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Batik runner, Kit Kemp by Wilton Carpets

Kit Kemp, Wilton Carpets create exciting carpet collection

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Wilton Carpets and Kit Kemp have come together to create an exciting collection of woven wool-rich carpets for hospitality, travel and home.

Kit Kemp MBE has forged an international reputation as one of the world’s top interior designers. With a unique approach to her work, Kit is also well-known as an author and passionate champion of British art, craft and sculpture. As Design Director of Firmdale Hotels PLC, she is the creative force behind hotels including London’s Ham Yard, Charlotte Street, The Soho Hotel and New York’s Crosby Street Hotel and The Whitby. Her designs have been celebrated with many prestigious awards including ‘Condé Nast Best Hotel in the World for Design’.

Situated in the Wiltshire town of the same name, the spiritual home of weaving for nearly 400 years, Wilton Carpets designs and manufactures in Britain, making carpet from British wool on a blend of traditional machinery and the country’s most advanced robotic high-speed loom. Wilton Carpets is the embodiment of the very best in modern manufacturing blended with traditional craftsmanship.

Kit’s collaboration with Wilton Carpets has created a stand-out collection for hospitality, travel and home, interpreting scale and usability through the latest manufacturing techniques. With a highly experienced design team, spearheaded by Damien Roscoe, Wilton Carpets has skilfully turned Kit’s ideas into beautiful high quality woven carpets, pushing carpet craft to its limits.

Kit explains: “New manufacturing technology has made my ideas a possibility and with its design input, Wilton Carpets has turned them into a joyful reality. We have been able to create subtle effects and graduations of colour to give carpets a unique feel, similar to the finish of a hand-blocked fabric. Colour makes you feel happy and gives a contemporary buzz to this collection.”

The made-to-order range introduces nine unique and multi-tasking designs that draw from a diverse array of inspiration within folklore, architecture and botanical motifs. These come together to provide carpets that work in both traditional and modern interiors.

Damian Roscoe, Head of Creative at Wilton Carpets: “We’re incredibly proud of the Kit Kemp by Wilton Carpets collection as it represents just what is achievable when two creative forces collaborate. The collection has been a joy to develop and we’ve worked closely with Kit to make sure her vision was reproduced with the attention-to-detail for which we are famed.”

Whether using traditional Axminster or Wilton weaves, or incorporating the added texture of a Brussels weave, Kit Kemp by Wilton Carpets delivers carpet of the finest design and quality. Made in a British wool-rich blend for lasting appearance and wear resistance, the range is available in wall-to-wall carpet and as bespoke area rugs, in a quality and construction suitable for the demands of project.

Batik (main image)
One of the most difficult influences to turn into carpet, Batik references hand-blocked fabrics and the subtle effects this technique brings. Kit Kemp says: ‘it’s a new way to bring one off craftwork into you home.” Batik comes in two striking colourways dominated by red and blue.

A strong architectural look, which is ‘one of my favourites, so simple but graphic and strong’ explains Kit. Available in six colourways, including red on blue and yellow on black.

By Way
A classic herringbone infused with bright colour combinations that Kit describes as ‘having fun in a colourful and carefree way’. Available in four high-contrast colourways.

Based on traditional Turkish carpets, this design has a large diamond repeat that Kit says, ‘needs to be seen to be believed’. A definite ode to the Arts and Crafts in four colourways including dynamic shades of blue and terracotta.

Flower and Berry
There is more than meets the eye with this overall Botanical pattern. ‘This is a design that will work well in both traditional and modern settings’, says Kit. Available in five colourways featuring red on off-white, off-white on blue and off-white on pea green

Leaf Cut
Inspired by nature, this is a carpet that Kit describes as, ‘falling leaves in a modern way that will look interesting in any environment’. Leaf Cut comes in two popping colourways, blue with leaves of orange and red with green.

Leaf Cut in Cerise area rug, Kit Kemp by Wilton CarpetsOpen Plan
A large repeat that looks good in grand areas, tribal influences abound. The Open Plan pattern ‘takes the traditional and turns it into something that says today’, explains Kit. This pattern comes in four colour combinations, including three with an off-white base cloth.

Tweed Fleck
A tweed design which Kit describes as having ‘flecks of fabulous tiny vibrant colours” It is a modern-day classic. Tweed Fleck is available in seven high-impact colourways including red, teal and blue.

A simple linear geometric design that still manages to make a statement and which Kit believes will make ‘halls and stairways look tailored’. With inversed colours available, this pattern comes in five other off-white combinations.

The richness of pattern and understanding of colour is a signature look of Kit Kemp and in creating the collection, the team at Wilton Carpets has pushed carpet design to the limit. Kit Kemp and Wilton Carpets are bringing craft into carpets for everybody to enjoy.


