Product watch: Totem from Arte

Tall. Taller. Tallest. The Totem Collection from Arte is all about geometric shapes, which have randomly been arranged, to create ever taller stacks…

abstract design on wallcovering in brown and green by Arte

In many ways, these eye-catching designs from Arte resemble modern, abstract sculptures. With shapes and textures reminiscent of traditional art from around the world, the Totem Collection strikes a pleasantly balanced note in any interior, created with the natural look of textile, woven grass and raffia.

The Esparto Ibérico design is inspired by esparto – a strong fibre made from two species of perennial grasses of North Africa, Spain and Portugal. In woven form it is used for all kinds of crafts, to create both decorative and utilitarian objects. In this instance, it inspired this design in which interlocking arches create layers of randomly repeating patterns and is available in eight colourways. Esparto Africano is also available in eight colourways and here, the woven art of esparto inspired the design in which geometric shapes create a wonderfully random flow.

brown slouch couch and wooden totem in front of abstract wallpaper design

Image caption: Ecoline | Image credit: Arte

Ecoline appears as a seemingly arbitrary arrangement of abstract shapes in natural colours, giving this pattern an informal vibe. The Ecoline paint adds a unique watercolour effect to the design, which is printed on non-woven and is available in three colourways.

curved organic dining chairs and table with lights above and textured wallcovering behind

Image caption: Rabane | Image credit: Arte

In French ‘rabane’ refers to a fabric made of natural fibres, usually raffia. In this instance, loosely woven strips of raffia have been sewn together to create an informal pattern. The rough raffia texture is finished with a subtle sheen, adding an interesting contrast. Rabane is available in five colourways.

Neatly stacked geometric shapes are pieced together like a perfect puzzle and yet the design of Infinity somehow still succeeds in looking as if it has randomly been arranged. The combination of different planes and the rustic woven grass texture contrasts beautifully with the straight lines.Infinity is available in eight colourways.

Le Papier Tissé is a design inspired by woven paper. The fine structure of the paper strips shows the natural fibres and results in a play of slight colour nuances. The design is available in eight colourways

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Main image credit: Arte