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    Throughout July, Hotel Designs will be putting the spotlight on two super-important areas of hotel interior design, namely: soft furnishings and fabrics/textiles…

    Next month, Hotel Designs will be threading together all the news, features, products and conversations from soft furnishings and fabrics and textiles.

    2017 confirmed our predictions in that the re-emergence of bold colours and motifs in soft furnishings would happen; moving away from the monochrome and minimalistic trends of the year before. 2018 looks like a return to minimalism, albeit with a slightly bolder tone, emphasising the influence of technology and fashion.

    In regards to fabrics/textiles, we have seen the rise in Bauhaus prints, along with blocky and bold patterns coming to the fore. Vibes from the 70s are also creeping back, tying in perfectly with big and bold trends seen in colour and design.


    If you’re a supplier in either of these categories and want your products to reach more than 41,000 hoteliers, interior designers and architects per month, there are plenty of ways you can get involved with these features next month, from supplying an opinion piece to working with us on a targeted mini-series.

    If you wish to find out more, please contact Jennie Lane on 01992 374098 or

    Hamish Kilburn / 22.06.2018


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