Top 5 stories of the week: Meet Up success, interview with Wyndham and designing with purpose

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    Editor of Hotel Designs Hamish Kilburn reflects on a busy week in the world of international hotel design with the top five stories…

    “Manchester is a shrinking violet,” said no designer, ever! This week, we invited you up to Manchester to take part in our tried and tested networking event! The inaugural Meet Up North was a complete success in further bridging the gap between hoteliers, architects, interior designers and key-industry suppliers. If you haven’t already done so, check out our facebook page where you can see all the images from the evening.

    As well as socialising in one of Manchester’s hottest hotels, I also found the time to sit down with Dimitris Manikis who is the new Managing Director of Wyndham Hotels (EMEA). Aside from having what I believe to be the coolest glasses in the industry, Manikis also has some big plans for the brand and his energetic personality, I feel, will steer him in the right direction as the brand enters a new exciting chapter.

    As well as all this, contributor Michelle Tonta explained why designers should be designing with purpose…

    1) HD Meet Up North took hotel design networking in the north to new heights

    Image caption: Tangerine Photobooths

    On Wednesday, more than 200 of the industry’s leaders and visionaries from within the hotel design gathered on the terrace of King Street Townhouse in Manchester for the first ever Meet Up North. Sponsored by Marca Corona, the event, which boasted an unparalleled perspective of the Manchester sunset, welcomed hoteliers, architects, interior designers and key-industry suppliers.

    2) In conversation with: Dimitris Manikis, President and Managing Director (EMEA) for Wyndham Hotel Group

    Left: Dimitris Manikis Right: Hamish Kilburn

    Left: Dimitris Manikis Right: Hamish Kilburn

    I met Manikis in a quaint, tucked-away boutique hotel in Soho, London. Wearing what I believe to be the most fabulous glasses in the industry, Manikis’ beaming ear-to-ear smile led me to believe that I would click with him instantly. My first impressions of Manikis was that of surprise. Surprised that someone can remain so calm while carrying the weight of 460 hotels in more than 40 markets in the EMEA (and counting) on his shoulders. We both laughed as we compared glasses and sat down to discuss how he plans to maximise the performance of the group.

    3) Designing fabrics and soft furnishings with purpose

    Threading together design and sustainability, textiles expert Michelle Tonta explains why sustainable development should be on the minds of all designers when innovating new fabrics, soft furnishings and even flooring.

    4) Art, heritage and culture sheltered in one of Europe’s first Hyatt Centric hotel

    The interior design of the newly opened Hyatt Centric Gran Via Madrid seamlessly blends art, heritage and culture. The new lifestyle brand from Hyatt has entered the European market with a five-star hotel developed from a historical city landmark built in 1920’s located on the famous Gran Via.

    5) Serious five-star soft furnishings goals

    All month, Hotel Designs is shining the spotlight on Soft Furnishings, Fabrics and Textiles. Here are some five-star examples of hotels that nailed their soft furnishings first time around…

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    Hamish Kilburn / 20.07.2018


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