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New England - Wilton Carpets - Bedroom interior with gray bed

Product Spotlight: New England from Wilton Carpets

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Wilton Carpets has launched New England, a wool-rich tufted carpet available in two stripe styles and great for use in boutique hotels and bedrooms.

Crafted from 100% wool, New England offers exceptional quality and appearance retention with a 1/10th gauge, 28oz tufted construction that offers excellent value in lighter-use areas.

The collection is made of a broad stripe and a pinstripe, each available in the same palette of four tonal grey colourways. Bringing a subtle and sophisticated look, these styles work well across a myriad of interiors, from charming country retreat to slick city stopover.

James Sprint, CEO, Wilton Carpets, explains: “The New England collection is ideal for small and rapid refurbishment projects, where an off-the-shelf carpet is often the best solution. Thanks to the versatility of stripes and an exclusive palette of on-trend grey tones, it really is a ‘go with anything’ collection and its premium 100% wool quality makes sure that it provides the best in appearance retention and wear-resistance.”

The four-metre wide New England is part of the In Stock collection from Wilton Carpets and is available for immediate delivery with no minimum order. Featuring designs ideal for guestrooms, corridors, meeting rooms and offices, the In Stock collection features contemporary designs in palettes that coordinate with a broad range of interior schemes.

For further information contact Wilton Carpets Commercial on 01722 746000 or sales@wiltoncarpets.com


Wilton Carpets

Signature style from Wilton at London Luton Airport

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The opening of a prestige passenger facility for Signature Flight Support, at London Luton Airport, marks a European flagship for the company, the world’s largest network of Fixed Base Operations.

Within the stunning 3DReid designed building, bespoke woven carpet from Wilton Carpets, inspired by the building’s modernist architecture, provides a luxurious floor to welcome flight crew and passengers.

Boasting the latest in technologies for entertainment, communications, passenger and crew amenities, and onward travel solutions; the building’s interior was designed by Hi Design, involved in a long-running consultancy since the plans for the facility were first conceptualised back in 2011.
Hi Design conceived a linear design that would respect the language of the space, while simultaneously offsetting the sinuous curves of the interior.

Susan Whittle, managing director, Hi Design, explained: “We focused on Signature Flight Support’s clients and asked ourselves what kind of hotels they stay in, what are their homes like, what cars they drive and ultimately, what experience and level of finish they would expect in such a facility. We then concentrated on exceeding expectations.”

Hi Design turned to the quality and luxury of bespoke wool-rich woven axminster from Wilton Carpets, creating a series of three coordinated stripe designs. At times, the carpet incorporates a border of corporate blue, to reflect the colour’s use on high-gloss ceilings and walls, or is juxtaposed with hard flooring to create zones of luxurious relaxation. Featuring in meeting rooms, VIP lounge, bar and crew facilities; each area has been given a bespoke variant on the stripe sequencing and colour selection, creating subtle distinction between areas, while providing a notable link to the next.

The clean simplicity of the carpet took time and patience to achieve, with multiple CADs and hand trials needed to make sure the finished carpet reflected the identity of Signature Flight Support and provided a luxurious and welcoming atmosphere demanded by the operator’s high-wealth clients.
Woven axminster was selected in a nine-row construction to deliver appearance retention and a quality expected by the international clientele, while still falling within a commercially viable budget. Susan Whittle, noted:

“Finding the right calibre of suppliers was key to the project’s success as we needed to specify high-quality, luxury products that would reflect the tastes and expectations of Signature Flight Support’s discerning clients. We worked closely with trusted suppliers, including Wilton Carpets, to design bespoke one-off pieces for the interior and we are delighted with the finished result.”

Featuring 80% British wool and 20% nylon, the carpets were woven in Wiltshire, bringing the quality and attention-to-detail of British manufacturing that makes Wilton Carpets one of the country’s most highly-regarded names in carpet for the hospitality sector.

For further information contact Wilton Carpets Commercial on 01722 746000 or sales@wiltoncarpets.com

Wilton's work at Statham Lodge

Wilton celebrates understated elegance at Statham Lodge Hotel

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Bespoke woven axminster carpets from Wilton Carpets have been used to extraordinary effect throughout the public areas and suites of the Georgian period Grade II listed Statham Lodge, an award-winning Cheshire wedding venue.

With the various patterns of existing carpets showing signs of wear on thresholds after 20 years of intense use, the time had come to replace and so Statham Lodge turned to the quality of wool-rich woven carpets from Wilton.

Emma Walker, project manager at Statham Lodge, explains: “In the past, we had to adopt a rather piecemeal approach to our carpet to get something down as quick as possible, often just rolling out a stock pattern as opposed to one designed for the space. However, we noticed that a bespoke carpet copied from an original Georgian creation had stood the test of time. Having made the decision to start from scratch and create our very own look, this seemed a natural starting point.”

