Product watch: VION Reeded Glass finish from Architextural

Architextural has introduced VION Reeded Glass to its window film portfolio allowing for a luxury look without the cost…

VION reeded glass from Architextural as a divider in bathroom

VION Reeded Glass from Architextural is an adhesive film designed to simulate the same look and effect as luxury, fluted crystal glass at a fraction of the cost and without sacrificing quality. The film provides obscured visibility while still offering excellent light transmission, and allows designers to easily add texture, privacy, and light to any room with a stylish surface design option.

VION reeded glass from Architextural as a decorative surface

Image credit: Architextural

The Reeded Glass surface design offers the best of both worlds. The combination of a stylish design along with all the added benefits of a privacy film makes this the perfect option for any space where these requirements are desirable, such as booth dividers in restaurants. It is also an incredibly effective and on-trend design option within the home. Reeded glass is a stealth trend that began in kitchen cupboards but has recently spread into the living room, bathrooms, and just about anywhere else you could think of.

VION Reeded Glass is a polyester film with a ½ inch reeded design that runs along the length of the roll. This 2mm thick film is supplied with a silicone-coated liner which protects the clear, pressure-sensitive adhesive. It is recommended for application to interior glass and is ideal for privacy, decorative, or architectural applications.

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Main image credit: Architextural