and accessories, Yellowstone boasts a Martindale abrasion rating of 50,000 rubs and is supplied crib 5. Compliant with all relevant UK, USA and IMO standards, Yellowstone ensures both quality and safety. Additionally, Yellowstone’s waterproof feature enhances its durability, making it well-suited for busy hospitality, leisure, and marine markets.

room set with floor length curtains and upholstered chair in Zavian from Sekers

Image credit: Sekers

Lastly, unveiling Zavian, Sekers latest 4-pass FR blackout drapery collection designed for the hospitality, marine, leisure and healthcare markets. With a rich and vibrant colour palette ranging from deep emerald and red to soft champagne and fresh mint, Zavian’s unique design adds modern elegance to every room. This striking collection is meticulously designed to effectively control and block unwanted light, creating privacy and a peaceful environment.

Crafted from 100 per cent polyester, Zavian ensures durability and easy maintenance, being washable at 71 degrees. Beyond its functionality, the name Zavian holds cultural significance, translating to ‘new home’ in Basque and ‘bright light’ in Arabic, echoing the fresh beginnings and radiant ambiance it brings to the room. Discover the beauty of Zavian and add a timeless drapery design to your interior projects.

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Main image credit: Sekers