For the entrance hall, reception and Shelley Suite, Emma tasked Wilton with creating an effect that referenced hand-made Savonnerie style area rugs, inspired by traditional Georgian designs found in 18th Century country houses such as the Robert Adam’s designed Syon Park. Working closely to this brief; Wilton’s head of creative, Damian Roscoe, created a design that achieves an air of understated elegance and with the ability to last for another 20 years without looking dated.

“We wanted the carpets to feel like an heirloom piece and so opted for traditional Georgian designs and a muted colour palette also referencing the period, allowing us to make the most of the light and airy feel afforded by the archetypal Georgian features found within the building,” continues Emma.

With the Shelley Suite, the design was reworked to deliver a more formal feel suiting the room’s use for civil ceremonies and in a palette made to work with any wedding colour scheme. The rug effect design works here too, as it creates a defined shape with symmetry that sits well with a centre aisle for ceremonies.

In the substantial Gainsborough Suite, the approach to carpet design took into consideration a need for a neutral feel, again to work with wedding colour schemes; while reflecting the grandeur of the setting. As the principle room for wedding breakfasts and receptions, it was important that the carpet didn’t overwhelm the space, yet that it also wasn’t lacking in character and so Wilton designed a statement Georgian inspired carpet that retains the understated elegance of carpets elsewhere. By giving the intricate pattern room to breathe through use of borders, centre motifs and large areas of plain background colour; the design fits the brief perfectly.

“Emma was clear from the beginning that the carpets needed to work not only in respecting the history of the building, but also in the practicality of Statham Lodge’s status as one of the best wedding venues in the north west,” explains Damian Roscoe. “The key was to evoke Georgian style with low contrast between colours, so that they didn’t feel too sharp and new.

“Creating a Savonnerie rug look with such an intricate design, different in individual rooms, was a huge challenge, so we introduced a subtle floral diamond backdrop to work as an effective border that still had an elegant period feel to bring everything together. The results are extraordinary and show what can be achieved when building owner and carpet manufacturer work closely together with a clear objective.”

As part of a wider refurbishment to the interior, including wall panelling and a new colour scheme, the carpet also proves the importance of designing areas in harmony; bringing the overall feel desired while retaining an individual sense that responds to the unique requirements of rooms. Woven in a high-performance blend of 80% pure new wool and nylon, the bespoke 10-row axminster carpet is made to last and retains ease of maintenance; vital for Statham Lodge.

Emma Walker continues: “A lot of people were nervous about the colour palette, faded blues and reds atop light stones, as it breaks so much from convention, but this was important to make sure the carpets offered a ‘blank canvas’ for weddings. Also, we didn’t want a ‘pub carpet’ feel just because it might be better at hiding stains.

“A subtle scree in the backdrop of the design helps to minimise the appearance of stains, while also contributing to that all-important sense of faded elegance that purveys a subtly relaxed feel. So far, chocolate cake and red wine have posed no threat and the carpet has responded 100 per cent to spot cleaning. A reflection of the quality of fibre and construction employed by Wilton Carpets.”

Crafted on Wilton Carpets’ computer-controlled high speed axminster looms in Wiltshire, the stunning carpets were woven within tight timescales to meet Statham Lodge’s need for an installation process that meant the venue could stay completely operational. Careful planning of the design and expert installation have led to a first-rate carpet that has been exceptionally well-received:

“The response to the carpet was immediate and we’ve received lots of fantastic comments on social media from our guests. When you say it’s a Wilton carpet, it seems to make everyone happy,” concludes Emma Walker.

For further information contact Wilton Carpets Commercial on 01722 746000 or sales@wiltoncarpets.com

Artisan by Wilton

Product Spotlight: Wilton proves its carpet craft with Artisan

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Created to meet the needs of the pub and leisure industry, Artisan is the latest collection to come from the design team at Wilton Carpets; a multi-layer approach that brings new meaning to classic florals and damasks, as well as modern geometrics.

Continuing a stream of new launches from the Wiltshire-based woven carpet specialist, the collection brings contemporary combinations of pattern and colour in styles that bring authenticity, practicality and longevity to demanding hospitality and leisure locations. With a total of 17 designs, Artisan provides an impressive array, as Damian Roscoe, head of creative, explains:

“With Artisan, we’ve explored various themes in pattern, using layers and distressed effects on top of scrolls, florals, damask and modern geometrics to reveal interesting new details and a textured aesthetic that is both relaxed and practical. Capturing classic looks perfect for heritage interiors, as well as modern geometrics that have a laidback feel, Artisan has something for every style.

“The relaxed look to the designs is worth focus; highly structured and rigid design can often be too formal, or even look old-fashioned and overly fussy in the often-complex layouts of these locations. Giving Artisan a hand-worked, distressed and relaxed feel that blurs lines and boundaries counters this; while remaining thoroughly usable.”

