Live from HIX: creative lighting solutions from LedsC4

Step onto the LedsC4 stand at HIX to appreciate some of the standout designs from the Decorative and Architectural Collection catalogue of this Catalonian-based brand of architectural lighting innovators…

stone counter in front of brown tiled wall with architectural tubular lighting above from LedsC4

Presenting its ‘best choice’ of new products, Tubs Modular designed by Nahtrang Studio comes top of the list. Tubs is a living system that forms a structural whole in the space, with shapes that conform to the architecture and its geometries. Its wide array of components allows you to create infinite combinations, both linear or curved, which can be extended horizontally or vertically, with the possibility of more than one level of suspension.

Technical quality and decorative exquisiteness converse in perfect harmony in this piece that meets the expectations for freedom of the most discerning designers, thanks to the configurator option, where the only limit is your imagination.

neutral walls with wooden table as backdrop for statement Tubs modular lighting in a curve from ceiling

Image credit: LedsC4

Also designed by Nahtrang Studio, Levels boasts an innate charisma, in any of its compositions, not only thanks to the fineness of its shapes, but also for the warmth of its light and the balance it transmits, serene and undisturbable. With a large family consisting of a pendant, ceiling fixture, table lamp and floor lamp, it has three possible composition levels with three densities, which can be used individually, double or triple, playing with the opacity and transparencies.

The Geometric collection is designed by Benedito Design. Without geometry we cannot understand architecture and vice versa. Geometric enhances the visual balance of any setting with its mere presence. Starting from a linear system with three measurements, and thanks to two different angles, you can create elegant triangular, square and rectangular profiles, with compositions that can be as versatile as needed. Crafted with painstaking dedication and attention to detail by the LedsC4 technical team, Geometric offers high lighting efficiency and excellent visual comfort, which translates into quality lighting for spaces with high technical requirements.

geometric architectural circular shapes ;it by Geometric lighting feature

Image credit: LedsC4

Inspired by 60s and 70s pop art, Portobello brings a splash of colour and sophistication to very diverse settings, which have in common only one thing: a distinct lack of rules. Lightweight and resistant, its rounded shapes make it an eye-catching piece for laid-back and unrestricted settings. Available in standard black and white finishes, the piece can be customised allowing for an endless array of finishes for total integration into any space.

Designed by Artec Studio, both architectural and decorative, Iris is an organic and living collection, which generates dialogue by creating different environments and improving them with its presence through light and the visual effect evoked by its structure. Its endless composition possibilities and adaptiveness to the space form a perfectly harmonious circle of creation.

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Main image credit: LedsC4