PRODUCT WATCH: The Amphora furniture collection by Desforma

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    PRODUCT WATCH: The Amphora furniture collection by Desforma

    The eye-catching new furniture collection by Desforma was inspired by the Neolithic period, which began 12,000 years ago…

    The idea of the Amphora Collection by Desforma was to follow the shapes of  a traditional amphora container. The grace and elegance of this historical piece has been adapted to create the most exclusive pieces.

    Despite the dynamic design, the collection has a backrest that was shaped to fulfil the human back curves, making the furniture not only aesthetically pleasing but also comfortable. Each piece of the collection can be used as a striking centrepiece that compliments extraordinary interiors.

    Image credit: Desforma

    Every step of making these furniture pieces requires the highest quality craftsmanship; to achieve these sculptural shapes, every detail has to be made extremely precise.

    Interestingly, achieving the iconic, gracefully curved back within each piece’s structure would have been impossible without the brand’s exclusive spheric construction technology. Created by the founder of Desforma, the technology has been the company’s best kept secret.

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    Main image credit: Desforma

    Hamish Kilburn / 29.04.2020


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