Episode 28: Circadian lighting’s role in design (DPA Lighting)

Meet Michael Curry and Mark Tweedale, from DPA Lighting, two lighting designers who have joined the DESIGN POD podcast with the aim to explore circadian lighting…

DESIGN POD circadian lighting with Michael Curry and Mark Tweedale

Episode 28 of DESIGN POD, brought to you by Hotel Designs, sponsored by Geberit and produced by Mel Yates, is all about circadian lighting in design and hospitality.

With lighting and sensory design continuing play majors role in hotel design, in sync with the ever-growing demand among modern travellers for wellness to be injected into all hospitality touchpoints and for experiences to feel more meaningful, could the answer designers are looking for be in sophisticated circadian lighting?

In addition to understanding the challenges that the design and architecture industry face injecting this level of technology into spaces, Kilburn, Tweedale and Curry find common ground when discussing one particular project, Hilton Amsterdam Schiphol, a hotel designed by HBA, with architecture by Mecanoo, that I first reviewed in 2015 – before it had even opened to the public. The hotel, which is wrapped in a distinct cubic structure, features a 42-metre high glazed roof, which, by night becomes a display of lights.

Almost a decade since that project opened, lighting in design continues to be at the forefront of conversations among designers, architects and clients. So, will circadian lighting in design change the game in wellness and hospitality, or will it break the bank and become another gimmick that will continue to be stripped out at value engineering stages of projects?

Main image credit: DESIGN POD