Art, heritage and culture sheltered in one of Europe’s first Hyatt Centric hotel

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    Blue Sky Hospitality complete compelling story in the newly opened Hyatt Centric Gran Via Madrid…

    The interior design of the newly opened Hyatt Centric Gran Via Madrid seamlessly blends art, heritage and culture. The new lifestyle brand from Hyatt has entered the European market with a five-star hotel developed from a historical city landmark built in 1920’s located on the famous Gran Via.

    The creative director of London studio Blue Sky Hospitality (BSH), Henry Chebaane, has developed a compelling, immersive environment that amplifies the brand ethos of providing a launch pad for guests to explore and experience the best of what the destination has to offer.

    “Ondas” (vibes) is the quirky ground floor space inspired by radio station, music halls and theatres of the Gran Via juxtaposing reception, lobby lounge and bar in the style of an open plan performance stage complete with stepped seating, media studio and a selfie booth. The overall red, black, white and bronze palette of the space is whimsically detailed to suggest standing inside the universe of an oversized deconstructed vintage radio.

    The first floor is the hotel other social destination bringing together a meeting and event space evoking a virtual walk in the park, a central garden patio and a dramatic Iberian-Peruvian dining concept called “Hielo y Carbon” (Ice & Charcoal). Guests are greeted by a theatrical show kitchen clad in various black and anthracite materials leading to a crudo bar made of glass and silver tiles and an island cocktail bar specialised in gins overlooking the Gran Via.

    The stylish bar and dining areas have an unusual ceiling covered with fluid silver graphics that reflect back the city lights of Gran Via below, lending a glamorous mood to the overall space that can be seen from across the road.

    In addition to the interior design schemes, Chebaane has created a number of site-specific art pieces evoking Madrid that can be followed throughout the building from the musical score on the custom corridor carpets to the intriguing wall prints in guestrooms and the sculptural light and sound tree in the lobby: a stylized representation of a madroño, the emblematic tree of Madrid, with its specially composed soundtrack of chirping birds.

    Hamish Kilburn / 20.07.2018


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