Morgan puts new spin on furniture with classic materials

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    Morgan puts new spin on furniture with classic materials

    Natural materials such as cane and terrazzo are now available in Morgan’s latest furniture collections…

    Morgan, one of the UK’s most respected contract furniture designer and manufacturers, has announced new material options, terrazzo and cane, available for the Modena, Rakino and Kaya collections.

    In 2020 and beyond, traditional, natural materials are experiencing a renaissance as designers reimagine and reinvigorate these beloved styles, embracing feelings of nostalgia while adding a contemporary twist. Morgan’s latest introductions directly correlate to this movement.

    Terrazzo has experienced a resurgence. Over the past few years, sustained popularity from the European design community has seen the development of more variations, many offering the potential to have a customised colour palette.

    Now available, a terrazzo tabletop in the Rakino and Modena collections, is made of recycled marble chip materials, offering a new, sustainable option.

    Collection of white tables and benches

    Image caption: The 70’s are back! Morgan’s Modena and Rakino collections are now available in terrazzo

    “Originally seen in Renaissance Italian architecture, terrazzo has always had a ‘Mediterranean’ feel,” explained Katerina Zachariades, Morgan’s Design Director. “Since the 70s when it was last popular, terrazzo had lost its appeal and glamour. Not anymore… it is now back on trend as it is environmentally sustainable, it can be cast as well as poured and as a surface, it is extremely hardwearing. We have opted for two standard colourways that work well with timber. Both have a neutral background, but different marble chip composition.”

    A return to natural and sustainable materials has also created a new popularity for rattan and cane in interior settings. These materials are tactile, warm and relink contemporary design to traditional artisanal techniques. Launched in November 2019, the Kaya lounge seating range is also available with a cane back. Featuring in Morgan’s Goodwood collection as well, the delicate texture juxtaposes beautifully with both collections’ distinctive timber frames.

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    Hamish Kilburn / 15.04.2020


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