Miniview: Hotel Sin Nombre – a bohemian haven for history and art in Oaxaca

Located in one of the best known destinations in Mexico, Hotel Sin Nombre has managed to effortlessly combine elements of colonial architecture with art and contemporary design to offer an experience of comfort and minimalist sophistication…

lanterns and architectural arches frame contemporary art at Hotel Sin Nombre

Among the columns, arches and flagstone floors of the 17th century colonial mansion which houses Hotel Sin Nombre, there is an avant-garde spirit that has been put together with curated touches of artisanal sophistication. Arabic references that invite relaxation and sensory delight sit comfortably among handmade rugs, delicate cushions and details that highlight Oaxaca’s artisan traditions.

white arches and period columns with pots of cacti and white curtains in the courtyard at Hotel sin Nombre

Image credit: Hotel Sin Nombre / Lexus Gallegos

The contemporary design and minimalist elegance are the work of the architect João Boto Caeiro, who is responsible for the methodical and respectful restoration of the original structure, rooted in principles of sustainability and conservation of traditional skills, including ancient processes for preparing paint from charcoal, lime and ground clay.

arches, candlelight and movement in the Hotel Sin Nombre

Image credit: Hans Valor

The vaulted ceilings, central staircase and walls were all treated as canvases for the work of the Oaxacan master craftsmen, as well as to frame works by visual artists such as the photographer Alberto “Negro” Ibáñez, present in black-and-white images of nudes in the rooms and public areas; works by painter and sculptor Carlito Dalceggio, whose talent is expressed in two interventions; the work of Dr. Lakra exhibited in the Cantinita; and three metal sculptures by Portuguese sculptor Fulvio Capurso installed on the terrace, their silhouettes outlined against the horizon.

At Hotel Sin Nombre the spaces present an ethereal sobriety emphasized by a harmonious play of light and shadow, appreciated in all 18 guestrooms, which have also been meticulously decorated with furniture in tropical hardwoods from certified sawmills, antiques, and snow-white bedding that contrasts with the hand-embroidered textiles.

white walls, white linen in guestroom opening onto the terrace

Image credit: Hotel Sin Nombre

The comfort of a home away from home is the promise for those who stay and choose to let time slip away unhurriedly surrounded by its design features and details. The glass dome, the ironwork from the early 20th century, and the Bibliotekita – a unique hideaway with an infinity mirror ceiling and a red neon light that invites you to unleash your creativity with its collection of literary works on various themes.

the Biblioteka room - a retreat bathed in red neon light

Image credit: Hotel Sin Nombre

The terrace is another defining point in this design, with the swimming pool with sunset views across the illuminated domes of Santo Domingo and the cathedral. Guests can kick back and enjoy panoramic vistas that extend as far as Monte Albán and San Felipe on the horizon.

swimming pool and neon logo on the roof at sunset at Hotel Sin Nombre

Image Credit: Hotel Sin Nombre

The culinary offering sheltered within the property is spread across three distinct concepts, each with its own personality. The Restaurant Sin Nombre is an avant-garde fusion between the gastronomic traditions of different communities from the region, with recipes prepared using seasonal and organic ingredients. Respecting the harvest cycles, the menu is renewed every three months to offer authentic mouthfuls of tradition and flavours of the fields. In the Cantinita, the hotels’ mixology bar, the specialty is the unique elixirs prepared there together with a selection of snacks. Finally, the Terraza Sin Nombre presents a menu of meat and fish combined with vegetable ingredients in original recipes.

Main image credit: Hotel Sin Nombre