Episode 33: the future of net-zero in design

Still fresh from winning The Eco Award at The Brit List Awards 2022 for the studio’s ambitious pledge to be net-zero (embodied carbon) in projects by 2030, Neil Andrew, Head of Hospitality at Perkins&Will joins Editor Hamish Kilburn for the next episode of DESIGN POD…

Headshot of Neil Andrew and the DESIGN POD logo

Meet Neil Andrew, an interior designer based in London. As well as being a skilled craftsman in his trade – and with the aim to deepen design’s meaning in hospitality – Andrew and his team at Perkins&Will are on an honest and, at times, unapologetic mission to operate in a net-zero landscape. In 2022, the studio announced that it will be net-zero embodied carbon) in all its projects by 2030.

Cutting through the noise somewhat, the studio launched its Net-Zero Now: Hospitality report. In it, the studio sets out a series of targets to achieve its deadline and goal. “As a company we have been at the forefront of sustainable design for more than 25 years,” Andrew explained. “It [incorporating net-zero into design] is not something you can switch on overnight – it is a process. The good thing about the term ‘net-zero’ is that people can understand and get hold of from outside the industry.”

Aside from a headline-grabbing initiative, which led to the studio winning The Eco Award at The Brit List Awards 2022, Host Hamish Kilburn invited Neil onto the design podcast to explore how this social and environmental mindset is opening doors to wider opportunities.

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