Product watch: introducing Perle from Gessi

Perle is born out of the ‘Haute Culture’ concept from Gessi, which, in its shapes and materials, celebrates the natural world and exalts the quality of design at the highest level…

Gessi Perle collection with black background and blue highlights

The new Perle collection from Gessi, encapsulates the meanings and characteristics of jewellery, which represents both elegance and refinement. Just as the pearl is the most perfect and rare shape in nature, the sphere that punctuates each element of the collection is an emblem of purity and the fruit of profound research.

The same research that has led Gessi, through more than two years of studies, to explore the best Made in Italy materials to enhance its creations, with the aim of increasingly personalising and customising the most important element of the most intimate space for living.

Gessi Perle Collection in shades of terracotta

Image credit: Gessi

To exalt these fine materials, it could only be the perfect shape of the pearl. The sphere has conditioned the birth of this new collection that, inspired by the qualities of the worn jewel, wants to transfer the same tactile and aesthetic pleasure in everyday life, to an ergonomic and functional use.

The Haute Culture Gessi approach has led the company’s in-house designers to confront architecture, art, fashion and craftsmanship in this exercise of design experimentation, translating Italian know-how into a new cultural approach that transmits into the future the high skills that are otherwise in danger of being lost. From the timeless craftsmanship of Murano glass to the manual working of marble, from synthetic materials taken from bijoux and fashion accessories to semi-precious stones and to the metals proper to the manufacturing industry.

The spheres, always different, are enhanced by a real pedestal, also perfectly shaped, inspired by different currents of Italian design – a sculptural form that interacts with the pearl in a game of sections and spherical and hemispherical elements combined with each other in a harmony and balance almost indescribable if not seen and touched in person. Because Gessi, in its experimentation, always puts the person at the centre.

This is what Haute Culture Gessi is all about – recovering, renewing and experimenting with all the skills and craftsmanship typical of the Italian way of life, in order to protect this culture, which is otherwise in danger of fading out, while at the same time, taking it to the next level.

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Main image credit: Gessi