Product watch: the 2024 Decorative Collection from LedsC4

The new 2024-2025 catalogue from LedsC4 focusses on personalisation through its collection of versatile, modular designs in different materials, all of which are devised to offer architects and interior designers, creative freedom…

Perlina lighting design by Nina Mair for LedsC4

Quality lighting improves the spaces it illuminates, interacts with our senses, triggers emotions and influences our perception of the environment. Good light accompanies and looks after you, enhances well-being and improves people’s quality of life. This is the light culture LedsC4 advocates, which translates to a passion for exploring light’s possibilities, understanding it, experimenting with it and creating original solutions.

The new features at LedsC4 for this year in its Decorative Collection catalogue are: Keops, a design by LaGranja Design that plays with matte colours and modular shapes; Scarlett, by Nahtrang Studio, a neo-chandelier based on stylish coloured teardrops made from recycled plastic; Perlina by Nina Mair, inspired by a natural pearl, and Maca, a functional, minimalist light by Francesc Vilaró.

Keops is a collection of highly functional pendant lights that use light bulbs. This design intentionally explores the use of colour and various sizes. It features simple and versatile geometries, with highlights including unique details such as its upper grooves that create a distinct interplay of light and shadow. Furthermore, it offers extensive customisation options, allowing the designer to personalise each level with the desired RAL colour. Customisable finishes are available upon request via its configurator.

“Every space is unique, which is why we believe freedom and customisation is so important,” stated the LaGranja design team. “At Keops we’ve reinterpreted a classic, going back to its origins, to the light bulb, but we’ve added excellent personalisation options. Our goal is to play around with desaturated colours – matte, earth – while ensuring the luminaire adapts 100 per cent to any combination.”

circular table in rounded room with circular chandelier made with recycled plastic

Image credit: LedsC4

Scarlett is a design by Nahtrang Studio based on an update to classic chandeliers. This new collection skilfully plays with the colours of its teardrops and essential geometries, resulting in sophisticated shadow projections and an array of hues. Furthermore, it provides highly functional lighting features for a variety of ceiling settings and offers the flexibility to adjust the colour temperature as needed.

The use of sustainable materials is at the forefront of the design: its coloured teardrops are made with recycled plastic. Scarlett can be customised by changing the size of its pieces and using the different colours available on the configurator. The design can be circular or square and can add up to three levels. Its plastic teardrops are available in two sizes: 17 cm or 29 cm long.

Perlina is the first design by Nina Mair for LedsC4. It draws its inspiration from a natural gem to create an illuminated pearl that beautifully embodies the simplicity of a perfectly round circle, making sense of minimalism in its basic form. The option with an IP44 rating provides a lighting effect that is filtered through the sphere, conveying a sense of calm and filling the space with an artlessness. Its warm light provides the room with a sense of comfort and a pleasant ambience.

“When the product is honest and functional it becomes timeless,” discussed Nina Mair, Designer. “For my lighting designs, I usually find inspiration in nature. With Perlina I sought to capture the lighting atmospheres observed at different times of day.”

chair and desk with minimalist desk light design

Image credit: LedsC4

Maca has been created as a comfortable working tool, boasting a sleek and ergonomic design, and in terms of function, delivering asymmetrical light with exceptionally high technical capabilities. It comes equipped with a quality lighting package and the option of three dimmable colour temperatures through a single touch button. Practicality and convenience. Its sheath is available in either white or black.

“My creations are linked to convenient, honest geometries and volumes,” said Francesc Vilaró, Designer. “I strive for functionality and a language that makes them timeless.”

With simple, pure lines, H is now available with a pendant version in the updated catalogue. This is a design by Benedito Design that has previously been seen in its desktop and floor lamp versions. It’s a reinterpretation of the classic shade where the added value lies in its light’s comfort. It offers functional lighting for work while it also creates a delicate additional halo thanks to its open shape, which is slightly recessed from the upper stem, creating delightful interplay between light and shadow.

Attic is another extremely functional lighting system thanks to its simple installation and the addition of luminaires. The light provided by its bulbs can be used in work areas or to create relaxed settings. Furthermore, the lighting effect generated by the side openings on its shade provide full integration of the wiring structure in the piece’s final composition. With the option of customising the colour of its shades and three geometric shapes that can be combined, Attic is a modular piece in every sense. For 2024, it is available in an endless range of colours and is a fully customisable model that can adapt to any project or style.

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Main image credit: LedsC4