Dedar drops its Collection 2024

The new Collection 2024 from Dedar, is one of substance, not only for the number of articles being presented, but also and above all for the way in which it probes a variety of topics and sparks the imagination…

a collection of wire framed chairs in different patterns of Dedar tiger fabric

The Collection 2024 from Dedar kicks off with its Plain Classics – a small selection of velvets of incomparable quality. Made up of two irresistible alpacas of the utmost softness, and an intense luminous cotton with three plains that stand out and speak of pleasure and sumptuous beauty. The extremely luxurious alpaca velvet with a very thick pile, is soft and sensual to the touch.

Alpaca and wool come together, just as the three colours used to dye the cloud of yarn create a subtle melange, in a palette that comprises the most classical shades of wool, together with some more personal colour accents.

coloured blocks covered in Dedar alpaca plain fabrics from its 2024 collection

Image credit: Dedar

The exploration of Texturologie continues to be centred on light or natural colours but is also accompanied by some more pronounced chromatic statements. Mottled effects – quite distinct at times – recall the living matter of nature: tree barks, an undergrowth of moss and lichens, rocks, and even references to the animal kingdom.

The research behind the 2024 Texturologie Collection has been conducted on two different fronts. Firstly, a lively medley of mottled and irregular fabrics, which are textural and often highly structured, with a personality that is intentionally artisanal: the spotlight is on yarn, in its countless different nuances. Savoir-faire and an in-depth knowledge of fibres foster a beauty permeated with that of nature: tree bark, rocks and mosses inhabit expressive and comfortable fabrics.

textured grey Withering Wind fabric from Dedar covering a wooden frame chair

Image credit: Dedar

Shading, mottled effects, details. Perception changes according to the distance. When viewed close-up, each tonal variation can be appreciated; a few metres away, the overall chromatic impact prevails.

Another direction takes us on a foray into ‘Modern Crafts’ to explore processes, textile experience and artisanal vocations: played out between textural curtains whose transparency adopts new forms, and fabrics for voluptuous seating projects. A curious interest in manufacturing and artisanal processes is the driving force behind Modern Crafts is the other side of Texturologie. Its fabrics are alimented by transparencies, subtractions and backlighting. It covers a spectrum of sensations, from the softest tactile voluptuousness to wild textural expressions. Suggestions are equally variegated: snowy slopes, straw mats hand made in distant times and places, the peacefulness of a Japanese karesansui.

cut and textured fabric from Dedar hung over bamboo screen

Image credit: Dedar

Luxury fibres such as ultra-fine cotton mako, caressing chenille, unrefined linen bouclé — together with techniques and processes such as fil coupé, special finishing processes, or the insertion of slits — pave the way to a universe of natural textures and unprecedented expressivity, to be almost disconcerting at times.

red vintage car with seats covered in tiger print fabric

Image credit: Dedar

The Contemporary Archives, poised between classical and contemporary, forge new roads but also focus more closely on familiar concepts that have already impassioned past research. Emotion, light, an elegance bordering on opulence, the reinvention of classical styles, the art of jacquard weaving: the road winds its way through the various spirits of the immortal tiger skin and soft enigmatic labyrinths; it passes through the geometric motifs of suit fabrics, historiated effects reminiscent of jewellery making, along with abstract revisitations of Japanese figurative art.

white on white textured fabric with abstract light movement in foreground

Image credit: Dedar

In constant expansion is the branch of Contemporary Archives dedicated to the nuances of what is generally considered to be a non-colour but in fact is the synopsis of all others: the White Writings, an immersion of pronounced artistic fervour into the most textural and streaky of whites. In addition, The Contemporary Archives comprise several new fire-retardant fabrics: with a particular focus on the bicoloured theme, but also and especially with an unmistakable aura of couture.

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Main image credit: Dedar