The power of darkness – blackout fabrics from Edmund Bell

Edmund Bell Fabrics, a trailblazer in the textile industry, proudly presents the marriage of innovation, sustainability and sophistication, drawing back the curtain onto the world of blackout fabrics and their profound impact on hospitality interiors…

guestroom in grey and white with abstract black and white painting on the wall above the bed and blackout fabric as curtains

At the heart of every guest’s experience lies the quest for comfort. From the moment they step foot into the guestroom, visitors seek a tranquil atmosphere that soothes the senses. This is where the blackout fabrics from Edmund Bell emerge as the unsung heroes of hospitality design. By offering impeccable light control, these fabrics empower guests to tailor the environment to their desires. Be it a late afternoon nap, an uninterrupted sleep-in, or simply the preference for a dimly lit space, blackout fabrics place the power of ambiance at one’s fingertips.

saffron coloured full length curtain with sheer in floor to ceiling window next to a beige couch and coffee table

Image credit: Edmund Bell

Gone are the days when blackout fabrics were synonymous with heavy, dull drapes. Today’s design trends celebrate innovation and diversity and blackout fabrics are no exception. Edmund Bell Fabrics has curated a collection that not only satisfies practical needs, but also ignites aesthetic brilliance. From luxurious velvets in rich jewel tones to sleek, modern textures that exude urban charm, these blackout fabrics transcend stereotypes, showcasing the limitless possibilities for harmonising functionality with style.

high backed upholstered headboard in a floral ochre pattern next to window with ochre blackout curtain

Image credit: Edmund Bell

In a world where sustainability is paramount, Edmund Bell Fabrics proudly introduces the new RESET collection, embodying the brands commitment to environmental responsibility without compromising on quality or design. This innovative blackout fabric contains recycled yarns, a testament to its dedication to minimising its ecological footprint. The collection takes recycled yarns and transforms them into luxurious blackout fabrics that tell a story of renewal. Crafted with ingenuity and care, the fabrics radiate elegance while honouring the environment and symbolise a new era of conscious design at Edmund Bell where every thread can contribute to a greener future.

In addition, as the year unfolds, several design trends have emerged, reshaping the hospitality landscape and Edmund Bell has design solutions to incorporate these trends into a scheme whichever path it takes.

As bringing the outdoors in has transcended cliché and entered the realm of sophistication, incorporating blackout fabrics adorned with nature-inspired prints, lush foliage, intricate florals and serene landscapes, imbues spaces with a tranquil vitality that resonates with guests seeking refuge from the bustle of the world.

The timeless elegance of monochromatic palettes takes a dramatic turn with the interplay of textures. Pairing blackout fabrics with varying textures in the same colour family introduces depth and visual interest, creating a sense of opulence that’s both contemporary and classic. Moving from the monochromatic to minimalism, bold minimalism has evolved from stark simplicity to bold statements. The juxtaposition of clean lines and vibrant colours in blackout fabrics creates a dynamic visual impact that resonates with the modern traveller’s desire.

monochromatic bedroom design in grey and black and white with x leg bedside table and black and white abstract painting on the wall

Image credit: Edmund Bell

In the quest to redefine hospitality interior design, Edmund Bell Fabrics stands as an unwavering beacon of innovation and sustainability. The brands’ commitment to crafting blackout fabrics that transcend convention, is only matched by its dedication to minimising our ecological impact. By merging the practical advantages of light control with the allure of design versatility, all while incorporating recycled yarns, the fabric choices empower designers, hoteliers, and architects to reimagine spaces that resonate with comfort, luxury, environmental responsibility, and artistic brilliance.

In collaboration with the visionary minds shaping today’s hospitality industry, Edmund Bell Fabrics presents a harmonious fusion of light and darkness, sustainability, and sophistication. Welcome to a world where blackout fabrics are not just utilitarian; they are the canvas upon which dreams of unforgettable, eco-conscious interiors come to life.

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Main image credit: Edmund Bell