Available in a sesame palette that features rich hues of gold, moss and ruby, the Artisan collection’s practical colourways continue the collection’s theme of usability in a wide range of hospitality and leisure environments. Working well to complement feature furniture and lighting without being overpowering or brash, it is a well-considered collection that can be used straight off the loom.

Woven in a seven-row quality from a wool-rich 80/20 blend for appearance retention and lasting underfoot performance, all Artisan carpets come standard in a narrowloom width, preferred for tight and complex layouts. As always, thanks to its flexible Wiltshire-based manufacturing, Wilton Carpets can also make any Artisan pattern in broadloom format for large areas, as well as in bespoke colours if required.

For further information contact Wilton Carpets on 01722 746000 or sales@wiltoncarpets.com

Ethereal - Wilton Carpets

Product Spotlight: Make waves with Wilton’s Ethereal collection

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“We set out to make this new collection our first focused solely on inspirational design and the result doesn’t disappoint,” says Damian Roscoe, head of creative, on the latest collection from Wilton Carpets. “Inspired by a natural aesthetic with an emphasis on textures and layers, Ethereal delights in the beauty of decay on a backdrop of classically beautiful pattern,” he adds.

With worn Persian effects, deconstructed and broken patterns and tattered, layered florals; Ethereal is certainly a collection of the moment. Capturing an aesthetic that is both intimate and beautiful, it is the first in the new Designer Collection series from Wilton Carpets. A personal expression of Damian’s craft, Ethereal represents an exciting step for Wilton Carpets.

James Sprint, CEO of Wilton Carpets, comments: “Clearly inspirational, this new collection is the first to truly show the creativity of our designers without the usual practical limitations, such as designing for a particular location, and the results are astounding. With Ethereal, we are truly embracing our status as a design-focused carpet manufacturer. It is a range that marks our intention to become famed for carpet design at the top of its game.”

Designed and made in Britain, each Ethereal carpet is crafted in a high-quality 80/20 wool blend and can be specified in any quality. With the ability to adapt any of the seven woven axminster designs in a colourway suited to your interior, this is a collection that offers huge potential for designers looking to strike out with statement carpet.

For further information contact Wilton Carpets on 01722 746000 or sales@wiltoncarpets.com

Wilton Tufted Style

Product Spotlight: Wilton Turns up the Tufted Style

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Wilton Carpets’ hugely successful tufted carpet portfolio has been strengthened further with the introduction of Berwick, a collection of 14 trend-led and thoroughly modern herringbone and stripe styles that are ideal for use in a wide range of hospitality environments.

In a high-performance 80/20 wool-rich tufted construction, Berwick gives designers a great opportunity to introduce on-trend linear and herringbone styles in areas where there is equal need for value and style. Thanks to the tufted construction, the contemporary designs within Berwick provide a great all-round carpet choice for boutique hotels and within bedrooms and light-use areas of larger establishments.

“The Berwick collection is great for anyone looking for a carpet that is excellent value, but also stylish and made to perform,” comments Alan Whittle, sales director, Wilton Carpets. “With interior designers and hoteliers looking to integrate herringbone and linear style into fabrics and soft furnishings, Berwick’s designs are not only timely, but the perfect complement thanks to the use of flexible colourways.”

With matching shades available in both designs, from the understated neutrals of Wark and Heiton through to the cool greys of Earlston and Swinton, herringbone and stripe can be combined in perfect harmony. Made in the UK, Berwick is rated suitable for Heavy Contract use and comes in a versatile four-metre width. All designs and colourways within the collection are available for delivery immediately from stock.

For further information contact Wilton Carpets Commercial on 01722 746000 or sales@wiltoncarpets.com


Collection Spotlight: Catalyst by Wilton Carpets

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Sparking creativity to create beautiful floor layouts, Catalyst is the latest versatile and inspirational tufted carpet collection from Wilton Carpets.

Wilton has carefully selected over 40 striking and adaptable designs to provide the inspiration for layouts that bring the beauty and individuality of bespoke carpet. Catalyst patterns can be combined, changed, amended and re-coloured bringing limitless design potential.

Collection Spotlight: Catalyst by Wilton Carpets
“With Catalyst we are bringing complete flexibility to projects wanting to capitalise on the value of tufted carpets,” explains Damian Roscoe, head of creative. “Creativity such as this has traditionally been the reserve of woven styles, but our new collection brings incredible design potential, introducing the power of custom carpet to locations that that may previously have felt it was a stretch too far.”

Collection Spotlight: Catalyst by Wilton Carpets

Crafted from an 80/20 wool-rich blend and available in different weight qualities starting at 30oz and rising to 50oz, as well as with the ability to vary pile height and stitch density, the collection can be used in guestrooms through to corridors and light-use public areas.

