Product watch: the Aran collection from Morgan

Morgan, British design-led furniture manufacturer, recently launched its Aran collection at Clerkenwell Design Week. Developed in collaboration with textiles manufacturer Camira, the new collection comprises a lounge chair, featuring an expertly knitted sleeve designed to achieve maximum comfort through minimal material, creating form without mass…

three Morgan Aran lounge chairs in profile on white background

Inspired by the rich knitting history of the Aran Islands, the lounge chair comprises only the most essential elements: an expertly knitted sleeve held in tension over a supporting timber frame. The result is a flexible ergonomic surface that comfortably cradles the user without any standard upholstery.

The chair celebrates the unique qualities of the knit material, using different knitted structures to form areas of varying tension and opacity, creating contrast and texture. Varying knit densities highlight the chair’s lightness and expose the frame beneath the 3D cover. Morgan has worked closely with Camira to innovate the traditional knit, infusing it with a level of softness and warmth rarely seen with this fabric, resulting in Aran’s unique blend of texture, comfort, and style.

“Aran demonstrates our commitment to sustainable design while pushing the boundaries of comfort and form,” discussed Erin Johnson, Design Director, Morgan, while speaking about the new collection. “The Aran lounge chair is a testament to the beauty and versatility of knit material, and we are confident it will make a striking addition to any space.”

“Collaborating with Morgan has a allowed us to create something truly unique,” added Darren Hill, Head of Camira Knit Development and Operations. “We’re proud to work with a UK-based company that shares our passion for sustainability and British design and manufacturing.”

Sustainability was at the forefront of the collection’s design process. Made from renewable and recyclable materials, the separate elements of the chair are designed for easy disassembly for repair or recycling. Along with using 100 per cent post-consumer recycled polyester made from recycled PET plastic bottles, the textile componentry of the chair is knit to fit, resulting in zero waste in manufacture and furniture assembly.

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Main image credit: Philip Vile