First impressions: The importance of biophilia in social space

    Leaflike collage of biophilia in design
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    First impressions: The importance of biophilia in social space

    Following presenting an engaging pitch at Hotel Designs LIVE last week, Leaflike’s Brandon Abernethie discusses the importance of biophilia in social spaces to create a lasting and vibrant first impression…

    Leaflike collage of biophilia in design

    Creating the perfect arrival experience is something Leaflike has been doing in hospitality for more than 20 years.

    As specialists, we create a client proposal via a visualisation service, bringing the vision to life.

    Working with the likes of SavoyHilton Park LaneLondon EDITIONShangri-La Hotel and The View from the Shard, Leaflike transforms venues and provides a new arrival experience.

    Providing a connection to nature goes deeper than aesthetics. By injecting biophilic design into your interiors offers health, environmental and financial rewards in any space, especially at the entrance of a venue, the lobby, reception areas and entrance hall.

    These indicators suggest:

    • Higher levels of social connectivity, improved wellbeing and reduced stress.
    • Increased footfall to the venue, enhanced worker productivity and increased spend.
    • Increased biodiversity providing better infiltration and reduction of carbon emissions.

    Guests choose to visit and stay in hotels where they can rest and relax. Therefore, biophilia is such a key part of the design to achieve the right environment for guests to spend time, share their experience and ensure they return. Hotels can charge more per night for rooms with biophilia in the room, as well as a room with a view or greenery outside, green walls are used to hide unsightly features.

    Its interesting to see how Terrapin’s 14 patterns of biophilic design explores a holistic view or biophilic design and the human connection to the natural environment.

    Want to know more? Leaflike, which was a Product Pitch Partner at Hotel Designs LIVE recently, is hosting a webinar on September 9 with Guy Hilton, General Manager at Hilton Waldorf. To find out more, visit the website.

    Main image credit: Leaflike

    Hamish Kilburn / 17.08.2021


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