Harlequin embarks on voyage of discovery

Following on from the success of Harlequin Colour 1 and Colour 2, Harlequin Colour 3 embarks on a voyage of discovery, charting the cultural aesthetics and regional techniques found along the Silk Road. We went along for the ride…

Harlequin Colour3 collection Manzara design in sunset shades

The Harlequin design journey begins with the glowing midnight colours of China’s lantern lit streets and the gently meandering rivers in the same glorious turquoise shades as Uzbekistan’s mosaic clad architecture. In ‘Journey of Discovery’, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon sit alongside the Tower of Babel, surrounded by geishas, goddesses and emperors, snow leopards, giant pandas and the mythical Chinese dragon. Like a map of the Silk Road, this wallpaper charts a voyage of discovery in a remarkable and ornate piece of hand painted cartography.Together with nine further wallpaper designs, that are all suitable for contract settings, this collection includes the sights, experiences and some inspired interpretations of the ancient trading route.

The perfect partner to Journey of Discovery, ‘Shiruku’ is a wonderful colour coordinating wallpaper. Representative of a traditional Uzbekistani silk, its ikat style is printed on beautiful nonwoven paper, with a gentle emboss that retains the same woven texture as the original archive document. Combining an organic hand with architectural influences, ‘Dawning’ is an ideal choice for modern spaces. Inspired by the cover of a tiny Japanese book housed in the Harlequin archive and a Silk Road sunrise, its diffusion of colour welcomes in the new day. In a gorgeous set of chalky colours, Dawning’s slightly geometric pattern is almost like refracted light.

With a strong architectural look, ‘Blocks’ is a large scale checkerboard wallpaper influenced by a traditional artisan weave. Layers of 3D shapes build to make a bold geometric pattern in a choice of three colourways. For a harmonious aesthetic, ‘Manzara’s’ beautiful, large scale ombre with a relaxed, tonal movement and ethereal feel creates an atmospheric wallpaper panel that resembles painted parchment. Providing a stunning backdrop to all styles of interior, it’s the perfect choice for wrapping large spaces.

“Harlequin Colour 3 builds on from Colour 1 and 2, combining new and existing designs to create a global traveller feel,” explained Claire Greenfield, Head of Design, Harlequin. “We have some beautiful ethnic and Asian inspired patterns that slot together like pieces of a jigsaw, with a richness of colour contrasting with a handcrafted aesthetic. We’ve chosen our favourite Silk Road treasures, whether local crafts, compositions or colours and applied them to a gorgeous range of wallpapers to create a collection that sings of adventure.”

Harlequin Colours 3 Flourish styled outdoors with sunloungers and cushions

Image credit: Sanderson Design Group / Harlequin

Continuing to champion individuality, Harlequin’s designs and colourways have been carefully edited into one of four signature ‘looks’. Named Rewild, Retreat, Renew and Reflect, each look enables designers to discover how their customers can #OWNTHEROOM in a way that matches their interior style, while providing a sense of well-being with products suitable for the hospitality environment.

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Main image credit: Harlequin