Numo Mykonos – the new quiet luxury arrival in the Cyclades

Following the success of Numo Ierapetra in Crete, Numo Hotels & Resorts is preparing to introduce its second project – Numo Mykonos will debut in June 2024 on the east of the island, at Kalafati…

white beamed ceiling, fan and natural surfaces in guestroom at Numo Mykonos

Mykonos, has a well earned reputation as the most cosmopolitan island of the Cyclades, and the new chapter of Numo Hotels & Resorts is stepping up to offer a new take on authentic hospitality with a distinctive high-aesthetic resort.

whitewashed minimalist greek hotel interior

Image credit: Numo Hotels & Resorts

This boutique resort is inspired by the authentic, carefree era of the 60s and 70s that shaped the island’s DNA, as well as its surrounding environment. “Numo Mykonos is our next significant step,” said Spyros Kouris, Managing Director & Partner at Numo Hotels & Resorts. “As with Numo Ierapetra, our goal is to redefine unique locations, creating strong ties with the respective communities while bringing out their best. We chose the island of Mykonos, one of the most popular destinations in the world, to leave our creative mark while simultaneously showcasing the Numo brand’s personality to a demanding yet dynamic audience.”

ochre stripes, wood and straw in the common areas of Numo Mykonos

Image credit: Numo Hotels & Resorts

The hotel continues Numo’s core design philosophy, one inspired by the locale, nature, and traditional materials, showcasing them in a modern and imaginative way. Housed in an authentic Mykonian building, this is a space respectfully remodelled to preserve and highlight traditional Cycladic elements; seen in its curves, the stone-built main arch at the reception, traditional built-in lounges, and striped floors in the bedrooms.

striped floor and wooden ceiling in hotel bedroom with view onto garden

Image credit: Numo Hotels & Resorts

The building’s history and architecture provided the main guidelines for interior designer and creative director Ioanna Mitropoulou and her office, Hotel IM, who renovated the hotel in collaboration with the architectural office What The Studio by Marianthi Tsomlektsi and Simos Antoniadis.

“In the common areas, the design is unified and extroverted, making the overall experience appealing, as if a good friend is welcoming you to his private villa,” explained Mitropoulou. “The minimalist Cycladic design was enhanced with new techniques, using traditional, local materials such as plaster and granite dust in new applications by local craftsmen. Marble from all over Greece played a significant role in enhancing the spaces, and we find it in various textures and colours, such as the green Pocahontas from Argos at the statement reception desk, the green marble of Tinos around the main pool, and the yellow marble of Thebes in the bedroom sinks.”

straw hat lampshades, natural blinds and wooden furniture in Numo lounge

Image credit: Numo Hotels & Resorts

Unique touches can be seen across the property, such as the handmade lighting fixtures made from reeds and rattan, and crafted by top artisans in Crete, inspired by the straw hats with large brims that ‘dance’ in the Mykonian wind. Or the handmade Chamotte tiles by Patricia Urquiola for Mutina at the Màre Màre pool bar and the Italian ‘clostrà’ (ceramic coverings) that provide privacy and shade in gardens and balconies. Paths to the rooms pass through small private gardens with low vegetation from Cycladic grasses, such as golden stipa and succulents.

ochre striped fabric on built in couch in guestroom

Image credit: Numo Hotels & Resorts

The resort offers 27 rooms, divided into eight categories of rooms and suites. All are decorated in a relaxed and effortlessly luxurious style with black and white striped marble floors, statement brass light fixtures, decorative objects selected by ceramic workshops in the Cyclades, and built-in beds and sitting areas inspired by vintage aesthetics and traditional Mykonian architecture.

As for the colour palette, it is the choice of the landscape itself! The emerald and blue-green shades of the Kalafati waters meet the golden tones of the sand, while bold strokes of orange and terracotta evoke the island’s sunsets. Straw and wood details complete a setting of quiet luxury and relaxation. A special mention goes to the Evergreen Absolute Suite, which epitomises the quiet luxury style that permeates the resort, with a private garden and pool and a view of Kalafati.

carved wooden seats and organic shaped tables in hotel restaurant

Numo Hotels & Resorts

At Numo Mykonos, the aim is for guests to experience an authentic Mykonian culinary journey. At the all-day Anemoessa Restaurant, Nikos Kourkoutas, executive chef at Numo Ierapetra, designed a menu based on organic raw materials from small, local producers, marrying authentic Greek cuisine with unexpected gastronomic elements.

palm trees , pool and sun loungers at Mykonos

Image credit: Numo Hotels & Resorts

At Màre Màre bar, Numo Mykonos collaborated with Konstantinos Theodorakopoulos, beverage drink director of Athens-based bar, The Bar In Front Of The Bar, honoured as one of the world’s top 100 bars in The World’s 50 Best Bars awards. Together, they created a series of signature cocktails and beverages rooted in Greek tradition, like the Mount Supreme tea with herbs and fruits from Olympus. True to Numo’s philosophy of sustainability and zero-waste techniques, Konstantinos Theodorakopoulos sources raw materials from producers who cultivate using natural farming leaving the smallest possible environmental footprint.

natural wood and white surfaces in the spa at Numo Mykonos

Image credit: Numo Hotels & Resorts

A stay at Numo Mykonos, the island’s new ‘jewel’, is transformed into a holistic relaxation experience. At Etherea Boutique Spa, mind and body are rejuvenated through soothing treatments, massages, and techniques that utilise the island sun and mother earth’s organic products while at the Ensoma Fitness Area, workouts can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors. Finally, fashion lovers will find elegant resort, beachwear pieces by Greek designers, and unique design objects in the Mosaique boutique.

Main image credit: Numo Hotels & Resorts