LedsC4 unveils new decorative lighting innovations

The new designs from LedsC4 offer greater design customisation with options for a limitless creative experience…

Levels lighting design with handblown glass shades by LedsC4

New look, new lights – LedsC4 is launching its new catalogue to coincide with its change of visual identity, a creative project that bears the mark of the Mucho studio with artistic direction from interior designer Isern Serra. The collection opens a new door for designers to create uniqueness in every setting, unlocked by diverse materials and with a multidimensional vision, from walls to ceilings, to autonomous and portable designs.

Levels consists of three blown-glass bodies of different sizes that can be combined, providing a huge range of options. The colour palette features three colours, and each measurement has a different transparency (70, 50 or 30 per cent opacity, in colours amber, green or smoked). The luminaire is a creation by Nahtrang Studio and is based on a simple design that can be easily integrated into a great number of settings, whether contract or housing projects. The four designs – pendant, ceiling, table and floor lamp – are available in three sizes and three different finishes.

geometric lines of suspended pendant lighting from LedsC4

Image credit: LedsC4

The Geometric collection, designed by Benedito Design, emerged as an extension of the Circular collection by LedsC4. This is an elegant, subtle profile with more options for shapes and geometries. A wider range with straight sections and angles that make it possible to create new square, triangular and rectangular shapes. It offers a wide range of compositional possibilities, making it possible to achieve truly unique effects both in residential and in contract settings — offices, hotels, retail, equipment.

Tubs modular lighting from LedsC4 in bespoke design over kitchen counter

Image credit: LedsC4

Tubs Modular is the most decorative facet of the Tubs collection and now offers more solutions for architects and interior designers to explore the bounds of their own creativity or that of their clients. Thanks to the virtual configurator developed by LedsC4, it is possible to create without limits and fine tune the final shape and style that best fits each project. New tubes, tracks, connectors and decorative accessories in different shapes — spherical, cylindrical or tubular — in transparent glass, opal glass or honeycomb panel. Tubs is a design by Nahtrang Studio.

Spark light design from LedsC4 on terracotta wall

Image credit: LedsC4

Spark is a design by Joel Karlsson that highlights the simplicity and versatility of a Nordic design. Karlsson was inspired by the most primitive concept to ignite light, the spark. From there, he worked on different aspects and compositions that play in the space, until coming up with three volumes of high-quality blown glass in different sizes. These three volumes create textures and compositions on walls and ceilings. Individual options or standard combinations with an understated black profile creating the perfect nexus. The measurements of the glass volumes come in different heights and diameters.

Portobello is a standout within portable lamps for its functional design, its lightness thanks to its plastic body and, most notably, its customisation possibilities. It comes in two standard colours, but with the door open to full customisation to the customer’s liking. It is durable for use in outdoor spaces, although being a multifunctional design it is also perfectly suited to indoor settings. This luminaire is a design by Nahtrang Studio that is inspired by Portobello mushrooms, hence not only its name but also its structure with a base and ‘hat’. Other noteworthy features include its nine hours of autonomy at 100 per cent intensity, built-in USB charging input that blends in seamlessly with the harmony of its design and shape, as well as the possibility of adjusting it with three touches for dimming options.

The Noway Pole floor lamp from LedsC4

Image credit: LedsC4

The success of good design also lies in simplicity and Bloom is a minimalist wall light featuring an opal white blown-glass shade crowning a black profile that lends the final composition elegance and uniqueness. It is also possible to rotate it until in a horizontal position. Nahtrang Studio was inspired by a flower blooming to create this graceful luminaire — hence its name — like a chalice bringing beauty and luminosity. It is suitable as a decorative wall light in all types of rooms, including bathrooms, thanks to its IP44 rating.

Designed by Francesc Vilaró, the Noway Pole is possibly the most elegant version of the Noway family. The sophisticated new floor lamp has a pole pendant to compete with the most cherished classics. Featuring a painstaking attention to detail with its monochrome cable and adjustment clip, the design improves the height adjustment options of this type of standing luminaire thanks to the small optional adjustment clip on the pole itself.

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Main image credit: LedsC4