Bold brushstrokes: the art inside The Other House, South Kensington

Bergman Design House, the design studio behind the interiors of South Kensington’s hottest new address, The Other House, has created and curated a bespoke update of over 100 existing 18th century oil paintings, combining bold, bright colours and a sense of humour, breathing new life into the pieces while creating a cohesive scheme in every room…

art collection in The Other House upcycled by Bergman Interiors

The interior design narrative by Bergman Design House for The Other House draws on the local culture of South Kensington – a unique area brimming with art, design and tradition. The spirit of whimsy and English eccentricity was the starting point for property – guided by beguiling gardens, interesting architecture, the language of arches and the nearby Gloucester Road tube station. Framing the concept is the property’s truly unique art collection, the creation of Bergman co-founder and artist Marie Soliman, the works are a bespoke update of over 100 existing 18th century oil paintings.

“I was honoured to be asked by Naomi Heaton founder of The Other House to create this very special collection as an extension of our interior design work for The Other House,” said Soliman, Bergman Design House. “Mirroring the property itself – which is a modern city oasis within a storied Georgian building – we opted for a handpicked selection by Melinda Ashton Turner of discarded 18th century oil paintings as a basis for the collection. The vision was to give these old treasures a very 21st century update through a rich and colourful paint ‘upcycle’ before blending them into each room scheme… and giving them a second chance at life!”

The collection of over 100 original artworks which have become part of the design signature of the hotel, was carefully selected by Melinda Ashton Turner over several months across the UK and France’s many auctions, markets and antique shops to meet the brief. The updated pieces now proudly hang across The Other House, with highlights include a distinguished-looking gentleman in gold dollar-sign chains and a still life floral arrangement featuring a rainbow of geometric new stems.

“Capturing the spirit of whimsy seen throughout our interiors, Marie’s imaginative upcycling of these vintage oil paintings, is completely in-tune with The Other House’s cool, eccentric, flamboyant aesthetic. They also perfectly reflect our firm commitment to sustainability. We are delighted with the result, as are our residents,” commented Naomi Heaton, CEO and Founder of The Other House.

upcycled art in gold frames on a red wall in The Other House South Kensington

Image credit: The Other House / Bergman Design

The Other House concept, shaped through a residential lens rather than from a conventional hotel approach, brings a unique perspective to the hospitality sector. Created for those looking for flexibility and style and who embrace responsibility and slow travel, The Other House has established signature and sustainable vernacular spaces designed by Bergman Design House, in collaboration with founder Naomi Heaton, which convey elegance and authenticity that move away from a decade-defining aesthetic. The experience for guests focuses on ‘approachable luxury’ bringing the magic of London inside. The result? A voyage of discovery, a world that is fantastical and flamboyant, but relaxing and comforting in equal measure.

Hotel Designs has loved being along for the ride on the design journey that has culminated in the opening of a bold statement by The Other House South Kensington and Bergman Design House – you can watch Part 1 of The Making of the Other House HERE, our exclusive concept-to-completion video series that takes you behind the scenes. Part 2, our second and final episode will be going live this autumn, so watch this space…

Main image credit: The Other House / Bergman Design House