Product watch: Organoid from Architextural

With textured, organic design fast becoming sought after in the realm of surface decoration, the Organoid range from Architextural is perfect for bringing the outside in, and adding layers of interest to any room, whether it be a hotel, office, coffee shop or home…

Launched earlier this year, the Avery Dennison Organoid is perfect for any business looking to improve the comfort and appearance of their interior space. The range, which provides a natural, eco-positive design solution, includes seven finishes, three of which are translucent films suitable for window application. The four solid films in the collection are Moss Bright Green, Moss Dark Green, Original Alpine Hay, and Mountain Hay and Marguerites. The three translucent films include Rose Petals, Sunflower Petals, and Skellett Leaves.

“The Organoid range is a great natural hand-made alternative to wallpaper or wall art within a hotel environment,” said
Lindsay Appleton, marketing manager at Achitextural, part of the William Smith Group 1832. “The addition of smell is a unique feature of the range, but the fact that the film is made entirely from natural materials is also incredibly important within the interior design industry. Sustainable solutions have never been more important. Organoid Natural Surfaces is a fantastic example of what can be achieved when doing just that.”

The Organoid Natural Surfaces range is made from organic and regionally produced raw materials, often reusing ingredients that are a by-product of others, including things like alpine hay, sunflower petals and even real moss!

Rather than processing the material through conventional production processes, these natural materials are mixed by hand with an ecological binding agent and pressed together onto a self-adhesive tape, resulting in a thin, compact film layer. The film is practically emissions-free and allergy tested, meaning it’s free from any subsequent ecological health concerns.

Organoid Natural Surfaces have a robust durability of up to five years and are excellent for short to medium term applications. The film is suitable for application to a variety of challenging substrates such as smooth and slightly textured walls, plasterboard, chipboard, metal, concrete, furniture surfaces and many more.

Hotel’s are perfectly placed to showcase the Organoid Natural Surfaces, offering guests a relaxing outdoor environment while enjoying the comforts of being indoors.

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Main image credit: Architextural