Case study: LedsC4 light up Hotel Plaza

With the goal of creating a welcoming and sophisticated ambience in the hotel lobby, LedsC4 collaborated with Equipo Creativo to enhance the architectural beauty and highlight the decorative details of the space…

a customised lighting design in a hotel lobby with curved structure supporting metal rods

Lighting up the lobby at the prestigious Hotel Plaza in Barcelona, the designers selected from the Candle collection by LedsC4, which, with its elegant and delicate design, was perfectly suited to this exciting lighting project.

view from the lobby towards the central bar in green with statement lighting in wave like form from the ceiling

Image credit: Jordi Anguera

Equipo Creativo, renowned for its experience in space design, collaborated closely on the project, adapting Candle to the specific functional and aesthetic needs of the space, successfully simulating a wave.

A control system with DALI tracks was also implemented to enable the efficient and customised lighting of the lobby. The DALI system provides the flexibility necessary to adjust the intensity and colour of the light from the Candle light fittings, creating different light settings depending on the time of day or the desired atmosphere.

MMAS Lighting Design Studio provided their technical and creative expertise to achieve a precise and balanced light distribution to define the overall ambience of the space.

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Main image credit: Jordi Anguera