Product watch: the Green House Collection from Arte

Arte, in collaboration with Moooi, have created a wondrous and tactile world, captured in the Green House Wallcovering Collection…

arches frame wallcovering from the Green House Collection by Arte

The Green House collaboration from Arte and Moooi exudes the ethereal beauty reminiscent of a Victorian conservatory. Discover floral yet abstract patterns in natural colours, offering a sophisticated and tactile experience for your walls. The collection is crafted with high-quality and original materials such as wood veneer, jacquard fabric, bouclé fabric and silk textures. Each wallcovering promising a sensory journey through sophisticated, original designs.

As the sunrays filter through the foliage of the Green House, a botanical spectacle unfolds. Vibrant flowers bloom in kaleidoscopic hues, their fragrances mingling with the earthy aroma of exotic trees and shrubs. The leaves adorned with track marks and other artistic proof of unseen tiny creatures. A testament to the bustling life within this verdant sanctuary. The soft vibrations of bees and ladybugs’ wings produce melodious sounds that blend harmoniously with the tactile marvels found within the Green House. It’s a living canvas where nature’s brushstrokes adorn every petal, every leaf and every creature that calls this enchanting space home.

contemporary table and chairs in front of period inspired wallcovering from Arte

Image caption: Greenhouse Gathering | Image credit: Arte

Greenhouse Gathering is a stunning wallcovering that draws inspiration from decorative moulding. The design imitates the sensation of peering through the glass panels of a Green House, uncovering the mesmerising marvels of lush flowers. When examined more closely, intricate features become apparent, highlighting the hidden small creatures moving through a lush green landscape. Infused with the charm of art deco, the Greenhouse Gathering wallcovering comes in a monochrome palette that reminds of plasterwork. The wallcovering has a soft suede look for added tactility. Greenhouse Gathering is available in two designs: Greenhouse Gathering Window and Greenhouse Gathering Arch; each available in three colourways.

swirled wallpaper pattern behind vanity and mirror

Image caption: Techno Bee | Image credit: Arte

The Techno Bee is known for its soothing lo-fi hum and vibrant wing designs. The rhythmic patterns it creates with its wings, akin to cymatics, are so enchanting that they have a trance-inducing effect on the observer.

Techno Bee is a textile wallcovering with a distinctive moiré effect. The wallcovering comes in two versions; soft gauze textile stretched over a textured relief, revealing the textile’s colour through the grid of the gauzy layer; and a stitched version where the motif is embroidered onto a cotton/linen blend fabric. Techno Bee is available in three colourways with Techno Bee Embroidered available in one colourway.

green silk bombis wll covering behind green knot chairs

Image caption: Silk Bombis | Image credit: Arte

The Silk Bombis skilfully weaves coats of silk jacquards, creating a short, enchanting tapestry on tree branches. Their silk is a canvas dyed with the hues of the flowers they consume, unfolding in a mesmerising watercolour-style weaving.

Silk Bombis is a textile wallcovering on non-woven backing. It features abstract floral patterns reminiscent of watercolour-style petals. The design displays the tactile quality of raw silk, presenting a colourful fil-à-fil composition in soft neutral and pastel hues. Silk Bombis is available in three colourways.

woodblock beetle wallcovering behind a cream and a brown couch in room set

Image caption: Woodblock Beetle | Image credit: Arte

The Woodblock Beetle is a master of carving enchanting motifs into the bark of trees and shrubs. With razor-sharp legs gracefully dancing across tree trunks, this extraordinary creature turns ordinary wood into living masterpieces.

Woodblock Beetle is a natural wallcovering, showcasing the beauty of handmade wood veneer inlay. The design is mono coloured and thoughtfully arranged in two directions, creating a subtle mix of shades reminiscent of the classic art of marquetry. Woodblock Beetle is available in two designs: Woodblock Beetle Flora (three colourways) and Woodblock Beetle Fern (two colourways).

3D tactile textile wallcovering

Image caption: Lacy Longlegs | Image credit: Arte

The Lacy Longlegs constructs her exquisite architectural weavings with mathematical beauty and perfection. For the onlooker, the animal may seem like a tangled mess, but this arachnid is a master of organised chaos. The finished webbings are not unlike the filigree-type of patterns found in gothic architecture.

Lacy Longlegs is a 3D textile wallcovering. This tactile wallcovering creates a soft, three-dimensional effect courtesy of the bouclé fabric. The design takes inspiration from the spider’s intricate weaves, preferred leaves and Gothic arches. Lacy Longlegs is available in four colourways.

red fluffy chair and white table in front of detailed patterned wallcovering

Image caption: Coccinella Bella | Image credit: Arte

Coccinella Bellas emerge from hidden habitats only during the full moon when their favourite stripy leaves and poppy-like flowers bask in a silver glow. These beautiful tiny ladybugs display contrasting colours and unique patterns, resembling stars in the night sky. Some sport delicate, perfectly round celestial patterned dots scattered across their wings, while others boast elegant stripes flowing like rivers. The rare among them exhibit elaborate patterns resembling floral tapestries.

Coccinella Bella is inspired by the wide range of flowers and leaves that Coccinella Bellas call home, the motif features a Jacobean-like floral pattern. The motif comes in two variants: a detailed multi-colour variant printed on a soft touch textile and a two-toned jacquard textile variant. Coccinella Bella is available in two colourways, Coccinella Bella Jacquard is available in one colourway

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Main image credit: Arte