nhow Brussels Bloom Hotel opens with a colourful twist

    nhow Brussels colourful guestrooms
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    nhow Brussels Bloom Hotel opens with a colourful twist

    NH Hotel Group’s unconventional lifestyle hospitality brand, nhow, expands its portfolio with the launch of its seventh hotel; a contemporary hub that has been designed with a different art form on every floor, including a floor designed by London designer Jessica Thacker. Sunglasses on, folks things are about to get colourful… 

    nhow Brussels colourful guestrooms

    nhow Brussels Bloom has opened, sheltering an immersive world of creativity and inspiration that takes art completely outside the frame. Located in the Botanique area, the cultural centre of Brussels, the hotel is a place where business, leisure travellers and artists come together to share their passion for art and find new inspiration. Sitting under the “nhow” umbrella, NH Hotel Group’s unconventional lifestyle brand, the hotels follows on from the successful opening of nhow London last year.  

    nhow London used it’s location as a major source of inspiration – think back to the London park-themed corridors and who can forget that rocket-launching Big Ben?! Meanwhile, nhow Brussels Bloom chose unconventional art as a concept that would help bring together people from all over the world. Introducing the The Creative Hub, which is a place within the hotel where all different types of creativity come together, just like different people come together: locals, tourists and business travellers. Anyone who appreciates unconventional creativity will feel at home in this hotel.

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    The guestrooms are decorated like an artist’s studio: upon entering, there is an explosion of colours and prints, while the sleeping area is just like a blank canvas waiting for its art to arrive. Each room has a unique painting, which steals the attention due to its neutral surroundings. The bathrooms are inspired by the photographer’s workplace, the darkroom: mysterious, dark, and with a splash of colour here and there. Creativity is added by various Polaroid photos on the wall, inviting guests to create their own nhow bathroom moments. 

    Each floor is inspired by a different art form. The moment you step out of the elevator, you are completely immersed in the specific art theme. Jessica Thacker, London artist, designed the seventh floor with her abstract music-inspired paintings. nhow Brussels Bloom will open its other floors to more upcoming artists in the future. 

    In addition to 305 hotel rooms, the hotel has 12 meeting rooms for approximately 350 people. With the largest screen in Brussels, an amazing 17 by 4 metres, it is ideal for digital and hybrid events. Guests can have breakfast in the hotel restaurant or enjoy a drink and bitesized streetfood in the bar and restaurant. The hotel restaurant is a creative experience in its own. Diezijner x With Jeej has covered the walls, pillars and the cheat day station, in which you can get all sorts of pancakes and waffles, surrounded by unique graffiti art. Jeroen van der Knaap from With Jeej explained: “I just loved taking over the breakfast restaurant while the hotel was still under renovation and to get full freedom to turn the breakfast experience for guests into a creative one.” You can go for your daily work out on the eighth floor in a fully equipped gym, with a beautiful view over the city. Guests can order an easel and a paint kit via room service to get creative during their stay. 

    Every nhow hotel aims to be inspiring, surprising and adapts to its surroundings like a chameleon. That’s why the embodiment of the nhow brand has arrived in Brussels: Patch, the colourful eight-metre-long chameleon, who previously brightened up both London and Amsterdam with its presence. With its impressive appearance, the chameleon represents the brand values of nhow: self-discovery, change and creativity. Patch is placed on the façade of the hotel and will be lit up at night.     

    The nhow brand, which currently has hotels in Milan, Rotterdam, Marseille, London, Amsterdam and now Brussels, shows no sign of slowing down. The brand will welcome its second hotel in Germany in 202 and hotels in Rome, Santiago de Chile and Lima will follow in the next three years. 

    Main image credit: NH Hotel Group

    Hamish Kilburn / 18.06.2021


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