Product watch: Harlequin Colour 4 was ‘designed to dream’

Seeing the natural world through renewed eyes, Harlequin Colour 4 is the latest installation in the British interior brand’s successful Colour series…

upholstered couch in Harlequin colour 4 fabric in front of wall painted with cloud mural

Featuring original artwork in a range of styles, Harlequin Colour 4 is inspired by nature’s abundant beauty and all-encompassing colour. From atmospheric skies to forested landscapes, the world’s gentle flow is the rhythm that surrounds us. A quartet of essential elements, earth, water, air and fire sustain our everyday existence. Perfectly balanced, yet complex and varied, discover a carefully designed ecosystem that allows all to flourish.

“We wanted to create a collection that had a more mindful approach to design, translating nature in its purest form onto paper, with every piece of artwork hand painted in the studio,” said Flora Daly, Harlequin Studio. “As Cezanne once said, ‘Art is a harmony parallel with nature’. I hope Colour 4 resonates with our customers and they’re able to transform their interiors into immersive, soothing and perfectly balanced spaces.”

white wooden floors with green patterned wallpaper behind a bed with green fabric from Harlequin range colour4

Image caption: Retreat | Image credit: Harlequin

A continuation of Harlequin’s signature looks, the collection delves deeper into the concepts Renew, Rewild, Retreat and Reflect, as each look aligns with a classical element in an exciting, conceptual way. Comprising 27 wallpapers and 37 fabrics, this collection is designed for dreaming and creating relaxed, immersive interiors for every style of home while encouraging customers to #OWNTHEROOM in a way that makes them feel uplifted.

Most fabrics in the collection have been produced using the new digital pigment inks, which are considered one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly ink options available. Additionally, BCI cotton has been used throughout and the materials are all responsibly sourced and ethically produced, with all wallpaper printed in the UK on FSC certified substrates from sustainable, traceable sources.

The Retreat design takes its lead from water. Water hydrates the earth, creating beautiful flora and fauna, which is the inspiration for this adaptive look. A tranquil palette of naturally elegant colour, Retreat shares a nostalgic intensity, accented by chalky textures.

Rewild is all about the earth – earth is the perfect biosphere, allowing all life to exist and evolve. Filling our homes with layered bursts of rich pigment, Rewild celebrates the beauty of nature, with joyous uninhibited pattern that refreshes our minds and our interiors.

charcoal grey and black abstract wallpaper from Harlequin Colour 4 collection Reflect

Image caption: Reflect | Image credit: Harlequin

Cocooning the earth with its airy glow, Renew is celestial, uplifting and regenerative design. Small movements of colour adorn tinted hues, adding perspective to this environmentally inspired look. Elegant and ethereal, soft reflective colours highlight the intricacies of subtly detailed design.

Completing the collection, and inspired by the primal element of fire, Reflect’s simple, strong designs align with obscured organic patterns and architectural influences that harmoniously blend edgy angularity with powerful, traditional design.

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Main image credit: Harlequin