Product watch: Origini by Gessi

By exploring new colour profiles, the Origini Collection from GESSI brings nature right into the bathroom…

bathroom with arched windows and a round pool bath with fittings from the Origini collection from Gessi

The Private Wellness offering by GESSI has been enriched with a new freedom of expression that marks a return to colour. Origini was born from the harmonious union of archetypal forms found in the bathroom, with new hues and harmonies created by mixing and matching colours, materials and finishes. This is a collection that offers designers and clients the freedom to design the most intimate place of living according to the personality of those who live it.

The collection creates a bathroom design based on five iconic shades to reflect five chromatic portraits, which can be combined according to personal taste. These include monochromatic tactile powder pink, neutral achromatic greige clay, non-conformist metachromatic ochre, traditional polymateric coral brick and natural metamateric agave green. The geometric shape of circle has been repeated with modularity and makes a comeback in the interchangeable inserts, in a play of graphics and shiny/matt effects.

olive green from Gessi in Origini

Image credit: GESSI

For biomaniacs and nature lovers from all over the world, GESSI has created the Nature palette – a harmonious union between metals, the Black Metal Brushed PVD and Chrome finishes and Agave, the green colour in its most natural tone. These textures, surfaces and colours combine with the design and the depth of range in the Origini collection to create a finish that references the natural world. The agave green represents not only the colour, but also the philosophy for those who cherish nature and wish to live sustainably. It brings nature into the home and matches all essences and plants. The metamateric profile is the chromatic portrait of those who regenerate themselves from the contact with nature, who appreciate the silence and the beneficial effects of water.

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Main image credit: GESSI