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    Desforma was founded in 1994 by Kestutis Spokas, and has always had a different kind of view to casual furniture.

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    Spokas wanted to create something spectacular for timeless and most extraordinary interiors; he wanted to transform furniture, such as a sofa or an armchair, into the most exclusive pieces that would not just perform the same function, but would also be the centrepiece of the space. He started characterising new shapes that looked beyond the limits of mind. For it to become a reality he had to think differently, he needed a new technology to materialise his creations.

    Exclusive spheric construction technology

    In 2003, the world’s first spherical construction sofa was made by Desforma. The innovative technology was certified as an invention in Geneva. This technology allowed the designers to implement even the most bizarre ideas while creating furniture – everything became possible and it was a new level of luxury. Up until now, Desforma is the only company in the world to use this technology.

    Despite the dynamic design, its furniture has a backrest that was shaped to fulfill the human back curves making the furniture not only unique looking but also comfortable.

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