Getting to know… BoConcept

Ahead of HD’s MEET UP London 2024 event, we thought we’d catch up with Exclusive Headline Partner BoConcept to find out more about the Danish furniture chain. Head of Business Development, Michael Effenberger, tells us more about the company…

BoConcept dining furniture in a restaurant setting

What is BoConcept and why should the brand be on our radar?

BoConcept is a Danish retail furniture chain. We specialise in modern and stylish furniture and accessories with a focus on customised, coordinated design furniture and products that are both functional and of high quality. BoConcept operates in over 65 countries, providing a range of furniture for different areas of the home, including living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and home offices.

BoConcept should be on Hotel Designs radar for several reasons:

Modern design aesthetic: Our brand’s contemporary design ethos aligns well with the modern and sophisticated aesthetics often sought in the hotel industry. Our designs can help create stylish and welcoming environments in hotels.

Customisation options: BoConcept offers extensive customisation options, which can be particularly appealing for hoteliers looking to create unique spaces that reflect their brand identity.

International presence: With stores and operations in many countries, BoConcept’s global reach and understanding of different markets can be beneficial for hotel chains operating in multiple locations.

Quality and durability: The focus on high-quality materials and construction means our furniture is suitable for the high-usage demands of the hotel industry.


How long has BoConcept been around for?

BoConcept was founded in 1952 in Denmark and has been manufacturing furniture for 72 years. Growing to over 350 stores in 67 countries we have become an internationally renowned brand.

BoConcept outdoor furniture featured on a rooftop balcony

What are BoConcept’s core values?

BoConcept’s core values reflect its commitment to design, quality, and customer service, embodying a distinctly Danish approach to furniture making. Here are some of the key values that guide the company:

Design: BoConcept emphasizes a design-driven approach, focusing on creating modern and versatile furniture that is both beautiful and functional. Our designs are intended to be adaptable, fitting into various living spaces and styles.

Customisation: We value offering personalised solutions to our customers, allowing them to customise furniture to suit their specific needs and tastes. This level of customisation supports individual expression through interior design. All our products are made to order ensuring our high level of quality. Depending on the project and quantity we can explore the option of designing something bespoke.

Quality: BoConcept insists on high standards of craftsmanship and uses quality materials to ensure durability and longevity in its products. This commitment to quality is foundational, ensuring BoConcept furniture can withstand the rigors of everyday use.

Service: Exceptional customer service is a core value, with BoConcept aiming to provide an outstanding shopping experience through professional advice and assistance. This service extends from personalised design consultations to delivery and assembly services.

Innovation: Continuous innovation in both design and functionality is crucial to BoConcept. The company stays ahead of trends and technological advancements to ensure we offer cutting-edge design solutions.

Responsibility: Sustainability and responsible practices are increasingly important to BoConcept, reflecting a dedication to reducing our environmental impact and ensuring ethical practices in all areas of our production and supply chain.

These values help us maintain our reputation as a leader in the modern furniture industry, appealing to consumers who value design, personalisation, and quality in their furnishings.


What single piece of furniture or collection defines BoConcept’s style?

BoConcept is known for certain iconic pieces that tend to represent our design philosophy, such as modular sofas that can be customised for different spaces, sleek and functional wall systems, or elegant dining tables with extendable features. We often have a signature model or collection that encapsulates our modern, urban aesthetic with clean lines, customisable options, and a focus on functionality.

If you are looking for a definitive piece or collection, it would typically be something that showcases simplicity, modularity, and the option for personalisation, reflecting the modern urban lifestyle that BoConcept caters to.


Can you tell us about some of your collaborations with designers?

We work with some of the most respected furniture designers in Denmark and further afield. They’re all award-winning experts, as you would expect. But perhaps more important is our mutual interpretation of great design: elegant, well considered products that reflect our time and improve our lives.

Also, we actively collaborate with designers to craft their unique line of modern furniture, which is reflected in their collections. One noteworthy more recent collaboration is with the international design firm BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group, which led to the creation of the Nawabari Collection. This partnership blends the playful and practical aspects of design, typical of BIG’s philosophy, with BoConcept’s focus on functionality and urban living.

The BoConcept team making chairs in the factory

What are BoConcept’s sustainable credentials?

BoConcept joined the UN Global Compact in 2009, which informs our corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy. This commitment is framed around the UN Global Compact’s ten principles, which addresses human rights, labour rights, environmental responsibility, and anti-corruption.

Additionally, we have been working towards ensuring all our wood is sourced from sustainable forests and the company is now an FSC certified company.

Our sustainability credentials also encompass maintaining control over most of the manufacturing processes, with over 90% of BoConcept’s furniture produced in Denmark and other parts of Europe. This not only speaks to the quality and craftsmanship of our products but also reflects our commitment to environmentally responsible manufacturing practices.

We also have achieved ISO, International Organization for Standardization

SO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001


What’s new for BoConcept in 2024?

We are always adding new products to our collection. Recently we introduced our Cancun outdoor range. A selection of elegant and functional chairs, tables, and sofas. In addition to new products, we are constantly adding new leathers and fabrics to our library, and as I mentioned have recently reached the Iso.


How can designers and specifiers find out more about BoConcept and who should they contact to discuss projects with? 

We are always looking for new trade partners. Send an email to and Michael our head of business development will be in touch to discuss the prospect of working together. You can also visit our website – we’d love to start working with you.

Main image credit: BoConcept