SPOTLIGHT ON: July’s features announced

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    SPOTLIGHT ON: July’s features announced

    Hotel Designs has officially dropped its July editorial features, which are Soft Furnishings and Fabrics…

    Throughout July, Hotel Designs’ Spotlight On features will look at two highly topical features, namely Soft Furnishings and Fabrics and all the trend forecasts in-between.

    Soft furnishings

    If 2017 wasn’t colourful enough, 2018 opened the floodgate even further for bold accents to come through; further moving away from monochrome and minimalism. Historically, when we have seen a colourful year in interior trends, what often follows is a period of refined textures – and with designing with nature in mind, could 2019 open up more earthy tones? We will find out!


    In 2018, the ‘70s were a constant source of inspiration with many products launching a desert-chic look with patchwork effects making a return in fabrics. As technology continues to improve, so does the intricacy of design in fabrics.

    If you wish to find out more, or know of a product that we should be talking about, please contact Zoe Guerrier on 01992 374059 or

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    Hamish Kilburn / 14.06.2019


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