BoConcept goes public with its signature Scandinavian style

Whether a hotel lobby, airport lounge or coworking space, BoConcept ensures that visitors are greeted by familiar designs that transcend the boundaries of traditional commercial spaces…

birds eye view of hotel lobby with BoConcept seating

Public spaces serve as social hubs, gathering spots and places of respite for communities. In the quest to make these areas inviting and comfortable, designers often seek ways to infuse warmth and familiarity into their creations. BoConcept, originally renowned for its residential furniture design, emerges as an unexpected yet perfect supplier for communal areas, bringing a welcoming homely touch to these shared environments.

BoConcept butterfly chair

Image credit: BoConcept

BoConcept’s reputation for quality craftsmanship makes it an ideal choice for designers and architects seeking durability without compromising on style. While traditionally known for its residential offerings, its furniture is meticulously engineered to meet the rigorous demands of high-traffic environments. Creating products that are designed to withstand the test of time, maintaining their functionality even in the most demanding of public spaces, all whilst emitting a homely essence.

The notable transition from traditional commercial suppliers to more traditionally residential brands signifies a shift towards human-centric design principles. BoConcept’s furniture, born from a heritage of Scandinavian craftsmanship and contemporary aesthetics, embodies a sense of comfort and cosiness synonymous with home. By introducing these elements into the interior design of public spaces, designers create environments that resonate on a personal level with visitors, fostering a sense of belonging and relaxation.

outdoor restaurant with chairs from BoConcept

Image credit: BoConcept

The hallmark of BoConcept’s appeal lies in its ability to blur the lines between residential and commercial design seamlessly. From plush sofas and inviting armchairs to stylish coffee tables and ambient lighting, its design portfolio offers a plethora of options to transform any hospitality space into an inviting sanctuary. By incorporating familiar residential elements, such as soft textiles, warm earthy materials and subtle organic accents, BoConcept infuses public spaces with a sense of homeliness that puts visitors at ease.

The concept of ‘home away from home’ takes on new meaning with BoConcept’s presence in public spaces.  This sense of familiarity fosters a deeper connection between individuals and their surroundings, enhancing the overall experience and leaving a lasting impression.

BoConcept are proud to be creators of several ‘icons’ in the world of design. Incorporating iconic pieces of design furniture into public spaces not only adds aesthetic appeal but also instils a sense of consideration and familiarity. These timeless classics evoke nostalgia and appreciation for design heritage. Whether it’s the statement Imola chair, or the timeless Carlton sofa, these pieces carry with them a sense of prestige and recognition that resonates with visitors on a subconscious level.

BoConcept’s role as a supplier for public spaces signifies a paradigm shift in design philosophy, where the emphasis is not only on functionality and aesthetics but also on emotional resonance. By embracing residential elements, including familiar pieces and infusing public spaces with a welcoming homely touch, BoConcept enriches the built environment, creating spaces that feel less like destinations and more like extensions of one’s own home.

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Main image credit: BoConcept