Goccia by Gessi makes a strong statement in the bathroom

Italian brand Gessi has collaborated with designer Prospero Rasulo to create the Goccia range – an elegant and innovative bathroom solution…

goccia bathroom range by Gessi in brushed copper

The relationship between brand and designer has given birth to a range that is not only undeniably stylish, but is also a pioneer of a sustainable message and of a new product concept by Gessi. The Goccia range is characterized by an innovative and sinuous shape that perfectly fits any environment. With its soft and elegant lines and its ecological awareness, it is a pioneer of a new and revolutionary concept of water and bathroom design, as the lines between bathroom and living spaces blur.

elegant curved shapes of goccia bathroom fittings by gessi

Image credit: Gessi

Integral to the Goccia range is an eco-friendly awareness that is expressed not only through its organic shape, but also in the technology incorporated into the design to reduce water consumption by around 50 per cent. The design is characterised by a charming aesthetic which draws on the natural beauty and flow of water that is made visible in its silhouette. Its elegant lines allows Goccia to naturally cross the borders of the bathroom area and seamlessly enter the bedroom and living room spaces by becoming as much a decorative accessory as a functional necessity. Water acquires a modern and relaxing allure, enhanced by the special drop shape that evokes charm and elegance without sacrificing efficiency.

All the products in the range are characterised by a natural elegance, which allows them to be stylishly integrated into both private and public spaces. The smooth, familiar shapes of the silhouette make your private wellness area cosy, modern and relaxing. The innovation of Gessi’s creations is not just in the shape, in the lines and in the sustainable message, but also in the finishing process.

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Main image credit: Gessi