Each custom Catalyst carpet is ready in just six-weeks from order, underlining Wilton’s commitment to both high-quality and exceptional service. Manufactured in the UK and pushing the boundaries of tufted carpet, Catalyst is available in a four-metre width.

For further information contact Wilton Carpets Commercial on 01722 746000 or sales@wiltoncarpets.com

Wilton Carpets at Wolverhampton Grand Theatre

Project Spotlight: Wilton Carpets at Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton

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Ready to Weave axminster carpet from Wilton Carpets has been used to transform the auditorium of The Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton, bringing an elegance fitting of the Victorian interior.

Designed by eminent theatre architect, Charles J. Phillips, The Grand Theatre, Woverhampton has been a focal point of the city since the late 19th Century. As part of a refurbishment of the theatre, some 900m2 of axminster carpet made by Wilton Carpets has been specified and installed by contractor Multifloor (Walsall) Ltd.

Wilton Carpets at Wolverhampton Grand Theatre

Selecting an existing library design in Kingston Pindot and using the Ready to Weave: Our Design service to select a striking red and gold colourway in keeping with the auditorium’s impressive period features, Multifloor presented the design to the city council: “I had used Wilton Carpets in a previous installation at Warwick University and it seemed the natural choice for a project of this stature,” explains Matt Hunt, Multifloor (Walsall) Ltd. “Having worked with Wolverhampton City Council on the theatre before, we were trusted to put forward our specification, so had no hesitation in recommending Wilton Carpets. We presented the design and colour to theatre management, who agreed that it was the right fit for the auditorium.”

Wilton Carpets at Wolverhampton Grand Theatre

Multifloor specified the wool-rich axminster carpet in an eight-row quality to ensure that it could withstand the footfall throughout the theatre’s performances. Woven in Wiltshire using British wool, the carpet was made within the tight deadlines of the project: “Wilton Carpets proved faultless from the production of samples right through to the delivery of the carpet. Failing to meet delivery timescales could have had a huge knock-on effect and would have almost certainly held up the grand opening,” continues Matt Hunt. “We actually received the carpet earlier than promised and thanks to careful planning it was a simple process to fit, even in the complex layout of the auditorium, a huge ‘thumbs up’ to everyone involved.”

Wilton Carpets at Wolverhampton Grand Theatre

The carpet has been well received by all at The Grand Theatre and Multifloor has enjoyed praise for meeting the tight deadlines of the project with such a high quality end result. In fact, such was the success of the project that the contractor has already taken forward the same Kingston Pindot carpet to the main entrance at Wolverhampton Art Gallery.

For further information contact Wilton Carpets Commercial on 01722 746000 or sales@wiltoncarpets.com

Chantilly by Wilton Carpets

Get cool and contemporary in a flash with Chantilly by Wilton

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Wilton Carpets has launched Chantilly, a wool-rich tufted carpet in a modern linear block design that’s perfect for a cool, contemporary look in hotel bedrooms and light-use public areas.

In Wilton’s signature British wool blend, Chantilly comes in a palette of eight purposeful colour combinations, each bringing a carpet with a design that’s incredibly versatile. As part of the British manufacturer’s In Stock collection that’s available with fast delivery, Chantilly is ready to bring Wilton’s famous quality and style.

“The new collection is perfect for hoteliers, B&B owners and anyone looking for a contemporary design wool carpet,” comments Alan Whittle, sales director, Wilton Carpets. “The pattern and available colour combinations are also incredibly versatile and so can be used in different areas without looking awkward or clunky. Modern, elegant and purposeful, Chantilly marks another flexible and practical tufted carpet introduction to our In Stock collection.”

In a tufted quality, Chantilly represents great value and can be coordinated with Wilton’s In Stock woven axminster designs, for a bespoke look that takes budget and performance into consideration. Rated suitable for heavy contract use, the range is available four-metre wide and made from a blend of 80% wool/20% nylon for appearance retention and durability.

For further information contact Wilton Carpets Commercial on 01722 746000 or sales@wiltoncarpets.com

Wilton Carpets at The Chapel, Beaumont

Project Spotlight: A Wilton carpet worthy of praise at The Chapel

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Bespoke wool-rich axminster carpet made in the UK by Wilton Carpets, has been fitted throughout The Chapel at Beaumont Estate, Old Windsor, a country hotel operated by the Principal Hayley group.

Continuing on from an earlier installation of the same design throughout other areas of the hotel, contractor Pocklington Carpets has fitted over 380m2 in the complex layout of The Chapel, voted one of the top 100 wedding venues in the UK.

Wilton Carpets work at The Chapel, BeaumontThe design features a striking large-scale multi-layer damask overlaid on a contemporary stria. Fitting the heritage of the Beaumont Estate and working well with the intricate painted ceilings of The Chapel, the carpet reflects a status as a luxurious and thoroughly modern destination.

