Keeping it clean – Geberit explores solutions for hotel hygiene

Public washrooms are busy areas in hotels and maintaining a high level of cleanliness is essential to enhance guest wellbeing, which is why bathroom manufacturer Geberit is tackling the challenge of hygiene in public washrooms head on…

wall mounted chrome tap above hand basin from Geberit

Hygiene has always been a top priority in the hospitality industry and with recent events highlighting the importance of public cleanliness, it has become front of mind for guests. Bacteria and viruses can be easily spread through surfaces such as toilet flush buttons, taps, door handles and soap dispensers, so it’s vital hotels maintain a high level of cleanliness in their public washrooms.

Providing a clear solution, touchless technology has become increasingly popular in public washrooms. A range of products developed by Geberit, such as infrared flush controls and automatic soap dispensers, are an effective way to reduce the spread of bacteria and improve overall hygiene in these public spaces.

Sigma80 black with blue light remote flush control from Geberit

Image credit: Geberit

Geberit’s touchless infrared technology is at the forefront of developing hygiene solutions in public washrooms and is used in a range of its products, including WC flush controls. The WC flush uses infrared sensors to identify when a user is approaching the toilet and automatically flushes the toilet when they walk away. Alternatively, the user can apply a hand motion near the visible IR sensor. Along with the option for an automatic flush, Geberit’s WC can offer a pre-flush feature that activates when the user approaches the toilet. A regular interval flush can be programmed to prevent stagnant water in the pipes, further improving cleanliness and hygiene levels when rooms may be left unoccupied.

sideview of matt black wall mounted tap over basin from Geberit

Image credit: Geberit

Infrared taps are a hygienic alternative to traditional taps and can make a minimalist design statement at the same time. Geberit is introducing new finishes to its infrared tap range this summer and will include sleek options, like matt black and stainless steel, to complement the existing gloss chrome finish. The touchless technology reduces water consumption, also making it an environmentally friendly solution.

While touchless technology can reduce bacteria from spreading, it is still essential to maintain a high level of cleanliness in public washrooms by regular cleaning. All surfaces should be disinfected frequently to reduce the risk of germ transmission. It’s also important to make sure that washroom products are serviced regularly, and any malfunctioning items should be repaired or replaced promptly. A broken toilet flush control or soap dispenser can be frustrating for guests and lead to negative reviews. Overall, maintaining a high level of hygiene in public washrooms is essential in the hospitality industry. Paired with cleaning, touchless technology is an effective way to reduce the spread of germs and improve hygiene while looking on-trend and staying environmentally friendly.

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Main image credit: Geberit