5 minutes with: Michel Baumgart, on BoConcept’s new collection Nawabari

Hotel Designs caught up with Michel Baumgart, Commercial Director, to find out more about BoConcept’s new collection Nawabari…

boconcept nawabari collection

With a shared Danish design tradition and ambition to democratise great design, BoConcept has partnered with global architects BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group – to launch its exclusive “Nawabari” Collection. The collection’s design, led by Partner and Head of BIG Products, Jakob Lange, draws inspiration from an ancient Japanese art form that involves binding with ropes to create strong connections. In Japanese, ‘Nawa’ means rope, and the term ‘Nawabari’ traditionally translates to ‘stretching rope.’

‘As we embarked on this collection, our goal was to find a fresh way to express furniture,’ explained Lange. ‘We delved into the shapes that emerge when materials are intricately bound with rope. The outcome? Sculptural organic forms that now serve as the heart of this furniture family.’

boconcept's new collection at clerkenwell

boconcept’s new collection at clerkenwell

Hotel Designs: Can you elaborate on how the design philosophy behind Nawabari caters to the specific needs of design-inspired hotels, residences and workspaces?

Michel Baumgart: Nawabari emphasises the seamless integration of various design elements to create a cohesive experience. In hotels, this translates to a balanced aesthetic that promotes relaxation and comfort for guests. The design ensures that public spaces like lobbies and lounges are inviting and that private spaces like rooms are restful and functional.

HD: Can you delve deeper into the creative process of the BIG partnership? How did BIG’s design sensibilities influence the Nawabari collection, particularly the “squeezed-to-burst” contours?

MB: BIG’s philosophy revolves around creating pragmatic utopias — designs that are functional yet imaginative, often blending practicality with a sense of playfulness and surprise. Their work is characterised by bold geometries, unexpected forms, and an emphasis on sustainability. Nawabari focuses on balance, harmony, and functionality, aiming to create spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical. The collaboration with BIG sought to infuse these principles with BIG’s signature boldness and innovative spirit. The “squeezed-to-burst” contours in the Nawabari collection are a direct reflection of BIG’s penchant for dynamic and expressive forms. This design technique involves creating shapes that appear as if they are being compressed to their limits, giving a sense of energy and tension.

boconcept at clerkenwell

HD: Can you provide some specific examples of how Nawabari offers customisable solutions for hoteliers and designers who are looking for unique pieces for their projects?

MB: Nawabari offers modular and customisable furniture systems that can be easily reconfigured to adapt to different spaces and uses. This includes choices in materials, finishes, colours, and sizes. This flexibility is particularly valuable in hotels and workspaces where the layout might need to change for different events or functions.

HD: Beyond the event, what are your plans for making the Nawabari collection accessible to hoteliers, architects and interior designers working on hospitality projects?

MB: The Nawabari collection is available to be viewed by all our clients at our flagship showroom on Tottenham Court Road and we invite everyone to come and visit! All details can be found online on our website.

Main image credit: BoConcept

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