“We have worked with Wilton Carpets on numerous projects and were involved in the original installation of carpet in this design elsewhere in the hotel,” reveals Paul Eade, Pocklington Carpets. “So when contacted by the design team at Principal Hayley, we had no hesitation in continuing our relationship with Wilton, this time in a lighter colourway more suited to The Chapel’s wonderful interior.

“Installations such as this require careful planning and faultless attention-to-detail and so it is crucial that our supply chain upholds these values. Working with Wilton Carpets gives us the confidence that we can recommend woven carpet in bespoke designs, knowing that the process will be a smooth one. From the design through to installation, Wilton Carpets understands the nature of the high-quality work Pocklington Carpets is known for and that has been proven once again in this fabulous location.”

Woven from British wool in a rich blend that gives appearance retention, the bespoke axminster carpet features in a nine-row construction so is more than capable of withstanding the demands of weddings and functions, where the carpet is placed under high-wear. Alongside the requirements of the carpet to endure and be easy to maintain, the architectural features of The Chapel also required particular attention:

“The planning in this project was particularly vital,” continues Paul Eade. “The columns of The Chapel’s architecture and the complexity of the carpet design needed to be planned carefully at the design stage, so we supplied Wilton Carpets with a floorplan. From this it developed CADs that saw the design fall accurately between pillars. The final look is impressive and shows that contractor and manufacturer working closely together yields the best results, while also making the whole process a better one for the client.”

This is an opinion underlined by the General Manager of Beaumont Estate, Sven Steijvers, tasked with ensuring the installation went smoothly and within the high business demand of the luxury hotel: “The process from quotation to installation was truly seamless and professional and despite the complexity of the design and layout of The Chapel, we were able to install the carpet in the small window of opportunity presented by the high demand of this top 100 wedding venue.

“Good communication throughout really aided the process and has resulted in an enhanced product for guests to enjoy for years to come. Lifting the ambience of The Chapel, the new carpet has been instantly noted by our guests who booked prior to the installation and I would highly recommend both parties.”

For further information contact Wilton Carpets Commercial on 01722 746000 or sales@wiltoncarpets.com

Wilton Carpets showcasing Signature Collection at IHS

Wilton underlines design focus with Signature Collection at IHS

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Previewing at the Independent Hotel Show, Signature is the latest addition to Wilton Carpets’ growing portfolio of striking tufted carpets.

Available in eight on-trend colour combinations, the contemporary design is headlining at the Olympia event, and once again underlined Wilton’s ability to match looks and performance in its carpet creations.

The new Signature Collection uses a modern colour palette to produce a prominent linear design that is ideal for hotel and hospitality spaces looking to add a contemporary twist. From bright pinks on a neutral backdrop and mustard yellow in combination with blue, to variations on the monotone theme, Signature is set to be a major hit among designers and hotel owners alike.

Falling within Wilton’s tufted stock portfolio so available for immediate delivery, Signature is made from durable 80% wool and 20% nylon to ensure lasting good looks, is rated suitable for heavy contract use and arrives in a four-metre width.

“Our prime reason for exhibiting at events such as the Independent Hotel Show is to demonstrate to visiting interior designers and hotel owners how Wilton Carpets can deliver a carpet solution for any environment,” comments Andrea Evans, Marketing Manager, Wilton Carpets.

“We already enjoy an enviable reputation for our woven axminster capabilities, but shows such as IHS allow us to display our growing portfolio of tufted lines. The success of other recent additions, including Harris Tweed, has opened up new doors for the company and following initial reactions we fully expect Signature to be equally as popular.”

For a brochure or samples, contact Wilton Carpets on 01722 746000 or sales@wiltoncarpets.com


Wilton Carpets

Wilton at the Independent Hotel Show

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Demonstrating the impact of good carpet design, Wilton Carpets Commercial is coming to the Independent Hotel Show with In Stock ranges designed to meet the needs of the sector.

With the brand-new Iona woven axminster heritage tartan designs, as well as the tufted Chantilly and Signature ranges, Wilton Carpets will be showing independent hoteliers that it can deliver striking design across a range of carpets suitable for public areas and bedroom use, all with fast delivery.

“We understand that many hoteliers do not need or want a completely bespoke solution and are looking for well-designed carpet that provides them with flexibility, quality and value, all while being easy to get hold of,” comments Damian Roscoe, head of creative, Wilton Carpets Commercial. “Our In Stock portfolio does exactly this and we take great pride in ensuring the designs available bring a special touch to interiors, giving that boutique feel without the longer lead times or price-tag of a fully bespoke option.”

