Salone del Mobile 2024 offered a treasure trove of hospitality design trends that promise to transform the guest experience.

faceted dome roof at entrance to Salone del Mobile

The curtains have closed on another awe-inspiring Salone del Mobile in Milan, and echoes of clicking champagne glasses still seem to linger. This year, the focus on hospitality design was undeniable, with a wave of innovation aimed at elevating the guest experience. For those of us in the industry, here are the key takeaways that will undoubtedly shape the future of hotel interiors.

Nature made a powerful statement this year, with biophilic design taking root. From living walls integrated into lobbies to furniture crafted from sustainable materials, designers are embracing the well-being benefits of biophilia. Imagine verdant courtyards acting as social hubs, or guestrooms bathed in natural light thanks to expansive windows.

gessi salone del mobile 2024

Image credit: Gessi

Gessi presented their “Haute Culture Collections” and the intriguing “Incastri Collection”, designed by architect Kengo Kuma. This collection drew inspiration from the Japanese concept of “Chōzu”, a ritual of purification with water before entering sacred spaces. Imagine stunning water faucets and fixtures that elevate the bathroom experience to a whole new level of luxury and mindfulness.

This year we noticed a renewed appreciation for artisanal techniques and bespoke furniture in a true celebration of craft. We expect to see handcrafted lighting fixtures, handwoven rugs and furniture with intricate details becoming the focal points of hotel lobbies and guestrooms. This shift towards slow design reflects a desire for authenticity and a connection to human creativity.

thom browne salone del mobile 2024

Image credit: Thom Browne

Fashion icon Thom Browne staged a dramatic performance at Milan Design Week to unveil a rare expansion of his home collection. The new collection, a collaboration with the esteemed Italian textile company Frette, focuses on luxurious sleep and bath essentials.

While the focus was on human connection, technology wasn’t forgotten. Hotels are embracing smart solutions that enhance guest comfort and operational efficiency. Imagine voice-controlled lighting, intuitive in-room entertainment systems and seamless mobile check-in, all woven seamlessly into the design narrative.

google making sense of colour

Image credit: Fuorisalone

Google captivated visitors with “Making Sense of Color”. This innovative installation, created with Chromasonic, explored the sensory power of colour in design. Guests entered a series of translucent chambers where sounds transformed into light and vice verse, each colour responding with a unique wavelength. This immersive experience mimics synaesthesia, highlighting the profound relationship between colour and sensory perception.

Space optimisation was a key theme, with furniture and layouts designed for adaptability. Think guestrooms that seamlessly transform from workspaces to relaxation havens, or communal areas that can host everything from conferences to intimate gatherings.

Dedar unveiled a captivating project titled “Sapessi com’è strano vedere una tigre a Milano” (which translates to “You’d Be Surprised to See a Tiger in Milan”). This intriguing endeavour was a celebration of the tiger motif within their new collection, as interpreted by the talented French artist Sulian Rios. But what made this project truly mesmerizing? Sulian Rios donned a mask—a metamorphic veil—to assume the persona of a tiger. With each graceful movement, Rios embodied the spirit of this majestic creature, weaving its essence into the very fabric of Dedar’s jacquard velvets.

Dedar’s tiger-inspired collection became more than just textiles; it became a living narrative, etched into the very air of Milan. And perhaps, for those fortunate enough to witness it, the streets themselves transformed into a canvas where tigers roamed freely, leaving traces of magic in their wake.

There was a strong emphasis on incorporation local aesthetic into hotel design. From regionally-sourced materials to artwork that reflects the surrounding culture, hotels are increasingly becoming immersive experiences that celebrate their unique location.

laufen at salone del mobile milan 2024

Image credit: LAUFEN

LAUFEN, also made waves at Salone del Mobile with their collaborative presentation, “Matter by by Norwegian design studio Snøhetta”. This innovative showcase explored the tension between raw  materials and cutting-edge technology, highlighting LAUFEN’s commitment to both design excellence and sustainability.

These trends from Salone del Mobile 2024 offer a glimpse into the future of hospitality design. It’s a future that prioritises guest wellbeing, embraces technology thoughtfully and celebrates the beauty of local culture.

Main image credit: Salone del Mobile