Leaflike takes the lead with biophilic design initiatives

Not content with simply supplying the greenery to enhance biophilic inspired interiors, Leaflike has been digging deeper into sustainability and biophilic design on every level of their business to make sure that going green goes beyond the leaves and the mosses, but is integral to the makeup of the company from production to the pots to the final products…

leaflike plants make a statement in the lobby at Canopy hotel

At Leaflike it is all about keeping the balance between design and sustainability while taking the client on a journey from concept to reality, ensuring that every element of the brief is matched perfectly by design. Materials, colour, senses and wellness all play their part in bringing the project to life. The interior landscape experience with Leaflike starts with a site visit and samples and moves through to a final design concept illustrating the process and products which will enhance the space. Each plant and concept element are carefully selected to ensure the final creativity and design fit the brief.

“We believe you can have both creative design and sustainability, that complements the interior of your venue,” said Brandon Abernethie, Head of Design, Leaflike. “A key area of biophilic design includes planters and this is why we want to showcase the options available to customers, helping them get what they need from the concept, ultimately making biophilic design sustainable.”

biophilic leaflike installation at The Manor aylesbury

Image credit: Leaflike

While the plants might be the heroes, the pots have been getting some Leaflike attention as well. Made from recycled plastics, repurposed goods and natural waste, the Leaflike range of sustainable planters are available to suit all spaces. Whether they are biodegradable, created with green energy or support the circular economy, there is a positive option for every space and design. Some of the planters have been made from products that have already served their purpose in life, such as old car bumpers, phones, keyboards, computers and vacuum cleaners, while others are made from natural waste like coconuts or dried banana leaves. Other interesting and innovative materials such as eco-friendly forest residue which includes dry leave, twigs and bark, and are biodegradable and recyclable, are also part of this range.

As part of the brands commitment to sustainable design, customers are encouraged to purchase sustainable products first. Building on this initiative, whether its live planting, preserved moss or a herb garden, Leaflike are committed to plant a tree for every sustainable element in your order. Several initiatives have been integrated at all levels to ensure that decisive steps are being made in the direction of becoming a carbon neutral company. One of these is the partnership with a project which plants mangroves, an effective and economic method of offsetting carbon emissions. Each mangrove tree removes approximately 0.3 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere over its growth life of approximately 25 years. To facilitate this process, Leaflike has partnered with ECOVADIS and have signed up to World Land Trust scheme, as all aspects of the business are factored in, from miles travelled to deliver services, to the production process of the plants and pots.

“We are excited and optimistic about what this means for our customers in terms of their sustainable journeys. We hope to be able to help them wherever we can and this is just the start,” said Steve Abernethie, Managing Director, Leaflike. “Our goal is to remain the hospitality specialist for biophilic design. It’s our commitment and responsibility to provide the best advice for the products. We are pleased to share our progress towards becoming a carbon neutral company.”

It is exciting to see a company and brand like Leaflike stepping up to the issue of sustainability and then integrating it into the structure of the company, the design process and final product. The impact on the environment is considered at every step, with the end result being a green and biophilic display that is giving back on every level from the delivery, to the pot, to the moss on the wall.

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Main image credit: Leaflike