Visitors to the Wiltshire-based manufacturer’s stand will be able to discover the depth of its design library in both woven and tufted styles, as well as its ability to deliver fast-track bespoke solutions for orders as little as 100m2 in Ready to Weave. Certainly of interest to larger independent hotels, this service allows existing designs to be recoloured or new designs created in one of three colour palettes for delivery in just two to four weeks.

Wilton Carpets will be exhibiting at the Independent Hotel Show, Stand 222, Olympia, 18-19 October 2016

For further information contact Wilton Carpets Commercial on 01722 746000 or sales@wiltoncarpets.com

Iona Roomset master Wilton Carpets

Product Spotlight: Iona tartan collection from Wilton Carpets

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Scotland’s stunning vistas and rich tapestry of cultural heritage is celebrated in Iona, a collection of eight stunning tartan carpets from Wilton Carpets Commercial.

Each design reveals delightful detail through playing with pattern scale and colour overlays, giving a unique collection that brings a touch of Scottish castle glamour to country house and boutique style hotels.

Crafted on Wilton’s axminster looms in a wool-rich blend, the four-metre wide carpets are suitable for heavy contract use. Bringing an instant transformation to areas as diverse as lounges, bars and restaurants to receptions and corridors, Iona is available from the middle of August with all colours in stock.

“Iona brings classic looks to hoteliers and designers keen to bring a heritage feel to their space,” comments Alan Whittle, sales director. “An effortless take on country style, this new collection brings our legendary axminster quality in a collection ready to lift interiors to a new height with the minimum of fuss.”

Available from stock for fast delivery and in a colour spectrum covering ruby through to classic blue, zinc and slate, this new addition from one of Britain’s most loved boutique carpet manufacturers is sure to be a huge hit. Brochures and samples of Iona are now available from Wilton.

For further information contact Wilton Carpets Commercial on 01722 746000 or sales@wiltoncarpets.com

Boclair House - Wilton Carpets Commercial

Wilton Carpets appoints new Head of Creative

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Wilton Carpets Commercial has appointed Damian Roscoe to the newly established Head of Creative role, marking its ambition to ensure design is at the heart of its strategy.

Damian Roscoe WIlton CarpetsThe highly experienced Damian Roscoe (pictured) has spent over 25 years in the carpet industry, shaping the design direction for prestigious carpet brands. Now at one of the UK’s foremost manufacturers, creating bespoke and stock woven and tufted carpets for commercial interiors, Damian Roscoe is excited about the challenge ahead:

“Wilton is one of the greats, but what truly excited me was the role proposed by James Sprint, CEO, who is committed to the strong creative purpose of Wilton with design touching as many facets of the business as possible,” comments Damian Roscoe. “By continuing to embrace our heritage and pioneering a contemporary attitude, Wilton will cement its place as a truly design-led company and become a desired brand the world over.”

Damian has already begun taking the first steps in helping to shape the future design direction of the manufacturer, citing talent and resource in place and the welcome backing of senior management as excellent catalysts for success: “There is no doubt that we can achieve our goal to become an international force in the hospitality industry. We have the capability, experience, commercial infrastructure and willingness to succeed.

Wilton Oulton Hall 9Mar16 079

“The quality of people at Wilton has impressed me, their spirit and enthusiasm for common goals is infectious, I really am in awe of the setup here and the resulting quality of product. The chance to make one of Britain’s last great carpet manufacturers an international force in design-led carpet is one that I am relishing.”

Damian will be based at Wilton’s Wiltshire headquarters, dividing time between the studio and liaising closely with sales managers and clients on projects, further developing the brand as a powerhouse of hospitality carpet.

For further information contact Wilton Carpets Commercial on 01722 746000 or sales@wiltoncarpets.com

Boclair House - Wilton Carpets Commercial

Project Spotlight: Masterclass in luxury by Wilton at Boclair House

1000 600 Daniel Fountain

With ambitions for an intimate and luxurious hotel and wedding venue, the interior of Glasgow’s Boclair House Hotel has been transformed with a masterclass in restorative interior design including bespoke carpets from Wilton Carpets Commercial.

Built in 1890 in the Gothic Tudor style, Boclair House had been stripped of its original interior features and converted to partitioned offices yet, under new ownership, is now resplendent as one of Scotland’s most luxurious destinations. Commissioned by owner, Manorview Hotels, interior and architecture practice Space I.D has without a doubt created a wonderfully bold sense of opulence and decadence, celebrating the building’s Art Nouveau heritage and stylish glamour of the latter Art Deco period.

Carpets from Wilton have been instrumental in creating the atmospheric interior, fitted right throughout the hotel in an array of truly stunning designs bringing individuality, glamour and wondrous comfort perfectly in keeping with the unapologetic luxury of Boclair House.

“The geometric carpet was a bold move but it works brilliantly with what has been created around it,” comments the team at Space I.D. “As we had a blank canvas, we decided that public areas should have an Art Deco feel as the grand scale and form of the style fitted the space. In more intimate settings such as the bar and restaurant we’ve looked towards the stylised naturalistic design typical of Art Nouveau for the carpet. An elegant and ultimately, incredibly luxurious look.”

