Editor checks in: “The Brit List 2022 is served”

Not so fast. Did you think The Brit List Awards 2022 was just a party to celebrate the nine individual award winners? Each year, to conclude a year-long campaign to find the true influencers leading the hotel design and hospitality scene, Hotel Designs publishes The Brit List, a publication that profiles the top 25 interior designers, architects and hoteliers. This year’s issue has hit the shelves, and Editor Hamish Kilburn explains why it’s worth a read…

Hamish Handing out The Brit List 2022

“What’s next? What’s new?”. In my Editor’s Letter in The Brit List 2022, I ask readers to start by shutting their eyes and repeating those words to form, if you like, the ‘heartbeat’ that keeps Hotel Designs alive. Two questions, which, said together often, form a kind pulse; constant surge of endless, unpredictable energy. Said out loud, they send a message to brand’s nervous system to stay alert.

The answers – all different, of course, depending on who we speak to – can lead to fascinating discoveries and innovative (sometimes unimaginable) possibilities we never knew existed before technology opened the door (and our minds). And that’s the remarkable thing about this industry. Sometimes, the most impactful design and hospitality concepts – foreign to convention – go under the radar due to the sheer volume of projects completing around the world.

For half a decade now, The Brit List has been about championing progressive thoughts and attitudes, while celebrating the individuals who are the true influencers behind meaningful change – answering effortlessly those two questions (what’s next? and what’s new?) with breathtaking solutions, to keep the tempo strong. 

> “The Brit List 2022 is no exception. It contains the profiles of influential interior designers, architects and hoteliers in Britain.”

Read the publication below to find out who, among this year’s shortlisted finalists, were profiled:

This year’s nationwide campaign has not been short of stimulating design and heartening hospitality. It’s as if someone just opened the floodgates and in washed all these waves of ideas and stimulating concepts. But they’re not just renders on a page. They are being designed, taller, stronger and with a deeper sense of social and environmental awareness. Of their time, the projects scored in this year’s list include just the right amount of revolution to make them not only aspirational, forward-thinking and unconventional. But they are also, fundamentally, achievable, albeit through collaboration.

The 84-page publication, The Brit List 2022, contains the profiles of influential interior designers, architects and hoteliers in Britain., was officially launched during the awards ceremony and following the shortlist being unveiled. Within the issue you can find the profiles of the top 25 interior designers, top 25 architects and top 25 hoteliers, in addition to engaging editorial features and interviews with the likes of British design icons Sue Timney, Kit Kemp and more.

Each hotel referenced within the bios that you will read in this carefully curated edition of the publication has been born from extensive research and development into shifting traveller demands and future hospitality trends. From metaverse metropolis’ to breathing new life into heritage buildings, the visionaries profiled in this year’s publication are boldly, as well as sensitively, setting a new rhythm. The new question is whether or not you can maintain the pace. 

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Main image credit: Hotel Designs/The Brit List Awards 2022