Working closely with Wilton designer, Sam Dean, carpets have been created for the public areas, function rooms, bar, restaurant and bedrooms of the hotel. A hexagonal motif in hues of gold and black used in corridors and on stairways is joined by a radiant geometric in tones of charcoal and ruby in the bar and restaurant. In the function room a controlled and simplified damask is given a huge sense of scale, working as a feature on large area rugs throughout.

Boclair House - Wilton Carpets Commercial

“In the function room, we didn’t want a fully carpeted room with a dance floor in the middle, so designed the carpet in sections divided by timber panels. This allows the middle section to be rolled back to reveal the dance floor for the evening party.”

Area rugs can be found elsewhere in Boclair House as Space I.D has used herringbone parquet as borders to runner-style carpets in corridors and as frames within bedrooms. Not only looking incredibly elegant and as if an original feature, these borders and frames provide a visual break between the strong carpet designs. In bedrooms, a multitude of more relaxed style references have been used, a stone hued stria panel bordered with a simple triangular motif in contrasting tones creating a sense of individuality.

“The design experience was highly rewarding as we had total freedom and with Manorview Hotels long history with Wilton Carpets Commercial, we knew we were in good hands when it came to creating carpets that reflected the luxury, intimacy and individuality of this delightful building,” conclude the team at Space I.D.

Some 750 square metres of bespoke woven Axminster in a highly durable nine-row quality have been used throughout in a blend of 80% wool and 20% nylon. Made in Wiltshire with exquisite attention-to-detail, the carpets will provide Boclair House Hotel with a long serviceable life and lasting appearance.

For further information contact Wilton Carpets Commercial on 01722 746000 or sales@wiltoncarpets.com

Harris Wilton

Wilton Carpets’ new classic – Harris – creates boutique style

1000 513 Daniel Fountain

Just launched, Harris, the new wool-rich tufted range from Wilton Carpets Commercial, is causing quite a stir amongst interior designers and hotel owners, with its timeless herringbone design and smart boutique look. Such has been the response to the design, the carpet is being sold with immediate availability for all five classic colours.

Bringing a tailored look to the floors of boutique hotels and hospitality spaces, this elegant take on timeless design creates a bespoke feel that leaves a lasting impression. Available as part of Wilton Carpets Commercial’s stock tufted collection – it has an 80% wool and 20% nylon construction to cope with the demands of a busy hotel.

Harris by Wilton Carpets
“The latest addition to our in-stock carpet collection, Harris is already generating interest from interior designers and hoteliers keen to bring a sense of occasion to their space,” comments Alan Whittle, sales director. “The carpet effortlessly transforms with little fuss, is stylistically on-point and blends value and quality perfectly.”

In five colourways covering rich tweed browns, charcoal, wheat and sand hues, the neutral overtone of Harris comes in a four-metre width that is eminently versatile. This new collection from one of Britain’s most loved boutique carpet manufacturers is ready today.

For a brochure or samples, contact Wilton Carpets Commercial on 01722 746000 or sales@wiltoncarpets.com

Wilton Oulton Hall

Project Spotlight: Classic and modern crossover in stylish carpet at Oulton Hall

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Fusing contemporary and classical influences in a striking bespoke design, Wilton Carpets Commercial has continued its partnership with QHotels, bringing elegance and poise to the carpets at the luxurious Oulton Hall Hotel and Spa.

The interior’s classical architectural features of the 18th century former family mansion work perfectly with the scroll and floral motifs in highlighted with gold accents, while the modern luxury of the four-star hotel is embraced with a contemporary 3D design in charcoal greys that flow through the reception, the design is then simplified for stairs, while in meeting rooms a lighter version of the effect is worked beneath a complimentary motif.

“The classical elegance of Oulton Hall and its status as a four-star destination meant that the carpet had not only to achieve a look befitting of its surroundings, but also reflect the hotel’s position as a destination offering modern levels of luxury and relaxation,” comments Trudi Purtill, director of group development, QHotels. “Wilton Carpets Commercial has once again fulfilled our ambitions with the carpet’s striking and on-point design, the colours working perfectly with the fabrics and furnishings we had chosen for Oulton Hall.”

Some 900 square metres of the bespoke nine-row woven axminster carpet were installed by Pocklington Carpets through the main reception, staircase and gallery, as well as meeting rooms of the hotel. Situated close to Leeds and featuring a luxurious spa and golf course, the 152-room Oulton Hall is set in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside. It is one of 26 premium four-star hotels in the award-winning QHotels group.

For further information contact Wilton Carpets Commercial on 01722 746000 or sales@wiltoncarpets.com